What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


The most recent game that I love but haven’t beat, is probably Mario + Rabbids. I’ve really enjoyed what I played, but then university started and now Odyssey is coming out… so this will be a game for my winter break. The game looks so good and when I played I just got into the zone, my mind was just in strategic mode. I also liked that this game is strategic, but not very violent.


Until last year I’d say The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I’ve now finished it 3 times from that moment. Now? Almost every other Zelda game except A Link to the Past and A Link between Worlds for a series that introduced me to games with A Link to the Past I find it retroactively odd I’ve just finished 3 of them, yet own more than a dozen of them, after I’m done playing Ocarina of Time alongside my partner (in a super cool way, she has the 3DS version and I have the N64 version and we’re doing each dungeon side-by-side while exploring the rest of the game by ourselves) I’ll be going back and playing the other Zelda games.

Icewind Dale is also pretty high on the list.

Sometimes we have burn out I think, some games are awesome, but during game development there’s a reason why the first quarter feels so polished and as the game progresses it feels more and more generic, because of review reasons (early release code that just gives you the first hour or two of the game) or because more people, and more time, has been spent on the initial parts of games. Sometimes it’s the player’s tiredness, or sense of ‘its enough’, why games go uncompleted I think.

Best thing about games? They’re always there to go back to! :smiley:


I L O V E Shadowman 64 and, even though it’s largely considered a Bad Game, I will go to bat for it until the day that I die

Never finished it tho


Most recently: NieR Automata. I am at a failure to better articulate why, but I felt that the gameplay, particular the objectives of the side quests, lost their appeal to me quite quickly. I maybe only made it 15 hours into Automata, trying to beat all of the side quests I encountered along the way. Traversing all over the game’s world almost never felt all that interesting to me, it just didn’t feel detailed enough to tell a story about itself in the absence of compelling gameplay/interaction.

I ended up going ahead and really just listening to spoilercasts and story and theme discussions to kind of get what I wanted, and I did absolutely adore and appreciate what it was trying to do with its narrative. I wish I could actually find as much enjoyment in the playing of the game itself like so many seem to.


Oh yeah, that’s a great answer. I like that game a lot but fell off of it halfway through Route C just because I got tired of actually playing it

I know that sounds at odds with really liking something, it’s just that that game goes and goes and goes while not really changing the combat significantly from like the first hour of playing it


The Witcher 3, I initially finished the main game and the hearts and stone DLC but Blood and wine has yet to be finished …

I don’t think it will neither . It’s not a time thing but more a not wanting it to truly end type feeling as the game swallowed so much time and was amazed at how rich and atmospheric the game can be at times … especially those sunsets…


Exactly same. I’ve reflected a lot on FFVI’s harsh loss of momentum


at that turning point and I think the best explanation I can come up with is that the story makes me really want to save the world, and then I lose. I don’t save the world. The fact that the story continues after the villain wins is so interesting to me in theory, but in practice I find it saps the fight from me. It’s demoralizing.
After that it’s not prevention, it’s revenge, and that’s just not where I am emotionally at that point in the story.

Of course it could also just be that I don’t appreciate “spot the difference” as a game mechanic. I bounce off A Link to the Past every time I get to the Sacred Realm too.
For my own answers to this: Final Fantasy VI (obviously), Fallouts New Vegas and 4, and Vagrant Story. These are among my top favorites despite bouncing off each of them at usually the same spot each time.


Dark Cloud 2. I’ve started and stopped the game way too many times to count. I was hoping the PS2 classic release on PS4 would get me to finish it, it’s still sitting there. One of these years…


Persona 5. I really enjoyed what time I spent with it, though I didn’t like the characters as much as 4. I spent I think 85 hours playing and made it through I believe dungeon 6 or 7. It’s just sooo long and I felt like I got everything out of the game that I needed to by that point. Plus there were other games by the time I reached that playtime where I would rather direct my attention.

100+ hours is a lot of time to dedicate to a game just to beat it.


Eternal Darkness - I simply could not figure out how to beat the last boss, and didn’t have the internet to show me what I needed to do. I bailed on the game and never returned.


Omg me too, Shadowman absolutely goes on my list.
Ooh shoot and Dishonored as well, I was super into until I fell off. Oh and SMT Devil Survivor, and Strange Journey. SMT games always get too hard about ¾ in.


I’ve always wished Squeenix would do an remake of Vagrant Story, keeping the more artistic graphics while easing up on the combat&weaponcraft-mechanics.
But then I remembered they would have to change Ashleys design… and who would want that. =^_^=

I know opinions differ, but may I suggest to skip Twilight Princess, it may have many fans, but after replaying it this year it is a rather weak Zelda game (even though Midna is cool). Zelda IV is still worth it (the rest is still on my to be replayed list, so no comment).

And may I say the side-by-side-playthrough is a supercool&cute idea? How much do the two versions differ? I know the water temple is supposed to be different, but other than that?

Ah, the elusive Icewind Dale (I have the cd and the gog-version and never played it). =)


Front Mission 4 - I first played this as a demo from OPM magazine and became to addicted to replaying it, so I got the full game. Definitely enjoyed it a ton, but I’m not very good at TRPGs and the game could be rather challenging at times. I eventually got stuck on a battle and could just never get past that point.

The Legend of Dragoon - I also enjoyed this game a ton, although every time I try to go back to it, the rate of enemy encounters drives me wild (and I say this as someone who loves SMT games). When I was first playing through the game I got all the way to the final boss and his final form (gotta love RPGs) but could never pull out the win. To get so close and fail is crushing. Screw you Melbu Frahma. Winglies were cool though and so was the dragoon mechanic even if it feels undercooked now. This is a game I would love a sequel or remaster of.


A good recent example would be Prey. I have started that game (and gotten to the same point at about 12 hours in each time) twice this year, and each time become distracted by another game. Most recently it was The Fractured but Whole. I honestly do think Prey may be one of the best games of the year, but for some reason I just can’t finish it.


They changed the 20 skulltula reward, the rumble pak thing since the 3DS can’t rumble, it bases itself on little chirps. Besides that there hasn’t been anything except the visuals but I’m surprised to hear they changed the water temple, I can do it with my eyes closed but now I’m hoping she gets a good experience, we’re going to the forest temple tonight/getting Epona. I did play Twilight Princess on Gamecube, got to the dark world stuff and stopped, it was fun but it just felt a bit underwhelming, I’ve got Minish Cap and all the mobile Zelda games, Spirit Tracks seems interesting, and after we watched some trailers she’s really excited to play Wind Waker, purely for the visuals.


The original BIT.TRIP Runner. I adore the entire BIT.TRIP series – if I were to curate an art installation around video games, they’d be there in a heartbeat. I beat all of the series, with the exception of the most famous and critically acclaimed installment: Runner. That game just has a difficulty spike that is completely out of nowhere. And that spike went right through my little heart. (I mastered Runner2 and am eagerly anticipating Runner3, though, so I guess there’s a happy – if incomplete – ending.)

Honorable mention: Thumper. This is another game that I admire almost every aspect of. The visual aesthetics, the music, the atmosphere of existential dread, the influences that seem to span from Carpenter to Lovecraft to Refn. But: It. Is. Too. Damn. Hard. Level seven had me stuck for months. I’m finally mid-way through level eight. I can’t say I “never” finished quite yet, because I’m still trying, but there’s a decent chance I just don’t have the skill to finish it. Which is a damned shame.

Lessons to be learned here: You can love something and still be cognizant of its flaws. For me, both of these games also make a case for greater variety in difficulty modes. For Thumper, especially, the game generally allows you to just coast through by the skin of your teeth if you don’t mind a poor ranking; but then, you get to a boss and you must perform with near perfection. You ask me, that’s fucked. That’s unbalanced. I don’t care about my ranking; I just want to finish. I just want to see the rest of the designer’s creation. What would anyone lose with the addition of boss checkpoints? Use a checkpoint, your ranking tanks. Fine by me. Don’t use a checkpoint, you get that lovely merit badge. Fine by the hardcore power players. Everyone’s happy, right?


The best thing in Twilight Princess is the dual hookshot, unfortunately you get it in the second to last temple (which is a legitimately good temple with a fantastic boss fight). There are good things in Twilight Princess but it’s probably the weakest of the single-player Zelda games for sure. It’s worth playing if you’ve got the time for it, which is too much time.


I absolutely adore Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, but I have never actually beaten it. I got to the very end, right before the last few bosses, but at some point I put it down and never continued, mostly because I put away my PS2 in storage.

I have beaten many other SMT games, just not this one. And weirdly it is actually my favorite of them all!


I never finished Fire Emblem Awakening. And I played hours on hours of that game.


Star Ocean the Second Story :frowning: