What’s a Movie or Game That Really Gets Social Media Obsession?


‘Ingrid Goes West’ is a dark, hilarious examination of Instagram friendship.

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Well, this seems like a decent time to recommend “Orwell”, a game where you play as a character with control of the ultimate Big Brother-style intelligence system.

I sat down thinking I would try the game for a half-hour, but the story and gameplay style drew me in, and I finished the whole thing in just one night. It was released in episodes, and I believe a second season is out soon.

The thing Orwell accomplishes is making us conscious of just how much of ourselves we really put out there online, even if we feel like we only post, message or give out information every once in a while. As a sort of public figure, I gave up the idea of being able to keep basic privacy online a long time ago, but Orwell even had me shook.

In short, Orwell made me feel just how much social media has changed the way we live our lives, in a way that felt more actual than things like Black Mirror’s silly popularity app horror story.


I’m not sure if it qualifies as obsession, but the guy from Ridiculous Fishing sure spends a lot of time and attention on Byrdr for a guy with a boatful of guns.


The show Black Mirror is pretty much spot on, in particular the season three episodes Nosedive and Hated in the Nation.


Emily is Away really got me


MIND LINK! I came here to do this exact thing! Orwell is an amazing game series!

I work in Cybersecurity and you would be shocked and appalled at the level of visibility I have into people’s social media goings on. This is a corporate network mind you, and we take great care to explicitly state that anything they do on a company computer is monitored…but it seems people either don’t read our constant reminders, or just don’t care if I see them DM’ing their friends or see their long-winded posts about dance animations on a second life forum. For my part, I look for key words that might disclose the leaking of company secrets, credit card or financial information etc., but because our firewalls and proxies decrypt all traffic coming and going…I could theoretically see it all.

So what I am saying is…Orwell is real!