What’s a Movie You Enjoyed Watching Someone Watch?


This weekend, during a family Thanksgiving, I had the great pleasure of introducing my sister to one of the best movies of the year, if not the decade.

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I personally can’t wait to show my wife Get Out. I saw it on my own earlier this year because she gets scared easily, but I’ve slowly convinced her it’s worth checking out. The movie has a particular resonance for us, as we’re an interracial couple (she’s white, I’m brown) and I definitely have gotten (minor!) Get Out vibes whenever we’re in her very white hometown. I can’t wait to see how she will react to it.


I’m not someone who likes watching movies with people, but the rare occasion when I do (and I’m choosing the movie, of course. More often than not it’s a collaborative effort in scrolling through Netflix to find something everyone agrees on) I usually pick something I’ve seen but other people haven’t just so I can see how they react.

I always love showing people Starship Troopers. It’s funny, perfectly quoteable, has good action, and it’s just good satire to boot so theres actually valuable discussions that can be had afterwards.


I totally relate to being excited to share and get people’s reactions to movies/tv. I had the same experience sharing Get Out with my family, and more recently Blade Runner with a good friend of mine. I wonder if part of it is plugging into the same aspect that makes people enjoy giving others gifts (b/c of course in most of these cases you at least hope folks are going to enjoy the movie/etc. you’re showing them).


I would say I have always enjoyed showing people the big lewbowski . Most recently showing my dad this movie for the first time was a big plus for me seeing as he hates anything remotely comical or satirical in nature. Watching him actually enjoy this movie and ask me what the hell was going on was pretty great to observe. This movie is always one of my faves to just watch people watch :grinning:


Watching my dad see The Force Awakens and de-aging 40 years,


I’ve told this story so often, I don’t remember if I’ve told it here before, but I won’t pass on the chance to tell it again.

My dad is one of those people that thinks fantasy/sci-fi/whatever are a waste of time. He likes a good thriller or action movie - his all-time favorite movies are “Enemy of the State and anything with Steve McQueen.”* In 2002, while home for Christmas, I had my copy of the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition. It was just supposed to be my fallback if I got bored, but my family was curious about this cultural phenomenon they had heard about, so we popped it in.

When the movie started, my dad was in his recliner, reading a book. It didn’t take long for him to put the book down. When we reached the fight with the Balrog, and YOU SHALL NOT PASS, he was pumping his fist and yelling “Hell, yeah, Gandalf!”

I couldn’t believe it.

Then we got to the end. They all knew it was a trilogy, but I don’t think they understood just how much it was just one long story. Frodo and Sam cross the lake, the credits roll, and my dad stands up and goes “That’s it??? That’s bullshit!!!” It’s the first time I’ve ever heard my dad swear.

The next day, the whole family went out to see the Two Towers. The next year, we all went to see Return of the King, with my entire family (mom, dad, two brothers) bawling through all 57 endings.

'* - I feel it necessary to specify that he means The Great Escape Steve McQueen, not 12 Years a Slave Steve McQueen.


I watched John Wick for the second time as my wife was watching it for the first time. I knew she would be upset from the puppy but I didn’t know to what extent. I just watched her fall in love with that puppy so very briefly before becoming completely distressed and inconsolable for the rest of the movie.
Even today, the mere mention of John Wick brings tears.


I really, really need to watch Get Out already. I need to watch more film.

I love showing friends Oldboy because of the hammer sequence and watching their reactions to the ending.

I have a weird relationship with Hausu, because on one hand it’s a lovely party movie and it’s full of fun weirdness, but on the other hand I have so many intense emotions and feelings about the film that it’s hard to watch it with other people in the room.


When I first saw The Ring, that scene with the closet corpse really freaked me out. It was this grim thing that hung over the whole movie like a threat, at least to me. When I showed The Ring to my older brother on DVD, a year or so later, nothing scared him at all. And the closet corpse? He looooved it, and told me to rewind to watch it a few more times. His response was that the makeup was brilliant. He was right. When I really looked at it, I really appreciated it. It was a practical effect that rivals any of the computer stuff in the movie.


Seeing my now-girlfriend’s reactions to Hot Fuzz live was a real treat. That movie runs through like every genre and seeing her reactions to it all was priceless.

Now there is a ton of movies I watch with her that she never has seen and they’re all a treat to watch with her, but that one will always be the best.


I always love introducing my friends to Red State without telling them it’s a Kevin Smith film until after the end of the movie it’s so vastly different to everyone’s preconceived notions of what his movies are supposed to be that no one I’ve introduced it to believes me when I tell them so we always end up going to IMDB to show them I’m not lying.

I also, love introducing people to the wonderful works of Martin McDonagh, In Bruges especially. It’s such a beautifully shot movie and I feel has the best dialog of any of his movies though Three Billboards gives it a run for it’s money in that category.


Huh. I’ve never watched someone else watch a movie… But if I were to pick right now without having ever tried that, it would probably be a Studio Ghibli movie.


Both me and my former roommate were fans of Alex Gibney’s documentary work, and more than once we put his doc “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” on our TV to see how everyone would react. There are four or five scenes in the documentary that hit this mix of comedic and spiteful that nobody quite reacts to the same way, it’s a fascinating story and Gibney’s so good at telling it


Man of Steel. I hated that movie so much and I wanted to share that with somebody.

Mad Max Fury Road. I love seeing someone’s reaction to the Doof Warrior if they don’t know about him.

The Mist for the nihilistic ending. My girlfriend thought it was a dumb movie until the ending when she started crying uncontrollably for like 20 minutes.


Hands down for me is Hausu (House). It’s one of my favorite films ever and I love watching it with people and watching them grapple with their confusion.


Phenomena (aka Psychomania depending on what country you’re in and/or when you sought out a copy of it) and The Room are the two movies I absolutely love to show to people and see their reactions to.

I don’t think The Room needs much explanation, but it’s so awesome, and since Tommy actually did hire a professional sound/etc. crew to make it it’s just watchable enough to make the general weirdness of Tommy and his script one of the most WTF and laughable viewing experiences ever that’s still in a movie that’s still generally watchable. It’s amazing.

Now Phenomena, oh my word. This is a movie that for the first ten minutes or so seems like it’s going to be a typical giallo, but then suddenly we learn that Jennifer Connelly…

Has never ever been harmed by a bug.

And then

She starts having weird visions of people being killed as the killings are happening set to the Iron Maiden song Flash of the Blade.

She figures out why this is happening by working with a professor played by Donald Pleasance with whom she deduces that…

She can communicate with insects telepathically and they’re trying to warn her when the killer is nearby

So Donald Pleasance then gives us a crash course in how human corpses decay so that we understand a scene where Jennifer

Travels around with a sarcophagus beetle knowing it will immediately be drawn to any body that has decayed __ amount of time within the timeframe of her last vision, and this actually works and lets her locate the killer’s lair!!!

After which the killer realizes folks are onto them so they…

Kill Donald Pleasance, much to the chagrin of his pet chimpanzee Inga. Inga is devasated by this, like seriously the chimp’s performance and all of the editing around the chimp is amazing, she’s just treated like another human character, it’s great. Anyway after she breaks down at the site of Pleasance’s body we cut to the killer driving away ominously, only to be shocked by an enraged Inga lunging in front of the car and trying to cause them to crash! Inga is eventuallhy thrown from the car and it speeds off, and Inga goes to a nearby trashcan in a park where she recovers a straight razor she stashed there earlier. Pleasance asked her discard it earlier in the film because he didn’t want her fooling around with potentially violent stuff, but Inga realizes that the time for vengeance against this person that’s hurt all of her friends is nigh.

The movie gets even crazier as it goes on and it’s just, like I love periodically seeing the looks on people’s faces as the movie gets further and further away from where it began. It’s one of my favorite movies ever for that. And then the last fifteen minutes or so of it are even more ridiculous/awesome.

Clock Tower cribbed a lot from this and another Argento film, Deep Red, but I wish Clock Tower’s sequels had more of the lunacy from Phenomena in them.


Taking my parents to see The Book of Life was a real treat. We’re not Mexican-American, mom being Nicaraguense and dad being Cuban, but there are some things in that movie that are really ingrained into the general Latino experience. Watching them watch a movie that was targeted more toward us than the usual animated film was a legitimately heartwarming experience.


I do think horror movies are especially good for this.

I love showing people Cabin in the Woods.


Last week I had the pleasure of watching 14 people who had never watched The Room enjoy it for the first time. Their utter disbelief and bafflement at what happened on screen was just pure magic. And this weekend I’ll get the same treat with two of my friends.

Next up; Fateful Findings. It’s like the second stage in the The Room-bossfight. That shit is next level. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to that one.