What’s The Best Gift You’ve Ever Given/Received?


It’s that time of year for many of us where we must try our best to push our anti-capitalist sentiments aside and engage in some good old gift exchange. If you’re anything like me, buying presents is an exciting and stressful process, but one I ultimately enjoy quite a bit and still look forward to when the need arises. So I ask you all, what are some of your favorite gifts you’ve received or given over the years? It could be for any occasion of course: Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, weddings, or for no reason at all!


Last year I gave my brother a Irish charm that gives himself good luck on travels since he travel alot for work.


somewhere in my parents’ house is our old SNES, with a bunch of v good games, secret of mana, zelda, mario, a super game boy so you can play game boy games on the tv, but most importantly my favourite: Tetris Attack
three years ago when I was home for christmas I hunted high and low but could not find it, and I was so disappointed.

a month and a bit later, and it’s my birthday. and guess what my boyfriend got me.

What's your favorite game on each console you own?

Someone gave me a demo product from a company that hardbinds books. So it was like a blank school textbook. I was drawing and writing a lot in sketchbooks at the time and it was neat to me that she saw something like that, that wasn’t commonly desirable and thought that I may have a use for it.
People buy me sketchbooks as a gift frequently, but I don’t like that. Also it wasn’t a holiday or birthday so that made it better.


My partner & I have just organized our first solo vacation abroad after almost 9 years together & worrying about our budgets. Right after we purchased the tickets their dad called to tell us he was going to reimburse us on so we can spend our money on activities & experiences while we’re there.


This is a nice, devious gift. You are now entitled to take credit for literally everything good that happens to him forever.


See this is the level of thoughtfulness I daydream of achieving when I buy gifts. Then I panic and end up with an amazon cart full of novelty shotglasses and Starbucks gift cards, broken and defeated


Shouts out grandma, this is where it all started.:pray::fire::pray:



he also, one halloween, when he knew I was sad about not having Plans for the first time in years, surprised me with a short story and some chocolate. he rules, tbh.


I know I’m not supposed to be hating on Xmas in this thread but there are going to be a lot of duds when everyone ins buying gifts for everyone else to be given at an established date.
The most successful gift-event I’ve seen is Klikmas on Glorious Trainwrecks and it’s probably because we focus on one person each and we already respect each other’s work rather than just being related by blood or marriage.


When I was around 12, my sister’s then boyfriend who I didn’t know too well bought me “Zork: Grand Inquisitor”, an FMV & 3D render adventure game.
Not sure how to explain it, but this gift made absolutely no sense at the time. First of all it isn’t really for kids, it’s weird and hard and touches on subjects I shouldn’t understand. But also I hadn’t really played any adventure games until then or shown interest in them. I had a Playstation and a few games, but I wasn’t gaming obsessed or anything like that.
But guess what, that game really resonated with me, I liked how weird it was and solving its cumbersome puzzles, too. It’s a very nice memory of mine today and thinking back on it and the few conversations I had with that guy, I now believe that he was one of the few people growing up who “got” me, way before I did myself. And I think that sparked my deeper interest in games, too.
So yeah, that’s the gaming related one. Oh and I’m pissed my sister broke up with him so quickly, ha.


It was a trip to Rome last spring. My mom made me such a present. I booked tickets and spent a wonderful week there. So many beautiful historical architectures, huge fountains, delicious Italian cuisine. All roads lead to Rome :slight_smile:


For our wedding, one of our best friends drew a stencil-style portrait of us in black and white, surrounded by images of our hobbies and fandoms. I still smile every time I look at it :slight_smile:


Before she was my girlfriend, my now girlfriend and mother to my child got me Childish Gambinos - Awaken, My Love on vinyl which was super unexpected and the best present ever


This year I’ve gotten two beautiful pictures. One is the night sky of my girlfriend and I’s first date - it’s not a photo, but the constellations for that date at that location. The second is a print of one of the photos I took with my girlfriend (not of us) at Max Patch, a mountain (?) in the Appalaichias. They were both such touching and personal pictures.


One of my favorite gifts was the Gameboy Color and Wario Land 3 that my parents got me when I was like 5 or 6 and about to go on my first vacation. I’m fairly certain it’s largely what sparked my love of video games.

For my other gift, a couple years ago, shortly after we began dating, my girlfriend made me a framed cross-stitch of Voltorb (my favorite pokemon) with the phrase “I choose you” beneath it. So freaking cute


I really like giving gifts and especially enjoy picking out books for people. Lately I’ve been bookbinding a lot, and notebooks serves as nice personalized gifts! Last year I gave my best friend my copy of the book “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa (she loved it, ended up reading it in less than a day and it inspired her to read more!) plus a notebook I made, both wrapped in a simple poster I illustrated myself, all inside an ecobag with a very pretty print. It was a huge hit, and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gave someone.


A trip to Europe with my Family.