What TCGs/CCGs are you playing?


I play a lot of Hearthstone, Eternal and Pokemon TCG. I wasn’t as interested in Pokemon for a while, but I was really impressed by how modern the client feels and that got me into the game itself which is actually pretty fun. I’m not able to play card games in person a lot, and I haven’t been as happy with what WoTC has done in that space considering how popular the game is.

I also have a lot of interest in some lesser known or dead card games, which I kind of like to collect. Stuff like Yu Yu Hakusho, Teen Titans, Naruto, a couple of the DBZ games over the years, the new Final Fantasy one, the Kingdom Hearts game, and a couple of others. A lot of them are kind of generic and feel like basic tie in games, but I actually really like the Naruto TCG and I’m disappointed the game isn’t being made anymore, I haven’t found much of a scene for it either.


i’m a limited fomat junkie in tcgs and have done a fair number of magic drafts and a shitload of hearthstone arena. i’ve done so much of the latter i’m actually decent at it (average over 6 wins if i’m practiced and playing regularly), but i don’t have fun with it when i’m losing so i always fall off of it after doing 50 to 100 runs for a few months.

i kinda wish i could invest the amount of time into magic that i did hs, but that would cost me thousands of dollars whereas hearthstone cost me nothing.


It sounds like from your background you would really enjoy Netrunner. The community has always been so welcoming to me, the world is diverse and colorful and the mechanics are so killer.

(I’m in a hearthstone hole rn because I hate leaving the house but I still wanna play card games)


I’ve played Hearthstone a bunch, but the inclusion of too many random effects with no counterplay led me to trying Gwent and Eternal.

Gwent seems really solid but I bounced off it because it seemed very predictable after a while. The thing I liked about Hearthstone was how crazy the games could get and how varied deck design could be when the meta is healthy. For Gwent I felt like I always knew what my opponent wanted to do based on his leader and faction and it was simply a matter if he had the cards or if I had the cards to stop him. There was less excitement for me once I realized that. I’ll give it another try at some point because the devs are great.

Eternal, though, is a game with tons of potential. It’s a perfect mix of a more competitive card game like Magic and a fun/quick game like Hearthstone. They just added voice overs to a lot of the cards and I’m interested to see how they market the game when it leaves beta.


I just looked up Eternal, it does look very Hearthstone but it’d be interesting to see what mechanics it adds to distant itself from it’s Hearthstone style play.


The big change for me is how you can declare blockers instead of the attacker deciding how combat plays out. I understand why Hearthstone didn’t go in that direction, but the game plays a lot differently when both attacker and defender play a role in combat. Cards can also be played on your opponent’s turn, which slows the game down but adds more depth and counterplay.

There’s also some neat card-based mechanics that Hearthstone hasn’t introduced, even though there are some like charge, battlecry and deathrattle, which are largely the same.


It kind of… replaces? rebuilds? a lot of the more MTG-style mechanics that hearthstone neglected to use for accessibility/quicker games (mana as cards, declared blockers), but also takes advantage of the fact that it’s a digital game to balance and play with those mechanics in wicked cool ways


@jesse @Lykos That’s cool! Thanks for explaining. Honestly it’s great to see so many new digital card games work at being accessible. I had a pretty big Duelyst streak when it first came out. Still waiting on Mobile clients for Duelyst and Gwent.


Netrunner is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but I’ve been unsuccessful in prying my friends away from MtG to give it a shot. I’ve not looked super deep into if their is a community in my area, but I suspect not (I’m still in the loop on the local LGSs via Facebook and I’ve not seen mention of it). I’ll make someone play with me someday, though.


I really wish netrunner had an electronic version

I just have a lot of trouble justifying buying into new TCGs that I can’t pick up and play whenever I want to since I am a pretty lonely person that is scared of making friends or trying to find a group to play with consistently


https://jinteki.net/ :wink:

@Ghave Maybe you could ask a cutie to run you through the basics with some core set stuff on jinteki, it’s a really cool game but certainly something you should get someone to run you through. :slight_smile:

I recommend the “Women of Netrunner” group on FB for general and well represented conversation on NR stuff!


Oh neat, I didn’t know that Netrunner had any kind of online component. I’ll definitely check it out :slight_smile:


Don’t even get me started on MTGO. Maybe whatever “Magic Digital Next” is won’t be a pile of trash (but I’m not super hopeful).

I have a tendency to buy cards from abandoned card games to use as tokens, so I get the interest. I have a shameful desire to try and collect all of the Kingdom Hearts cards because I unironically love Kingdom Hearts a lot.

I had some cousins that were really into the Naruto card game when it was around. What was it like?


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this thread is the best


It’s totally unofficial but they do it justice! On April Fools they rolled back to 90s Netrunner card art for the day.


Oh god, the Naruto TCG, I haven’t thought about that in forever. I never played it competitively but still had some good times messing around with friends trying to figure out how Jutsu worked. Also, some of the card art was fantastic. Is there a way to play the game online (like through Apprentice or something)?


I was really into MTG through high school, but dropped it because its so expensive. For the past 6 months I’ve been playing Eternal and it is amazing. The best blend of MTG for the digital space with really cool mechanics and a killer design team. Though I do admit I’m getting burnt out after playing on Set 1 for so long. Their frequent promo card releases do help pull me back in every month.

I also started dipping into Gwent and it is a pretty neat game, but Eternal has spoiled me with such a generous ftp model that I just get frustrated with how long it takes to get cards in Gwent.


I don’t play much but I love collecting the Pokémon and Final Fantasy TCG’s. The Pokémon TCG is more varied than ever with some really beautiful art (and textures too).

The FF TCG was finally released internationally (i.e. outside Japan) late last year, and I own the complete first set and am only missing 3 from the second. I really love the card quality on them (and the slightly-sparkly textured backings).

Collecting cards is one of the ways I deal with my OCD.


I play a lot of cards game through Tabletop Simulator, which is a pretty fantastic way to play most tabletop games online. The entirety of the Naruto TCG was just recently uploaded to the workshop. It has a lot of really interesting mechanics, but it’s been a while since I played it. It has a similar resource system to hearthstone that increases by one at the end of every turn.

One of the things I think I want most from collecting is just the ability to be able to play any of them at will with another person, so for the most part I’m fine just having 2 decks. I’ve ended up with quite a few more Naruto decks because starters are still pretty easy to get your hands on, but it’s a real pain getting any of the later sets of Kingdom Hearts which is a bummer.

I was really impressed with the card quality of FFTCG, they feel especially durable and they’re probably the best feeling cards I’ve gotten my hands on. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the game itself since there are so many choices you can make even from turn 1, but I’m interested in giving it some more time.


Did you check out Panini’s Dragon Ball Z CCG revival awhile back? It sadly just ended so Bandai could do a Dragon Ball Super game, but it was a really cool balanced version of the old Score TCG. The cards have the same backing as the old ones, so they were reverse compatible. I’m pretty bummed that it’s ended. They didn’t get to move past the Cell arc this time…