What TCGs/CCGs are you playing?

As other Magic nerds may be able to tell from my username, I’m a (now lapsed) M:tG fanatic. Haven’t really kept up with any competitive formats in the past view years due to life getting in the way, but I still enjoy EDH from time to time.

To fill the void, I’ve been playing a looooot of digital TCGs the past couple years. I’ve often joked that I’ll give any game with cards in it a chance. These games include:

  • Hearthstone - doesn’t really need an introduction at this point
  • Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Very interesting design, but I bounced off it fairly hard due to less player interaction than I prefer. It’s been abandoned by Jagex at this point.
  • Duelyst - a hybrid card/tactics game. You and your units are on a 9x5 board (I think that’s the right size but it’s been awhile) and you move and interact with your opponent as in a tactics game.
  • Eternal - My current favorite. It’s a blend of some of the best bits of Magic and Hearthstone. It has a resource system similar to Magic, but is quick and easy to pick up like Hearthstone. Highly recommended (add me, I’m Ghave+7557 in the game)

What other TCGs/CCGs are you all into? I’m always on the look out for something new to try.

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Hearthstone, Magic (rarely lately), and Pokemon (even more rarely, does anyone play this anymore?)

I guess Duelyst a little bit too but I haven’t really felt like playing since the first expansion came out

TCGs are life

I know Pokemon has a digital client these days and, if I’m not mistaken, allow you to redeem codes from physical products for online product, which is a pretty smart way to compete in a fairly saturated market imo. Definitely don’t see much of a physical community anymore.

Same on Duelyst for me, I kinda just fell off for various reasons. It made me realize I wanted something more “pure” card game than that.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, used to play it at tournaments and I still have a pretty respectable collection of cards. Lost interest, and financial means, to continue when I went to university, and the game became a bit feature bloated when I looked into it a couple of years ago – enough that I couldn’t just pick it up again without reading a rulebook, or maybe seeing if they made a 3DS game for any of the anime series after GX. But I’ve been playing the mobile game recently, which is more like how it was when I played it as a teenager, so that’s been enjoyable.

I also play the Pokemon TCG (and the awesome GBC version), been trying out the Gwent beta, and I’ll probably try Elder Scrolls: Legends once it’s available on mobile phones.

Duelyst sounds like fun, I might check that one out! :slight_smile:

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That reminds me that I’ve been meaning to try out the Yu-Gi-Oh! mobile game. I played the card game like twice as a kid (incorrectly, I might add), so I’m interested in checking it out again.

That also reminds me I’ve been meaning to check back in on Elder scrolls: Legends. It’s from Direwolf Digital, the same company that made Eternal (which has a mobile client on Android, if that persuades you at all :wink:).

I tried Gwent during the 30 minutes I played the Witcher 3, is it exactly the same or have they changed the mechanics at all?

The basic mechanics are the same, but they changed a lot to make it more suited to playing against another person. The biggest change is that a lot of cards can kind of take/deal damage now; rather than it being a game of ‘who drew the cards with the bigger numbers’, there’s more interaction between cards and it’s easier to reduce your opponent’s card to 0 power.

They also made it so you’ll draw cards at the end of a round, which radically changes the main strategy 99% of people used in The Witcher 3, since it was the easiest way to win: stack your deck with cards that let you draw more cards, get your opponent to run out of cards in Round 1, then win the other 2 rounds by default. In fact, the main card-type that let you draw cards, the Spy, wasn’t even in the beta the last time I played it.

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Used to play Magic, started playing Eternal as a way to wean myself off Hearthstone and it stuck hard. They’re so good about just like… throwing cards at you. I’ve been playing it for like half a year and I’ve built more top-tier decks than I did in all my time w/ HS and MTG combined (and without spending any money in the process). I play the dang thing every morning over breakfast and it’s never not been choice :basketball_player: Eternal kicks ass

Jesse+4063 on there

Yeah Eternal is really great about keeping the cards flowing. I’ve spent… more than I should have on it, but still nowhere near what I did on Magic when I was deep in it, and I can make pretty much any deck I want at this point. Also I prefer the way Eternal draft works to Hearthstone arena; getting to keep the cards is HUGE when it comes to building a collection.

Pokemon is good but their digital client has only gotten more frustrating for me to use since a couple years ago so I mostly completely dropped off of actually playing it.

I’ve played Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering Online, and Eternal.

Eternal has been able to capture the intricate interactions of Magic with the flow and feel of Hearthstone all together. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up a new CCG. I’ve been able to pickup every card I’ve needed without having to pay at all, and the game has many viable strategies and tactics.

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Absolutely entrenched in Pokemon, just need to get over my anxiety more often to go to the excellent events where I live. It’s always a blast talking with everyone, seeing how hard people get into the competitive side and stuff. The online client eats my life away when I actually log in, so I have been avoiding it for a few weeks. Hope to go back to it once I’ve cleared my video game backlog.

Right now though, me and my younger sister are hot into Netrunner. That shit is wild.

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I’ve been dipping my toes in Elder Scrolls Legends. Accessible enough. Haven’t felt the need to dive into the microtransactions

Duelyst is so good and has very pretty pixel art, if you want something that combines deck building with miniature-based wargames. I’m just starting to get back into it.

I really miss Scrolls, although it got a little frustrating at times.

I’m hesitant to dig into Gwent until it’s not being wiped anymore, which should be fairly soon, but from what I’ve played of it, I really dig it. It’s basically what was in Witcher 3, but fully fleshed out, and it’s rad to see a digital CCG doing something other than “hit their face until you win or they win”.

Other than that, I burned out on Hearthstone a little bit ago and got really into Shadowverse recently. I haven’t seen it mentioned in this thread yet, so here’s the elevator pitch:

Anime hearthstone, but the classes all have entirely different mechanics, not just a “Spend mana to do X thing” hero power.

For example, Shadowcraft cards generate “Shadows” as you play them, and you consume them by playing Necromancy cards that gain additional effects at the cost of your shadows.

Runecraft cards buff spells in your deck and hand, making them cost less, do more damage, or consume “Rites” to make other effects happen when you play a creature, such as summoning a golem.

Also, every class gets evolution points a few turns into the match. You can spend one to buff any creatures on the board and have them ignore their first turn summon sickness, but they can only attack other creatures this way,

It’s also got a pretty lengthy story mode which isn’t the greatest, but still a nice addition.

There are other things that they do a bit differently from Hearthstone, like amulets, and the division of “charge” creatures into charge creatures that can go to face only or to other creatures only, but I’ve rambled on about it too much. Check it out; it’s on Steam and smartphones for free (with microtransactions) with a device link feature that allows you to switch back and forth.

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Curious about what issues you’ve had with the client?

I think it needs to overhaul the way you submit codes, that is not fun when you’re inputting a whole booster box.

I play Yu-Gi-Oh! I’ve been an off again, on again player for years, since it hit the US. I’m usually just a casual player, but I’ve recently built a semi-competitive deck. I wanted to enter a tournament after the new movie came out I found out a con nearby was not holding one but they had the dub voice actors for Yugi and Kaiba. My addiction to the mobile Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links helped spur my rekindled interest in the physical game, as well. That and it was a thing my brother and I did together for years. I haven’t seen him in over a year now as I’m studying abroad, but I’ll be seeing him this summer and it’s something I’m excited to do with him again.

I also play Pokemon but much more casually. Both the physical game and Pokemon TCG Online. I haven’t really played either in a few months. Mostly got back into it because of the retro-style Evolutions Expansion Pack. Message me if anyone wants to play that or Duel Links.

I have had my time with the big three of Magic Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. But it has been nothing but Cardfight Vanguard since I came in contact with it. I pretty much love everything about the game. I only play it casually do to the general lack of a scene for it. In my case the only shop tournament are way too far out of my reach. So only get to play it with friends who are closer to me on occasion.

I just bought a booster box of Homelands (widely regarded as one of the worst magic the gathering sets ever printed) for too much money in the interest of drafting it with my friends.

So you could say I’m in to TCGs.

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I got really into Cardfight a couple years ago! I haven’t kept up with it though and my cards are back in a different country. I had some starter deck and a diva deck. My girlfriend got into to it too thanks to ridiculously named cards like “Schoolbag Sealion”.

I’ve been playing a lot of the online Pokemon TCG and it’s actually really good. It has a mode that is premade decks only that is fun and easy to get into if you are not sure where to start when it comes to building decks. The currency you use for buying decks/card packs is pretty easily acquired as well. I have yet to buy anything with money and have a lot of the premade decks and a healthy number of card packs.