What’s Your GoTY List? (2023 edition)



butte montana is a crazy town

a shadowrun set there could be pretty sweet.


COD Black Ops 6. It’s amazing that Activision was able to pull off the Action RPG Trading Card FPS while removing paid DLC map packs and Loot Box monetization.


I’m just glad they finally let Kojima take over for Metal Gear Survive 3.


I lived in Montana for a bit (okay a long bit) but the only thing I remember about Butte was when I was a teen and a fellow teen told me that they would greet new kids to the Butte high school by saying “Welcome to Butt Montana would you like to see our hold?” in reference to the mining pit in the middle of town

Oh also this is a real thing:



I think Nintendo surprised us all when they announced not one but TWO follow ups to the Switch: the Nintendo Dom and the Nintendo Sub.

I’m really interested to see how they’ll be able to push two separate consoles in the market. Though, I kind of feel like the Switch was already doing what both consoles set out to do. Not sure which I’ll pick up. Might have to buy both if the exclusives to either one reel me in!


Best get your votes in now as the poll closes tomorrow!


So help me they need to stop dilly-dallying and just explain clearly if Pokemon Top and Bottom are going to be exclusive to one console respectively.

… Also if appropriately both will release on the Switch.


By abandoning all worldly needs and ascending beyond mortal whims I finally managed to get my pile of shame to a manageable size this year, so while it came out a few years back, my game of the year 2023 has to be Nier Automata.


And The Winner Is!


Notable for being a game that asks both if you would like to see it’s hole and for revealing that its villain was not only Yoko Taro but that in real life Yoko Taro has been Cliff Bleszinski this whole time this remarkable game has won over the hearts of the Waypoint Audience! It also won over the hearts of the Waypoint Staff with Austin, Daniele, and Mecha Rob Klepekutron (along with Rob and Patrick both listing it separately before the tragic accident that fused them into one being) all placing it in their top fives! We can’t wait to see what is next with Shadowrun: Topeka Kansas next on the docket and being developed by Doublefine!

Exclamation point!!!

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