What’s a Movie You Enjoyed Watching Someone Watch?


I really loved showing my SO Jupiter Ascending for the first time a few months ago. Bee Sean Bean, Furry flying Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne doing whatever it is he’s trying to do…it’s the best wine night movie with a loved one.


Jupiter Ascending is the best early 90s OAV ever made.


I have the same story with my friend’s snot nosed lil brother’s even snottier friend.

Went from “Ew, 3 hours” to “Must have more.”


My best friend is afraid of the film Gremlins, so naturally I made her watch Gremlins with me. That was pretty great.

I also enjoy introducing my stoner friends to Enter the Void. It’s basically the same basic set of “woah, trippy” reactions every time, though.


I watched Under the Skin with two friends and was enjoying the slow pace of it. About half an hour in they realized they hated it and spent the rest of the movie roasting it. It was like an episode of Mystery Science Theater about something I was enjoying which is a weird way to enjoy a movie. I got why they hated the movie, but it also reinforced what I was enjoying about it. Also, there is plenty to roast that movie for.


This is a bit of a cheat, but being able to introduce literally everything to a kid is one of the best things ever. This week I got to introduce my 5yr old to Speed Racer.

It. was. amazing.


Just yesterday I jokingly started watching Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer w/ a bunch of friends. It was way more awkward and vaguely bad of a movie than 9 year old me recalled, and I probably would’ve hated it if I had watched it solo, but w/ my 3 friends we had a fucking blast watching it because of how awkward and silly it was.


What We Do In The Shadows is kind of my litmus test for people’s senses of humor. If I can show it to them and they love it, then we’ll probably get along okay when it comes to comedies.


I didn’t really think I had one but then reading through this thread I remembered going to see Bolt with my then boyfriend.
He had no idea what the premise of the film was, so the whole opening section where it’s just completely playing straight ‘this dog has superpowers’ he’s there like ‘what the hell am I watching?

I don’t actually remember what he thought of it in the end. I loved it, anyway.


I introduced my housemate’s niece to Ferries Bueller’s Day Off (she is about the same age now as when I watched it for the first time).

I think she was a bit baffled by some of the tech (landline phones, answering machines, etc), but she enjoyed the elaborate schemes and the distain for high school authority, which is what I’d really hoped she would get out of it.


I don’t like asking people to commit 90+ minutes of their time. It makes me feel responsible if they haven’t enjoyed it, and that makes me a little anxious and not able to enjoy the film.

I do enjoy showing friends the first 10 minutes of The FP, because it’s so ludicrous, and freely available on YouTube. Hopefully one or two of them will go on to watch the whole thing.


I just watched it, and I agree, it’s totally ludicrous :joy:

I’m not sure I could watch the whole movie.


Mulholland Drive