What’s a Game That You Love, But Never Finished?


Final Fantasy 9. Been very near the end, played it halfway or so several times, just have never gotten around to finishing it. I should probably pick up one of the new versions where you can cheat, so I can breeze through it a bit. Absolutely love it to bits though, gosh, goodness.


This is actually kinda of sad, and says a lot about me as a person, but there are a lot of games i loved that i never completed. Usually i get near the ending and get frustrated at a certain part or enemy. The ones that come to mind Fallout 1: around the mutant base part that had laser walls or something;
Fallout 2: An oil rig i think, where you have to fight the guy from the cover;
Earthbound: when you’re about to fight Gigyas, i just really hated those exploding enemies;
Godhand: base of the tower, just got nervous about difficulty without even entering it.
SMT: Strange Journey: Eridanus


Probably La-Mulana, exactly my kinda shit but I just wasn’t good enough at it, I just got progress fucked at one point. I should maybe go back to it since this was a long time ago now.


I love JRPGs in theory, but in reality I have not finished one since I was a teenager (and even then I barely ever finished them). I think the only ones I ever actually did finish were Pokemon red/silver/ruby, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (does that even count as a jrpg?) and frickin Sword of Mana on the GBA… I did also beat Earthbound but did so on an emulator with major help from a fast-forward button so that only sort of counts.

There are many JRPGS I’ve come close to finishing, though. I got to the final stages of Persona 3FES, FF: Crystal Chronicles, FFIX, DQ8, Golden Sun, and I’ve made it about 3/4s through most mainline Pokemon games since Ruby without ever finishing them. I always get distracted by some other newer and shinier game and never came back, or take a break due to life or work things, and then when I finally have time to get back into it, I’ve forgotten how to play or what was happening in the story. There’s so many more I’ve started and never got past the mid-game bits. There are even a fair amount that I bought thinking “this will be fun to play after my current game!” and then just never started.

I don’t fare much better with western RPGS either! The only ones I’ve actually completed are The Witcher 1 and 2.

Nowadays I’ve realized that I much prefer my longer games to be stuff like Dark Souls, Dragon’s Dogma, or the Witcher, where the gameplay is more active and engaging. I guess I don’t have 70 hour turn based games in me anymore, or maybe I never did in the first place lol. It’s a shame because JRPGs have some of the most aesthetically interesting worlds in games, but the actual gameplay is so often a huge impediment to actually wanting to spend time in them past a certain point.


I’ve probably put about 150 hours into Skyrim, but I’ve never actually finished the main storyline.It was the same way with Oblivion for me.


Shadow of the Colossus - Rented it and also didn’t want it to end. Might grab the PS4 version soon.
Banjo-Kazooie - Got to the last world and my cousin asked for it back :frowning:
Persona 5 - Got really into it and then burned out by the time I got to Sae’s palace. I liked the battle system a lot but I stopped being challenged. I got to the point where I had Persona’s that could deal with pretty much any situation, which kind of eliminated any strategy. I kind of want to finish it, but 20 hours to finish a game is a big ask.
Donkey Kong Country 2 - I got frustrated.
Mother 3 - I was playing it on an emulator on my phone (Not a great way, the emulator made timed attacks pretty impossible), and my phone died.
Thumper - Damn, I need to get back into this game.


I’ve still never finished Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine DLC. Sorta the same thing happened with me and Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC, I think I never got around to it because once I did the series would “truly” be over, I liked knowing there was one last bit of content out there I didn’t know about.


It took reading this as a reminder but that’s how Morrowind was for me. Not sure what my playtime was in the end but I think I hardly did any of the main story. Didn’t matter to me as much as just existing in that world.


Right now it’s Yakuza 0, I’ll finish it eventually but i already love it.


Mm, Persona 3 & 4, Digital Devil Saga, Earthbound.


Ok so this maybe doesn’t totally count but I’ve never been able to re-play The Witcher 3. I do love the game but at a certain point (around Skellige) I just can’t keep going because I get overwhelmed by how big it is and how much stuff is still left to do. I honestly still think the game should’ve been restructured a bit to end after the first battle at Kaer Morhen, but instead it goes on for another 10+ hours that all feel really rushed and tacked on.


Yeesh…there are so, so many. Like all of them.

Right now I (played and loved and) need to finish Pyre, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Nioh, and on and on and on…

I’m still actively playing P5 but the rest I really need to pick back up. Ick.


Thanks for reminding me…why, no how…the hell have I not finished Thumper?!


Bloodborne, despite the fact that I’ve beaten all 3 souls games multiple times and they are all my Favorite Game, I’ve just never sat down and gotten past Vicar in BB.

I think I’ve just had trouble finding time to sit down in front of the ps4 and TV to do it! For some reason it’s easier for me to get into the headspace on my PC.


For what’s worth, Mother 3’s timed attacks are, in my experience, wonky on any emulator, phone or not. I can only get max combos on the original hardware. Still, it’s perfectly beatable without them, if you ever want to give it another go. It’s not even that long for a JRPG.


Yeah, I’m planning on giving it another shot. I loaded it onto my SNES classic a month ago, so I think it’s going to be my next Big Game.


It’s just one of those games where once you stop playing for a month or so you are no longer good enough to pick up where you left off, at least in my case.


Prey 2017. I really love what it is doing but I played it for 10 hours, took a break for some reason, and have felt no desire to try to play more of it.

Dishonored 2 also in that same boat.


Holy shit, Shadow of the Colossus. Yeah I’d definitely recommend picking up the PS4 version. That game sure has an ending!


Played through about 25 hours of Persona 3 and just could never find the time to pick it up again despite the fact that I loved every bit of it. I’ll probably try it out again if I can ever get my hands on the portable version and play as the girl protagonist.