What’s Your GoTY List? (2023 edition)

The holidays are always a busy time—so why don’t we plan ahead for once, and get a couple years of GoTY lists in the can ahead of time?

Personally, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I loved the new game from Worst Girls Games, You Went Through Limbo, and its cast of thirty-somethings at a thruway rest stop that was a very good metaphor for some deeply-felt truth or other

What are YOUR games of the year for 2023?


I’m glad Days Gone is finally out.

It’s ok.


My shared first prize will be the two amazing and visually distinct programming puzzlers Zachtronics are somehow releasing in that year. I don’t know how they keep it up but I’ll be with them all the way.


It’s weird that a bunch of union voice actors somehow came together and remade Dino Crisis to spite Capcom, it’s weirder still that it’s legally allowed to be sold through a court opinion that just says “for the lulz”, and weirdest of all that it’s an odds on favorite to win GotY from a bunch of places.


Turns out the Final Fantasy VII Remake was deeply disappointing. So it is not on my list.

But the Tactics Ogre reboot saved Square Enix’s year as far as I’m concerned. So glad they brought back Matsuno.


in 2023 we’ve all uploaded our brains into the cloud, so i tracked down that Crackdown 3 cloud based AI

Game turned out ok, but the AI was really cool. we got a coffee and we’re going to a bar this weekend with a couple of drivatars and the titanfall 1 creeps.

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in all honesty, i’ll probably be playing all the way through Phantasy Star IV for the first time.


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It turns out that Anthem is a huge success, affording Bioware all the time & support they need to deliver an excellent Dragon Age sequel by 2023 and no I’m not at all worried about this not being a reality


I never would’ve predicted that an Obsidian-developed Shadowrun RPG could outsell Call of Duty, but here we are. I’d love to see some cameos from Dragonfall’s cast in the sequel–I wanna so how big and high-detail they can make Eiger’s muscles with all that Microsoft money and Xbox 360 II processing power behind them.


The Fatal Frame reboot is terrifying and beautiful. I loved the small domestic environment and how they captured the spirit of the original games while making them more playable. A lot of outlets have praised the characterization that happens through the flashback scenes which is great but damn the moment where your camera breaks which releases all ghosts you’ve been capturing on a packed subway car made me audibly yelp.

Right Hook is the spiritual successor to the Def Jam fighting games that y’all should play despite some balance issues at launch and the DEEPLY UNCOMFORTABLE E3 PRESS CONFERENCE. Since launch the team has done a good job of listening to the community and patching balance issues plus they did their first character/map/music pack for free.


I never thought I’d live to see they day that Bloodwake got a remake but I’m glad that’s the brave new world we live in.

Still waiting on that Pikmin 4 announcement.

You beat me to it! What was your favourite pairing? I thought Phobos & Eros were extremely sweet.

Otherwise I think Battletech III: Yamashiro Drift is going to make a LOT of people’s lists this year, it’s certainly on mine. I thought the formula would be getting stale by now, honestly, but they’re consistently one-upping themselves. The new infantry missions are harrowing, it’s great. Can’t wait to see what Harebrained do with the Gundam license in 2026!

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Funny to see my goty top 5 is much more sequel heavy than usual this year! Nonetheless

5 - The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim II

4 - Super Mario Brothers (2023)

3 - Frozen Cortex 2


1 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: But Without Broken Weapons And A Weapon Economy Balanced Around That


Can’t believe the 5th installment of the Nier series was a platform to send Yoko Taro to the moon. What will he come up with next? For anyone still unsure about it the fishing is better in this one I promise.


Red Dead Redemption 3 was so realistic, I got cholera


And I can’t believe that not only did PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2 come out, but that it was the greatest fighting game ever made. Who’s your main? I’m a Mr Driller player, myself.


Hold on, let me run my DeepMind instance to tell me which game released this year scored the highest on fun and political relevance, and upload the best clips to my VR replay channel. BRB in a week.

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Yoko Taro is dead man. All that’s on the moon is a server that spits out occasional pre-recorded messages he left behind ages ago. We’ll be playing identical Nier sequels forever.

  1. Titanfall 3
    I can’t believe the reason Bioware was so guarded about the lore and storyline of Anthem was because it was in fact a sidestory to the Titanfall games. Great though as it ginned up so much interest in the franchise that it all but forced EA to give Respawn a blank check and as long as they wanted to make the definite GoTY of 2023 that is Titanfall 3. Dragon Age IV was also really good and wasn’t problematic in the slightest while also authentically critiquing the world, giving worthwhile resolution to it’s storylines while also perfectly setting up a sequel, and let me fuck a dragon.

  2. Dragon Age IV
    See above. But also that it did the very good thing of giving us another year of both the bow and the grappling hook.

  3. Assassin’s Creed: New Testament
    Who would have thought Ubisoft would get away with, let alone release a magnum opus in Assassin’s Creed: New Testament, the game that somehow also brings together all of the Ubi and Tom Clancy games into one shared universe.

  4. The Sims 5
    We can’t speak of The Sims 5 without thanking Will Wright for coming out of seclusion to save the entire world from what turned out be a not really all that secret cabal of evil tech CEOs before he went on to lead development on what is undoubtedly the definitive Sims release that will set a baseline for ease of use modding tools for years to come and finally did away with those damn overpriced expansion passes.

  5. Journey II
    After KRZ Act V dramatically altered the trajectory of video games forever, raised the medium to high art, and somehow won a PEGOT you would have thought we were easily on our way to the greatest indie game renaissance, especially after That Game Company announced they’d gotten the band back together to make Journey II. Any other year it would easily made the top of this list but while it does strike awe with in mysticism in ways religion has been trying and coming up short on for millennia, it is still fundamentally just more Journey. Not that that’s a bad thing, just not better than the rest of this list, or maybe even the original Journey.

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After a sudden last-day-before-release postponement and subsequent hiatus in 2019, Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally released and was everything we were promised.


We are on track to have whatever the next Supergiant game after Hades is in 2023 so I don’t really have a joke cuz it’s just going top be that

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