What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s one of my favorite RPGs but I just can’t get through that behemoth of a story, esp. since I got a Switch and there’s no port in sight.


I do this with most JRPGs tbh, whether I love them or not. Shadow Hearts 1 & 2, Star Ocean 3, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, DQVII, DQVIII, DQIX… and loads more spring to mind. The funny thing is that I’m near the end in most of those games, but somehow lost interest and dropped out. In some cases I even stopped playing in the final dungeon, or right before the final boss. I’m weird.


Final Fantasy VI. I very much enjoy the game, and have played it to a certain point…maybe a dozen times.

But whenever I get to the World in Ruin I lose all motivation to continue. Something about that part just doesn’t do it for me.


The one game I’ve never finished that I loved a lot was Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I got as far as Mot and just couldn’t get the game to take it easy on me. I’ve started the game over multiple times, but still have never been able to get past that section of the game. It’s kind of a bummer, because the game is really, really good! That boss just has super cheap skills that the AI loves to use too much.


Majora’s Mask. It’s my favourite game of all time, I fell head over heels for it the minute I started playing it. Everything about it oozes with the bizarre, from the psychedelic body-horror of Link’s forced transformation into a deku scrub, to the eerie aliens that plague Romani Ranch.

The time mechanics made Termina feel like a living, breathing world, one which was vast and uncaring towards your incremental progress through it. Each character lives out their final days with or without your input, and a sense of doomed poignancy permeates through each vignette as you rewind to escape a similar fate. I adored it so much that I did almost everything in that game, I even finished the daunting Kafei subplot.

And, to my eternal shame, I’ve never gotten past the fourth dungeon. One day…


The Witcher 3. Great game, but after playing for what seemed like endless hours and finally getting to the big island, I ended up putting it on the backburner upon completing a few more quests and have only sporadically come back to it over the last few months. I will probably finish it one day, sooner or later, yet for now it does count.


Divinity: OS. I had a lot of fun playing it but I got to a part where I hadn’t collected enough on the star things. It totally deflated me and I never played again.


[mini-disclaimer: my active English is quite rusty, so I’m very sorry in advance for any errors :bowing_woman:t2:]

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
I love this game, its story, music and battlesystem are great, but due to its savesystem (limited savetoken) I have to play this in big sessions while carefully navigating the dungeon, making sure the party doesn’t wipe.
Adding to that the time ingame is also limited, every action (especially the powerful dragonattacks) adds to the dragoncounter which means game over once reaching 100%.
Oh, and the full story is only revealed by completing the game multiple times while not using many savetokens. So it’s kind of an big comitment.
I… never managed to even reach the final boss so far - but each time I’m getting closer.
And so, every few years, I restart the game, hoping that maybe this time I’ll experience the whole story.
One day. For sure. They will see the sky.

Vagrant Story
Love the story, graphics and music, but then there is also: the battlesystem. Oh my enemies, how I “love” to kill you very, veeery slowly. (Hm, I haven’t restarted this game for so long, I think you needed a dedicated weapon for every enemy type to actually do any significant damage and leveling those weapons always takes quite some time? And I think attacks are also timing-based? I’m probably always playing it wrong. :thinking::expressionless:)


I’ve played Persona 3 for hundreds of hours and I’ve never finished it. It’s just so long and it’s hard to get back into it if you set it down for any period of time.


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I love literally everything about this game: the art, the relationship between the Prince and Farah, the Time mechanic. But when this game came out, I was an 11-year-old who wasn’t very good at games, and despite going back and playing it years later, I’ve never actually beaten it. (I would always get stuck at the same elevator part)

Maybe with it becoming backwards compatible on the Xbox One, I’ll finally finish it one day.


Vagrant Story is one game I always tried so hard to enjoy but always found the gameplay too complicated to the point of having no idea what I am doing. The presentation, music, atmosphere, and story seems top notch but ugh the gameplay.


Most recent culprit was Watch_Dogs 2.

Love would be overdoing it but I was digging it a lot, then I uninstalled it literally before starting the final mission and I’m not really sure why. I think I was frustrated by it being so close to excellent but not quite getting there. I wanted it to be MORE Hackers, MORE Jet Set Radio but it never was that and I burnt out on the gameplay.

I also feel like it has become my typical response to ubisoft games, be sucked in by a theme, a feel or a little nugget of SOMETHING that might lead somewhere but the potential is never reached. This was a point touched on slightly by the recent and fantastic episode of Waypoint radio with Manveer. I feel they have people in the writing room wanting to go after some real shit but they inevitably get the corporate slap down and are reminded it is a mainstream video game so the space isn’t there to execute fully. I fear this will be how Far Cry 5 ends up.


Bloodborne is my favorite game on PS4, but I stopped playing after getting pretty deep into it. The gameplay loop got a bit stale for me, and I lost my motivation to power through the last few areas.


As much as I loved MGS5, I never finished the game. Spent too much time just messing around that I never felt the need to “beat” it. Though I should try, some day.


STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl
I loved playing that game, thought it had esquisite mechanics, but when I got towards the end of the game I lost interest and quit. I’m proud of myself for just letting it go, because in the past I’ve been very obsessive and I’ve had some bad gaming opinions and philosophies. Before STALKER I was the kind of guy that told myself that I cannot truly love a game unless I experience it completely, but my conflicted feelings with STALKER changed that. I’m always trying to mature.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is one of my favorite games of all time, and I haven’t ever finished the main storyline, across Xbox or PC. I just can’t bring myself to wrap up the world and say goodbye, because I’ve gotten so much out of that game. The expansions didn’t help that feeling, either, allowing me to spend another dozen hours each inside of that world.


Skyrim. It’s more satisfying to mod it for dozens of hours only to watch all of that progress implode when the game hard crashes.


Tales of Vesperia. Got to pretty much the end and then decided I may as well not finish it so that I had some motivation to go through the PS3 version… that then never got localized.


Dishonored 2. I love art, the world, the moment to moment gameplay and the level design, particularly The Clockwork Mansion and A Crack in the Slab. But I got busy and put it down for a while, and I’ve never been able to get back to the final two missions.

Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3. I resisted playing dark souls for a long time, ended up really loving it when I first started, then quickly hit a wall that I just couldn’t get past. Over a period of year I made a few attempts, restarting the game with different characters but always stopping at the same point. When DS3 was released I played it for a little while until I was too busy, but came back to it every few weeks (or months) and slowly made my way through the game. I left off right before the end, and just never went back, and now I’ve done same thing with the first game.


I’ve never finished FFIX despite really quite loving it. I always get around 80% through and then put it down for too long. I think i’ve done that about 4 times since its released, going to finally finish it when i pick up the PS4 release.