What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


God, Fallout 3, ive put thousands of hours on 3 different systems into it and ive never finished it, I just love the world and helping people and then i have to put it down and forget what im doing or how to play


I’ve never finished a videogame

okay this isn’t true but I’ve definitely left unfinished more than I have actually finished
I played Super Mario Bros 3 constantly throughout my childhood but only actually finished it a few years ago. Secret of Mana, likewise, literally only finished it like last year or something.

I’ve never finished a (main) Final Fantasy game. IV - reached the final boss underleveled, couldn’t be bothered to grind. IX - got distracted playing chocobo dig halfway through disc three, no idea where the memory card is these days. X - it’s the third seymour fight or something and there’s so much stuff between the last save point and the fight and I kept losing and didn’t care enough to keep trying. Currently about halfway through VIII - me and the bf are playing through together so we’ll probably see it through.

Boulder Dash is honestly quite possibly one of my favourite games ever but I have never finished it and I doubt I ever will - the monsters scare me! I’m not very good at it! If I remember correctly when you do finish it sends you back to the start but now it’s harder so I’ll definitely never finish-finish it.

I’m pretty good at finishing Zelda games but Minish Cap remains uncompleted - I kept not reaching the final boss fast enough, or something? and just found it frustrating and gave up.

videogames, huh! who has the time


Witcher 3. I have about 60 hours put into it according to GoG. I’ve finished the first two games I just keep being distracted by other stuff, simple as that. I really enjoy the writing and the world. I’m not in love with the combat but it is better than its predecessors.


I’m pretty sure I never finished Katamari Damacy, even though I might put it in my top 10 all time favorite games. I should really finish it.

EDIT: I finally beat it two days ago. Still in my top 10. (6/18/2018)


I am embarrassed to confess I’ve never completed the original Deus Ex. I’ve started it several times (I know the Statue of Liberty opening level by heart) but I never manage to push through and finish. Alas.


Fallout 4 i played it for a while and then became busy with life so I had to put it down for a bit. When I went back to it a couple months later I forgot where I was and what I was doing. I didn’t want to start over so I just stopped playing


I love everything about Cuphead. The look, the music, even how hard folks say it is. Not only am I not finishing it, I have not bought it because there is no way my mouse and key board gamer brain will ever be able to control it.



I’m just trash at it, ok?


Personally I felt like the ending was the strongest part of Pillars of Eternity, so you really should finish it if you get the chance!


I had the exact same experience with Xenogears. Every year I restart and tell myself this is the year and it never happens. And I’ve had it since the year it came out.


Knights of the Old Republic. In my very old save on the original Xbox I am somewhere near the end. Fighting a bunch of red dudes maybe? I thought it got way too difficult/annoying so I gave up. At the time I was probably disappointed that that Darth guy boss wasn’t the most difficult thing in the game.


I love this one Warlords Netent. And remarkably it’s impossible to finish. So you’re welcome to try it.:slight_smile:


Dark Cloud 2 is probably a game I consider my personal GOAT but I have never been able to clear the epilogue chapter because of how much of a leap in stats the monsters get. To this day I still haven’t cleared it.


I’ve been meaning to go back to PoE for a while. I backed it and enjoyed the world, but I had forgotten that I don’t actually enjoy “real time with pause” RPGs.


I’ve done that twice. :frowning:


Half-Life 2! I had the Orange Box on Xbox 360 and my twin brother and I would take turns playing on the same save while the other watched, but at some point we got other games and moved on to those, and just kinda never got around to finishing it.


Fallout: New Vegas: Despite probably being the best of the new Fallout games, I just sort of fizzled out near the end of the main quest.

Final Fantasy XII: I will defend this game to the death, but I made the mistake of trying to beat the secret bosses that have millions of hit points and take hours to beat unless you’re insanely high level.

Final Fantasy Tactics: That game is very long.

Quake: For some reason every single version I owned of this game had a bug where when you finally do the thing you would never guess to do to beat the final boss the game crashed.

EDIT: I actually eventually finished it, but Omikron: the Nomad Soul was one of these games. I finally went back and beat it 2 years ago and it turns out that the reason I hadn’t beaten it is because the game isn’t very good, but I still love the aesthetics, how hard the game goes for it with its bananas story, and David Bowie.


I didn’t love it, but Wolfenstein: The New Order. I was actually playing it a few months ago and, in the last chapter, the game crashed and deleted my save. It kind of soured me on the game, to be honest.

This has also happened with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a game I spent way to much time on.


Took a break while playing Morrowind and I ended up never going back to it despite enjoying it a lot.

Got stuck during the ending of Max Payne 2 so I just gave up on that.


i only played it recently but i am probably never going to finish grim fandango bc of that bloody tumbler puzzle in year… 3? 4? i bounced off of that one for 20 minutes or so before i looked up some walkthroughs that basically said It’s Finicky Trial And Error, Sorry and was like “am i really gonna be missing out on much if i go watch a longplay of this instead”

it’s a shame bc a game in which u are a skeleton who does Accidental Communism in a noir setting would be The Perfect Game if not for how poorly designed some of the puzzles are lol