What’s Your GoTY List? (2023 edition)


I get we are all just replications of some “original” self from after that calamity but he’s still out there I’m telling you!

That said, Wolfenstein thankfully hasn’t felt relevant in years so I really wish they would put that one to bed. It had a good run.


Wow you mean no one else is drooling over Skate 4?

I mean that “Skate 4 when?? How about Skate 4 now!!!” tweet and stealth release was a bit cheesy coming from EA, but the fact that even Tony Hawk himself said it put his Pro Skater games to shame says something right? And don’t even get me started on that freaking AR mode…

I dunno…I play a meannnnnnn Wipeout Pilot…


it’s still final fantasy 14


Really glad Playground got an extra year to develop Forza Horizon 6. Didn’t think that a solar system based Horizon festival would work, but here we are. Still trying to get that drift challenge going down Olympus Mons, but I’ll get it soon!


Star Citizen, its been a long hard road but all signs point to it being out of Alpha within a few years.


Oh and everyone who decided that the Half-Life VR experience is Half-Life 3 and called it such on their GoTY lists is a coward and corpsec (which is what replaced narc in 2021).


Probably Deltarune…God I hope the full game is out by then.


Pac-Man 3

I know it’s been said before, but it can’t be stressed enough: This game makes you feel like Pac-Man more than any other entry in the series. Longtime fans initially were very vocal in their opposition to the more realistic take on Pac-Man’s physique, but the more mature direction (along with Troy Baker’s rawest performance to date) allows the themes of fatherhood to have far more emotional weight.

Metroid Prime 4: Grand Prix

Samus is back baby! It’s been 13 years since her last original outing but this one was worth the wait. Boasting ten cups with six courses each (that’s over fifty courses!), this game has plenty of single player content, and when the online gets fixed there will be even more replay value. Adding the F-Zero universe not only adds a ton a racers to the roster, but also satisfies fans of both franchises. Let’s hope it’s not another 13 years for the sequel!

Fallout 5

Story is whatever, but there’s a gun that shoots a drone that drops nukes, which is epic enough to land it on this list.


Aw, yeah, I loved the Phobos and Eros route, there’s something very wistful about it—I can practically hear the muffled traffic rushing by as I write this (great audio work by Alec Lambert!), remembering them sitting by a dark window on the synthetic food-court benches as Phobos clasps Eros’ hand and decides to leave her comfortable routines behind. Phobos and Psyche, though, was the ending I got on my first playthrough and it’s the one that still sticks in my mind as the ‘real’ one? The scene with the coffee machine is just so funny.

Did you unlock the ‘true’ ending? I’ve been meaning to try and figure out how to get it.


It’s gotta be Super Smash Bros. (2023), the gritty reboot/sequel set many years after the events of Ultimate; Kirby and their child Kirtreus embark on a journey to spread Mario’s ashes atop the highest point in the Mushroom Kingdom. Also Apple bought Nintendo so Steve Jobs is in Smash now.


Phobos and Psyche are great, too! That was my third route. I was expecting a few throwaway references to the other games, I was not expecting the bus full of Summer Scouts to pull up to the rest stop. The exasperated look they give each other when they realise that all hell is about to break loose is priceless; Mia Schwartz’ art, as ever, is doing so much work in this game.

Oh, about the endings: if you haven’t done an Eros/Psyche run, you’ll have to get that ending first. After the deconstruction of “true endings” in HWBM there was really only one place left to go: think Neir: Automata’s panoply of endings and you’ll get the idea. The new game+ save unlocks another ending to the main story, and after that you can play a few bonus routes as side characters (Enceladus’ is extremely funny, as are all of the “game over” fake endings). I think there are probably one or two I haven’t found yet.


I haven’t played a game since they banned anything that had anime graphics in it 2 years ago.


Assassin’s Creed: New Testament
Who would have thought Ubisoft would get away with, let alone release a magnum opus in Assassin’s Creed: New Testament, the game that somehow also brings together all of the Ubi and Tom Clancy games into one shared universe.

When it was announced at the Ubisoft SummerSkyParty press breifing that the next Assassin’s Creed would have you play as Jesus, who was an assassin. There was a bit of an uproar to say the least. The gaming world had never been so divided and this division spread out into the mainstream with people burning their PS5 and XB2s on the street, to the point I never wanted to play another Ass Creed game again. I still think Ubisoft handled this poorly from a PR perspective. But then the game came out. Silence. Then the inital reviews as people tired putting words together. This wasn’t your usual pre-release hyperbole this was something else. I had to wait four months before I could finally get my hands on the game as everywhere had been sold out. What transpired was nothing more than a divine experience.


For me it’s gotta be Prey 2. I was as surprised as anyone when the original finally broke out and became a mega-blockbuster years after release, due to mod support that allowed James Cameron to render the entire Avatar quadrilogy in-game. I was even more surprised when Arkane, flush with their newfound riches, bought out Bethesda, made Scott Benson their new CEO, and cancelled The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr in favor of an exhaustive remake of Morrowind in the style of Night in the Woods. But nothing could have prepared me for the revelation at the end of Prey 2 that the entire series up to this point has been an illusion birthed by the mind of the dying Outsider and the immediate surprise release of Dishonored 3: Delilah’s Delicatessen.


The results are in, and the clear winner is Worker Simulator 2023, a labour of love that nails the nostalgia everyone feels for when human beings were required to labour in order to receive a salary, in order to “buy goods” and “own land”. I know it was only 2 years ago that self replicating marx-bots siezed the means of production and created our current post-scarcity age, but it’s amazing how hard it has been for people to let go of the idea of a “workday”. When I log in to Worker Simulator 2023, it’s hard not have mixed feelings, but that’s quickly replaced by a feeling of mischievous joy when the interlocking systems come together and I’m able to complete a days work by convincing colleages to finish my TPS reports for me, and rack up promotion points by creating cobbling together presentations by visiting their unlocked computers and claiming their work as my own. I mean, sure, there’s a way to play a “moral” worker, but when the “amoral” systems are so fun, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that playthrough.


Alright the nominees have been tabulated and it’s voting time everybody! First up Triple Z Game Of The Year!:

  • Dino Crisis
  • Tactics Ogre: I’m In Love With My Car
  • Dragon Age Nobody Expects The Tevinter
  • Shadowrun: Butte Montana
  • Battletech III: Yamashiro Drift
  • Assassin’s Creed: New Testament
  • Supergiant’s Being John Malkovich
  • Pac-Man 3
  • Prey 2: Preay For The Gods

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I’m still suprised y’all not digging that Modern Warfare reboot of Dark Souls as much as myself.


Red Dead Redemption 3: Poop Yourself to Death was robbed


Personally, I was a big fan of the Xbonx 1080 port of Resident Evil 4


Kingdom Hearts 12 was really great. Square has been cranking these things out, and in this one, Minnie Mouse is executed for treason, twice