What’s the deal with [x]

We’ve got a “what are you playing” thread and a “should I buy thread” but I don’t think we’ve got a thread where one can ask general questions about a game or series… questions like “what’s the deal with [that]?” You know, questions that maybe don’t warrant a thread of their own but probably would benefit some Waypoint Discourse™️ style answers or discussions.

For instance, what’s the deal with the God Eater series? It was brought to my attention today that God Eater 3 is coming to the Switch next month and the game looks like a wild, cool, anime version of Monster Hunter. Is that what it’s all about? Am I eating the God(s) or are they eating me?

Extremely anime Monster Hunter, slightly less fascist Attack on Titan premise, there’s a girl with a plaid hat.

Its character creator let me make a very good anime version of my OC so even though I don’t like much of the rest of the game I give it a thumbs up.

How slightly less fascist are we talking? I assumed if this series is Monster Hunter inspired, plot is generally minimal.

Definitely expected a Seinfeld joke parody thread, but this is cool too.


I will admit that I had Seinfeld in mind but also wanted a thread for questions and answers as much as jokes.

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Really can’t wait until Flight Simulator comes out so I can come back to this thread and say “what’s the deal with (virtual) airline food?”


What’s the deal with Auto Chess and if I’m going to try one which one should I try?

Last I checked there’s now 3 different main games: the mod, the original developers mobile game, and finally we have Valves attempt.

Valve’s attempt is essentially the original mod, in collaboration with (one of?) the mod creators. People I know who play it, says it does a lot for readability.

Edit: as for what the deal is, it lets you play a multiplayer game of a sort of deck building, without engaging with some of the more frustrating multiplayer mechanics. It does however take a bit longer than I find agreeable (essentially as much time as a regular dota match, so between 20-40 minutes).


In a lot of ways it just took the long arc of a (good) gachapon autobattler and shortened it to the length of a battle royale game, and therefore has a lot of the same appeal as those two things. Also, as @MiBasse said, it’s mostly playable as a solitaire experience while still having the benefit of human players in place of where an AI would be.

As for which to play, between the PC versions it’s probably Underlords. It feels bad to recommend what is definitely a clone in most ways, but the difference in just sheer playability is night and day. It also has a basic tutorial and timeless not matches, which make the onramp a lot smoother (though still steep). Haven’t tried the original devs’ mobile game, so can’t speak to that.

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