What Single-Player Game Would You Like to See a Multiplayer version of?


I played Subnautica while Sea of Thieves was in its rollout and I found myself wishing for a combination of the two, with Sea of Thieves’ open-ended gameplay, camradery, and station-switching mixed with the verticality, and varying gameplay, and persistant world of Subnautica.

Balancing could be done by having classes w/ skill trees who bring one or more components to a submarine, depending on ship size – ie in a ship of 3 the scientist could bring a mining laser, a tactician could bring a turret, and the pilot could bring a smaller recon sub. Meanwhile a singleplayer could mix skills and ride around in a Seamoth.
At a central hub, a crew could be assembled and a ship loadout arranged. Additionally, each class would be able to use each component differently, which would encourage shuffling stations (a la Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime) depending on the situation.
People or groups could build and upgrade bases where trading and loadouts can be customized. PvP action could be limited to zones, like in Eve, or altogether, depending on the server, and PvE events vs. big sea monsters would be a good time.

What are your ideas for a single-player game that could be modified into a cool multi-player experience, and what kind of balancing and gameplay changes could help it get there?


Into the Breach.

I want to play it like chess against a human opponent. I’m not sure the mechanics as-designed would be balanced, but there’s probably a version of that game that could work as two-player.


Honestly around launch, I considered buying Tabletop Simulator to build this out.


Quantum Break had some cool ideas and played really well for a third person shooter. Definitely would have loved to see a multiplayer version with players throwing time powers at each other.


This is the same answer as my answer in the Unexpected Sequel’s thread, but The Climb (2) would massively benefit from proper multiplayer being infused into it in some form. Anyone who’s spent time bouldering/climbing knows that half the fun is hanging out with your friends, and working problems with others, offering help and encouragement. I think this kind of real time social interaction would make that game have a lot more staying power.

Adding heads, something similar to the Oculus avatars would be a must, and having camera points spectators could snap to throughout the climb would be cool. The addition of some kind of indoor editable wall where you could set your own problems/climbs and share them with your friends would be great.

(Also Subnautica is really great.)


For years I’ve wanted a co-op multiplayer version of a Final Fantasy Tactics style game. Build and customize your own character or small squad of characters, then join up with friends to run a short dungeon, or defend a location from a horde mode style wave of attacks.

I think keeping it co-op and not pvp here would be pretty essential, because deep unit customization options are a lot of fun to play with but a nightmare to balance for pvp. And while that customization is half of what’s important to it, I also just want a turn-based tactics or strategy co-op game so there’s an opportunity to just stop and chat (about strategy, or more realistically just to go off on completely unrelated tangents for a few minutes) without having to be constantly focused on gameplay every second.


@Airshipwright In 1997/1998 me and a friend in elementary school literally co-op strategized games of FFT on his PlayStation (and also would go off on completely unrelated tangents) and so I mean this when I say I’ve been waiting for this idea almost my whole life.


Have you tried Mario Rabbids? Its co-op mode is a blast (though not much customization), and that game does turn-based tactics in a hugely enjoyable and novel way.


I’m certainly not the first person to say it but I’d kill for a Hitman game designed around multiplayer. You all load into a map that’s just as clockwork and systems-laden as the series tends to be, each player with a designated target(s). Similar Hitman rules apply where retaining your cover will award more score, except this time you’re competing to see who can make their hit the fastest. Maybe even throw in some mechanics wherein blowing your cover then paints a target on yourself for the other assassins to pursue, thus encouraging some stealth play.

I’m sure maintaining the kind of simulation Hitman does but in a setting where there can be multiple players running around is no easy thing to achieve or balance but I’d be fascinated to play something like that. It didn’t quite hit the mark in my book but the multiplayer modes in Assassin’s Creed offered something that scratched at this idea and that I found really compelling.


Oh man I’ve wanted this for years: Receiver with multiplayer. Co-operative or deathmatch, still PvE or PvP only, I don’t even care. Just give me the sound over the mic of my friend realising they didn’t check how many bullets were in the magazine before going around that corner, or the yelp as they bottle a firefight because of the safety/autofire. Give me that and the ability to somehow be in that space with them, and I’ll play that game regularly and with purpose. And I’ll enjoy it a whole lot.


I just want something simple like an online co-op mode for GTA V. I’d like to be able to play with a friend without going on GTA Online.


I want to see a Breath of the Wild battle royale, just all the ridiculous systems and 100 players colliding together in silly ways would rule!

But I’ve also thought a lot about how much I love the dynamic of Waypoint and Giant Bombs XCOM videos with one player playing and the other giving advice. I’d love to see this dynamic built into an XCOM game in some sort of official capacity! Maybe with more active role for the player “watching” or maybe roles switch each mission or something. Basically I want to help my friends play XCOM!


I really would like to see a co-op XCOM. I played Atlas Reactor back in 2016 for a weekend and came out of it thinking it would make for a fun co-op game with how everyone plans their moves at the same time and then it all executes at the same time.

Part of the fun was how little time you have to decide on your turns moves so you had to quickly communicate with your teammates what it is you should do. I think that kind of fast paced turn based gameplay might make for a fun way to play XCOM with friends.


Honestly? An MMO of Shadowrun, most likely. I feel it’s a setting ripe for a Destiny-style game, where you organise “runs” with other players and dodge the law and corps.


yo, this it the best thing I’ve ever heard.


I haven’t played it obviously, but Insomniac’s Spiderman. If there was a 1v1 multiplayer mode and a second player could play as like…Doctor Octopus? Basically I just want a high budget modern superhero version of War of the Monsters. Movement in those open world superhero action games feels so good, but you’re generally just fighting hoards of dumb AI.

Also, I just want to play as Doctor Octopus.

Also, I want him to be voiced by Werner Herzog.



Also, dedicated co-op missions. Maybe something like 2 targets that need to be killed within 10 seconds for some reason. Or one player has to kill the power at a specific time so the other can do something quickly before a backup generator kicks on.