What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


Funny you mention Vice City. I loved that game for it’s eighties atmosphere and the NPR host on the Radio.Tommy Vercetti himself seemed like a true character to me, But I could never get that airplane up in the air to allow me the last mission. I tried at two different times about 8 years apart, and failed.

Ironically, I felt increasingly disinterested in any further GTA games, for a few reasons I won’t go in to.


My secret shame is never finishing Persona 4 Golden. I would consider that game to be in my personal top 5 games, but 120 hours in and after getting through previous bosses by the skin of my teeth, I couldn’t kill what I think is the last boss.

I’ve gone back once in a while to level more, but couldn’t bring myself to try to beat the boss again.

I think that’s the one time that I regret not looking at a guide while playing a game. I just didn’t have the right personas with the right skills lined up to make life easy for myself, and as a result made the game a lot harder then it could have been.


My goodness, where could I even begin with games that I just never bothered to finish. More recently I haven’t gone back to either Persona 5 or Nier Automata.

For Persona, I finished up Ann’s social link and then just sort of stopped. I generally enjoy the visual novel aspect of Persona a lot more than the actual gameplay aspect, and I guess Ann is really the only character I cared enough about to finish the social link. It’s the same reason I dropped off of P4G (although I did not enjoy P4 but did enjoy my time with P5) where I just didn’t care enough about the characters. I think Persona 5 is a wonderful game and would recommend it to everyone, but I just don’t know if I have it in me to go back and finish it up.

For Nier, I really enjoyed the gameplay and characters and design and music and just everything about it! But it’s open-world design is horrific. I just want to run around and finish side-quests and after not being able to find some of them, and stopping playing for a week, I just can’t get back to it. I have no idea where I am in the story anymore and I just don’t know if I have it in me to go another 40ish hours in that game. It’s a shame, but I already had the ending spoiled for me so there’s not a lot of motivation left.

But there’s so many games that I’ve played for an hour and really enjoyed my time, but never went back. Open-world games give me anxiety through the amount of options and I always get so caught up in either grinding or side-quests that I just can’t follow the damn game after a while. Other games like CRPGs (Baldur’s Gate/NWN/Torment) get so difficult that I don’t know if I could beat them if I tried. I keep trying though, because I enjoy them, but I just don’t have the skill level. One day I’ve always wanted to really sit down and force myself to finish these games but there’s always some shinier game that has my eye.

Oh, I also never actually finished Metal Gear Solid. I adore that game, have played through it so many times, and then I just stop on the final fight. Partially because it’s real tough, and partially because I just don’t see the reason to slog through what I think is a bad boss fight compared to the rest of them just to see the finish to a story I’ve already seen multiple times.


One I forgot: Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Mostly because I just like the pirating part and don’t give a half of a shit about the part where you go on assassination missions. I just wanna sail around and listen to my crew sing shanties, and then sack some fat merchant vessels.

Basically I think I just need to wait for that other pirate game they announced comes out (Skull and Bones, apparently). I mean naturally I’m excited about Sea of Thieves too, but I will just take all the pirate games I can get.

Which reminds me that I’ve also never beaten Sid Meyer’s Pirates! but I don’t think that counts. I’ve retired a bunch of captains because I was sailing around with enormous fleets and it got a bit unwieldy.


Daggerfall, I used to play a lot of this game, but simple never moved toward finishing it - I simple only did the first main quest (which have do to) and continue playing it doing random quest for the guilds and other npcs. I liked that game so much back there, that I simple don´t want to finish it.


Ugh, there are way too many to list. I can be pretty bad about actually finishing games, even if I like them. I got to the final level of Thief Gold on the highest difficulty setting, took a break, and never finished it. I of course lost the save file, though I could probably find a save somewhere online. Fallout: New Vegas is another that I got pretty far in, but never finished (though I still plan on going to back to it).


I hope Zelda BOTW doesn’t become this for me!

I need to finish it but other stuff keeps appearing and it’s such a large game…


Guacamelee. I played the entire game in one sitting at a friend’s house, and loved every bit of it (except, of course, the meme humor and flagrant cultural appropriation.) The final boss, however, is honestly awful. It’s just a repeating cycle of attacks, and after a third try or so, I put down the controller and we ate dinner, and I never picked it up again.


Volgarr the Viking. It’s ridiculously good at what it does but I’m content with never finishing it. The investment to get that good was a bit too much for me so I just admire it from a distance and I’m fine with that.


A lot of Zachtronics games fall into this category for me. Out of Spacechem, Infinifactory, TIS-100 and Shenzhen I/O I’ve only finished Infinifactory. The latter two are still works in progress for me but I already heavily suspect I’ll drop off of TIS-100 because I’m finding Shenzhen a much more interesting version of it.

I absolutely love them, the way that they’re less about figuring out the solution the developer had in mind, and more about thinking creatively with a set of tools you’re given.

But they’re such a time commitment for me, the problems and challenges compound to the point that spending any time away at all leaves me scratching my head in bafflement upon returning.

I’ve had situations which feel really rewarding to me,but objectively speaking were just me figuring out one tiny part of one challenge, and taking all night to do it. That’s not something which is sustainable on my schedule and when there are other things to play.

But damn if they aren’t some of the most rewarding times I’ve had in games while they last.


I have purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution three times and done five or six playthroughs but never finish the game. I get right to the last area and run out of steam every time. Then, instead of just picking up my old save, I start another new game but burn out again before I get to the ending.

It’s not a judgment on the game, every time I pick it back up I get really annoyed at myself for not finishing it I just can’t do it.


Not to mention that the end of one of Nier’s runs is a 45 minute long combat sequence that’s very easy to die in and since there’s not checkpoints or autosaving I just looked up how it ended because I’m not going to do it a fourth time.


Shelved my WiiU before I could finish Xenoblade Chronicles X, the greatest RPG ever made and one of the 2 best games of all time alongside Bloodborne. I was glad to play that game at an absolutely glacial pace, clearing out basically every side mission before moving on to another main one, savoring the landscapes and playing dress up with my beautiful blue-haired sunglasses-wearing eye-tatooed Shulk-voiced softie and his many lovely pals. More than 200 hours in that beautiful world and I reckon I’m maybe past the halfway mark of the main story, possibly.

If my WiiU ever comes out of retirement it’ll be to spend another 200 finishing the thing off. I also wouldn’t say no to a rerelease, though I’d miss that bottom screen dearly. It was nice to hop in my mech and find a nice spot to have a good flick through my probe placements and missions with some nice scenary and music in the background, the videogame equivelant of driving to a nearby park to do some actually-not-too-bad paperwork with some pals.


Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade X I really liked both but honestly they both just fell off at around 60 hours played. Like usually at that length i’d make myself finish them because that way it wouldn’t have been a waste of time but it still felt like I had at least double that left in each game.


Alien Isolation is an absolutely brilliant game, reproducing the feel of the Alien movies better than any other media has managed. I love it and want to play it more.


I just can’t play it for more than 30 minutes when the Alien is prowling before my hands start shaking, and I decide to play something else.


Wow, the Natural Doctrine battle system looks fascinating. A totally out of left field new system is so rare. I’m going to have to poke around and see if anyone’s looked at it in depth now. (Or, gasp, actually play it)


I was bonkers about the Final Fantasy series as a kid but never actually finished IV or VI. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. You could get to the endgame of both massively underleveled, and, well, grinding sucks. I didn’t even know it was called grinding yet.

I had a NES copy of Dragon Warrior II and did the same thing with it, way early on, and my mom (who is way more into CRPGs and JRPGs than me, still, at nearly 70, and should probably just post here at this point) played it a little bit every few weeks or so for fun to try and level up. Two years (!!?) later, we defeated ye olde Dragonlord.

You know, the old Monster Ravages World, Hero Faces Monster, Monster Is Too Hard, Help Mom, … Hero Defeats Monster tale.


I plugged in the old 360 recently to play some Skyrim and while looking through my game library I remembered I never actually finished Mark of the Ninja back in the day, despite still being confident that it’s probably the best stealth game I’ve ever played (stealth in games is almost always incredibly tedious and bad I’m sorry I can’t lie to myself about it any longer)


That game has a lot of issues, but the core combat system is super neat. I don’t know that the retail versions have ever gone down in price much, but the digital version’s been on sale for around $10 on PSN a few times. :slight_smile:


This. I love pretty much everything about Nocturne. I prefer the atmosphere and the sort of dark story way more than any of the Persona games. And yet. I never actually made it to the end. A quick googling yielded the name of my tormentor: Labyrinth of Amala. I think I just burned myself out on the game trying to get through that - the maze-like quality of the dungeon is the one thing I remember best aside from the overall feeling of the game and the characters.

I still think about going back someday.