What Sony Revealed During the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming Show

In a normal year, E3 would be winding down following a week of over-produced, hype-building press conferences for the major game publishers and platforms. But with COVID-19 having made large public gatherings impossible, Sony was forced to reveal its lineup for the Playstation 5 via a streamed "Future of Gaming" show.

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Got it.


I definitely agree that the Deathloop trailer was the highlight of the show. I mean not only did it do a great job conveying what the game is both conceptually and from a gameplay perspective, but the way it used its needle drop song and montage of neet gameplay clips and stylized drawings really gave it an edge over the other trailers.


Deathloop is The Crossing! They finally did the thing!


2020 and we still can’t escape the new console reveal tropes of Here’s A Sweaty Basketball Player and Here’s a Car.


Horizon has Yosemite. I say the new standard is depictions of El Cap.

It’s like the rule that any American landscape artist who didn’t paint Yosemite is a coward.

Oh, what if. What if they really are picking up exactly from The Crossing and Viktor Antonov is working with Arkane again. I’m already here for how they’re barely hiding the assets they’re reusing from Dishonored. I see you, entire set of first person movement animations and BAH GAWD THAT’S DUNWALL TOWER’S FIREPLACE!


Deathloop and Stray definitely the stars here.

I guess I am happy a lot of people will have a chance to play Demon’s Souls too. I wonder how different it will be from the original?

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