What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


I remember those games being remarkably short. I feel like Max Payne 2 took around two hours to beat. But the mod scene was great for those games!


Both 17-Bit releases, Skulls of the Shogun and Galak-Z. I love the style and humor of both of those games, but they both got so damn hard. And Skulls did that really annoying grading your performance at the end of every mission that’s a huge turn-off. Getting a poor rating after a mission that was tough to just survive through is so freaking deflating, it just makes me want to put the game down for good.


For me this is Pathologic through and through. I find its atmosphere of horror to be deeply satisfying, with near supernatural forces that are simply accepted as the way the world works by the NPCs being the reason so little information can be found. It makes the player really feel like an outsider both in the narrative and through its brutal difficulty. However, the latter is also why I have never been able to finish even the first of three storylines, and I’m certain I will never see more than around 20% of the game despite it holding a very dear place in my heart.


I’ll never beat Pathologic (particularly not with Pathologic 2 coming out next year - I’ll be diving into all the alpha builds and such they’re going to release for backers who gave them lots of money (aka me)).

I love CRPGs (Baldur’s Gate, Planescape, Pillars of Eternity, Numenera, etc.) and I will probably never finish any of them because I don’t have that kind of time (correction: I definitely have that kind of time but I spend it doing other nonsense, like replaying the Metal Gear Solid series for the billionth time) and honestly at some point I hit a wall with those games where I’m just tired of it.

I think that’s probably it though. Other games I will never beat are games that I just kind of like but don’t really care about enough to finish, which is… a lot of games.


i think every couple years or so since i was about 17 i’ve been like “i’m gonna sit down and play the entirety of baldur’s gate start-to-finish” and like
even with the mods that let you play bg1 in the bg2 engine i normally get as far as the return to candlekeep before i go “eh maybe not”

i like the game still and i have very fond memories of the parts of the series i played but just, oof, there’s just. so much of it.

part of the reason i like the new shadowrun games is like… they scratch a kinda similar itch but they’re like, 12-20 hours even if you take your time. i’d love a planescape game or smth in the forgotten realms setting w a similar sort of scale i think?


A lot of JRPGs have already been mentioned, but Bravely Default is a charming, fun game, if flawed. But its insistence on repeating things left me feeling unsatisfied and frustrating, so I put it down. Similarly, Persona Q really grabbed my attention with an odd premise and really cute characters from P3/P4, but the mechanics were a little hardcore for my taste.


I am starting to think that Golf Story may be added to my list. I love 99% of this game dearly. The humour, the look, the ease of the controls, the music, the fact it is just so damn nice, almost all of it.

But I have got to the final course and man oh man do they just ramp up the difficulty tenfold from outta nowhere. I feel like I should finish the story, heck it’s got the word in the bloody title, but it’s eight holes of high difficulty followed by a ninth that is just ludicrous. So the thought of re-starting it again (already tried five or so times) is making me very sad.

It’s such a shame. I think I will maybe try again in a day or two but if it’s not done by Mario Day then I fear it will be forever consigned to the Unfinished list.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - I never owned this when I was younger, so my time with it was made up of borrowing it from my cousins or renting it. I never actually got to finish it, although I watched my cousins do so. This has been a regret, which I hope to rectify using the SNES Classic one day.

Super Mario RPG - Same story, really.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask - Never owned it, but liked it quite a bit when I rented it. I don’t know why I never asked my parents for it or spent money on it, because I did like it a lot and loved OOT. The same was true of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie which I’ve never played. (side story: I bought Banjo-Tooie years later, when I got a used N64, as I’d sold mine to fund a PS2. I left the cart on the counter and it ended up disappearing. I haven’t seen it since so I think someone stole it.)


This is kind of embarrasing, given that I first played the game when I was 6 or 7 years old, but I never finished Super Mario Bros. I finished basically every other Mario game, but for some reason I could never ever beat world 8.

Even if I go and play it right now, I bet I still can’t beat the thing.


Mine is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. I was right at the last boss but needed to grind a ton of levels, and also needed to backtrack a big dungeon to stock up on items. I’m kind of ashamed I never finished it, but I did Youtube the ending after all those years!


I was one of those people who adored Persona 4 but never finished it. I could beat it today if I really wanted to but I just put it down and never went back.


All Zachtronics games except for Infinifactory. I managed to get through Infinifactory before hitting the seemingly inevitable “ohhh no, oh dear, I’m in way over my head now” moment that happened in SpaceChem, TIS-100, Shenzhen I/O, and (based on how the levels have been ramping up so far) soon Opus Magnum.

Love those games though.


Axiom Verge. I love that game to death, and I just haven’t been able to finish it ever.


I feel really ashamed but… Final Fantasy VI. I love it to bits. I know most of the game by heart and can manage recruiting the full rooster in the world of ruin before the 20 hours mark. Then I start doing the secondary missions and side stuff and when it’s time to go for Kefka I kind of chicken out and never do it.

Now that I’m playing it again on the SNES Mini I feel it’s the perfect time to actually do it.


Long, deep sigh. The Witcher 3. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know. I’ll get back to it. I Know.


@austin_walker There’s nothing I can say to convey the level of shame you should feel over this that you don’t already know…


I love Xenogears but never finished it as well. I got a couple hours into disc 2 and lost interest. The drastic change in gameplay and narrative turned me off.

I still want to go back and finish it someday when I get the chance. It’s still one of my favorite PS1 era RPGs despite the fact I never finished it.


I decided I was going to play through - and finish - Homeworld this year, but I just can’t push through it.
That game is my -entire- jam, from its presentation, to ship design, to the intricate dance of its dogfights and battleship manoeuvres, but I just…

I’m not good at Real-Time Strategy. And I’m especially not good at RTS with full 3D movement.


It’s funny, Austin. Out of all of my friends, I am the only one who finished The Witcher 3 and I liked it the least(Still liked it though!). Basically what I’m saying is you aren’t doing it wrong and are in good company either way, so don’t rush yourself. The takes come out worse that way.


The first game that comes to mind is Valkyrie Profile 2. I love everything about this game. From the characters, story, music, and gameplay yet I never ended up beating it although I attempted it three times already.