What’s a Single Player Game You Love to Play With Someone Else?

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ is even more fun with a companion.

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Someday I’ll have a partner to play games with, but for now I enjoy watch my close friend play games I’m not into but don’t mind taking a look at like FF15.

Been enjoying XCOM 2 with friends. Losses become easier to digest when everyone is laughing about the fact that so-n-so just missed a 94% shot. Really any game that might be frustrating alone becomes easier when playing with others.

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I really keep wanting to play Hitman (2017) with my partner but the game stresses them out way too much but the few times we have played together it’s been some of the best game experiences we’ve had. Having them be my handler instructing me on what to do only to get caught & then going rogue and pulling some Batman with a machine gun shit in the attic of the Paris level was a really funny & dramatic way for us to play.

Does Pokemon count as a single player game? Because if so we totally play that together all the time.

I try to make purchases for games I think we would both enjoy to either play or watch each other play & I have come to realize that we play vastly different games for vastly different reasons. One of these days though…


I’m playing Alien: Isolation and I enjoy when my roommate is home to hear me scream.


When I had just graduated college, I had a date with someone I had met on a message board (this was pre- actual dating sites). For our second date, she stopped by my apartment and noticed I had an N64 with Ocarina of Time in it. She had seen some of her dormmates play it a little and was curious about it, but only really played PC strategy games (Civ, Warcraft 3, High Heat Baseball, etc) herself.

She asked me how far in I was and if she could watch me play. I was probably 2/3 of the way through, but I lied and said I had just started, then volunteered to start over from the beginning.

So we played through the whole thing together. Shortly after we finished, we were engaged. A year after that, we were married. She’s watched me play through a few others since. RE4 and Shadow of the Collosus were a couple that I remember.

Eventually she picked up a controller and started playing games herself, so we’ve moved to co-op. We’ve put hundreds of hours into Borderlands, Diablo 3, and RE 5 & 6. Still, I picked up The Last Guardian and we intend to play through that together.


#1 single player game to play with a partner? No question, it’s Rez with trance vibrator mode active.

But in terms of more conventional experiences, I just started trying to push this idea with my wife a bit and so far it’s been pretty good. Historically we watch TV and movies together, and games are just my thing, but lately all the good TV has also been emotionally exhausting, and I’m really tired of it. So I wanted us to try something a little different.

We got through What Remains of Edith Finch together and have started playing through of A Wolf Among Us, since she and I both liked what we read of Fables. So far so good. In the near future I’d also like to do a second playthrough of Wolfenstein with her, and check out Uncharted Lost Legacy.

We had a lot of fun taking turns at the controls for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Played as a group in a dark living room in the late evening, of course.


Life is Strange was really good with friends, Metal Gear Solid series as well. Really anything with a lot of story.

Also I like playing Dark Souls when my friend who is considerably more experienced than me. It reaaaally makes it more palatable to me.


Back in 2011, living in a post college apartment a couple blocks over from my best friend, I bought a game on an impulse. I stumbled around in it for a little bit, not really sure, then it began to click. My friend came over and stumbled around for a while too, equally unsure. He said “I don’t know about this Mo,” and I said, “It’s good, trust me, it just has to click.”

I went to the gym, that friend stayed and played. He began to kill some skeletons. I got back and his eyes were hollow. His soul was dark. We both appreciated just how quickly Havel could crush us.

I did Dark Souls 1/NG+, 2/NG+, 2:SOTFS, and Bloodborn and all the DLCs entirely couch coop. Come Dark Souls 3, life had happened and we could barely ever find time on the couch. Subsequently (and for a lot of other reasons too) it’s my least favorite FROM Software game.

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I played through Until Dawn twice, once with my housemate, at night with all the lights off, occasionally switching off when the game changed POV characters. The second time I played, it was in an actual snowy cabin on New Year’s eve with a group of friends. We traded off every time the game switched characters, and because our group size was similar to the number of playable teens, we ended up sort of picking “our” teen, trying desperately to keep our teen alive. It was SO MUCH FUN. Making fun of the awkward conversations between some of the characters, yelling at what a terrible idea it is to play with a spirit board, cry-laughing at one teen screaming about getting laid before getting violently yanked through a window; seriously, it was a blast, and I highly recommend it to any group of friends that has access to a PS4, and enjoys campy horror.

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Love playing adventure games with friends. Now that Dreamfall Chapters is done, I’m looking forward to playing it with my buddy who I always hit up for games like this. Having two or more people can make it easier to figure puzzles out, and it’s exciting to follow the story moments with someone. It’s great to play Telltale-esque narrative choice games with someone, fun to see where we disagree on how to proceed. I know I’m not the only one to figure out that those are perfect for pairs.

I played Until Dawn with exactly the amount of people to match the amount of (fully playable) teens and we all took a character. It was perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The tension between real people when someone’s character endangered the characters of other people was GREAT and I don’t know any other game that would produce exactly that situation between players.

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Horror games are so much fun to play with friends. Playing Silent Hill 2 with my Mom is still in the top 5 of best game experiences I’ve ever had. It’s so rich in atmosphere and tone, the story gives a bunch of room for interpretation and discussion. The first time I heard mention of Twin Peaks was Mom comparing both of their characters and imagery and a sense of offness. Man what a fantastic game.

It’s amazing there isn’t an entire genre of co-op horror games. Imagine distracting a monster towards you, putting yourself in danger while your friend makes a mad dash towards the door. Call me up, Mr. Videogames; I got a hot new idea.

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I grew up doing this with my sibling. Your Harvests Moon and your Finals Fantasy were much more enjoyable for me with running commentary.

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I have not played a Persona game by myself.

I played 4 at uni with my flatmate, after watching a bunch of the giant bomb endurance run. staying up until god knows when at night finishing up rise’s dungeon only to find morooka murdered instead was a great moment.
I played 3 last year? with my boyfriend. He’d played it before but had forgotten a lot of detail. (It’s maybe my favourite.)
Then earlier this year we played 5 together. Took us a while to get through it because we only played at weekend when I was here. I got left in charge of persona fusion because I love staring at menus.

I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed them as much playing solo? The dungeons (especially in 3 and 4…) would definitely have dragged more without someone to talk to or take over sometimes. Experiencing the plot developments with someone else is a lot of fun!


My ex was good at platformers & I’m good at RPGs. We’d watch each other play & give advice based on our observations. Hilariously, I remember when I first realized I needed distance glasses. I was playing Xenogears & asked my ex why that damn chest I was messing with wouldn’t open. She replied, “That’s not a chest, it’s a rock”!!!

I still miss having that camaraderie when I game. If there are any lesbians reading this that would be interested in a 61 year old gamer, let me know!!!

Elder Scrolls games are fun to play with my brother around. It’s fun to watch someone play that and have them react to what to do.

In college I lived in a house with 5 other people and a single TV in the house, so pretty much any gaming was done with an audience/peanut gallery. The memorable ones were Assassin’s Creed II through AC Revalations and Bioshock 1&2. Additionally we had a running playthrough of Ocarina of Time that people would jump in and out of (FYI: this is not a viable strategy to complete the water temple).

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My wife is not interested in games for the most part, so it was especially great that she got into Gone Home and Her Story with me. It was a wonderful bonding experience to share my favorite hobby with her. I can’t wait to find time to play Tacoma with her.


My dad used to play games with me when I was a kid. We didn’t play a lot of coop stuff since I’d always just drag him down. Instead I spent a lot of time watching him play RTS games. We’d occasionally try something but never stuck to things that were boring(Myst) or I would be tell him not to buy things that looked scary(It was years before I actually looked at the back of a Diablo/Stracraft to see what it was(also nothing about that Starcraft cover looks like a strategy game!)). We did however, fall for the 1000 in 1 Games trap constantly, always met with disappointment and copies of Ricochet.

I’ve watched him play most of the Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Civ 3, and most of the Command and Conquer games.There was a lot of turtling up for half the time and occasionally giving him tip from the manual which he never read. It was real fun when I was little. The jump from Empires 2 to 3 is my first “Oh games can look good” moment. I even begged him to get a better graphics card at some point. This more or less stopped when I became more interested in games and when we also got a another game capable computer.

I remember having a game filled summer vacations with a cousin. Most notable was playing a stupid amount of Tales of Symphonia co-op and playing all of Symphony of the Night, with me on the controller and my cousin with a guide. We went in virtually blind and it was cool to get all the secrets relentlessly spoiled.

Most recently I played through Soma with my little sister. I ended up finished it without her, since she wasn’t super into watching me stumble around aimlessly. But it was fun to show her some dark sci-fi, some existentialism, and a couple good scares.

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