What TCGs/CCGs are you playing?


At this point I pretty much just play HearthStone regularly. I collected Pokémon cards back in Gen I and a little after that, but barely played any games as I was the only person my age interested in the actual game aspect of it. Was introduced to MtG at University and spent a ton of time playing that (still have a big box of cards, too) but there is no real scene where I live currently and none of my nearby friends play so I kinda dropped off.

I think HearthStone benefits from being designed as a digital game first, which makes it work smoothly in a way digital MtG will never be able to. I also got heavily into Duelyst last year but then completely stopped at the New Year for no real reason (I should go back to Duelyst, it’s super good). I gave Infinity Wars a shot recently, too, and that’s definitely doing some very cool stuff but it wasn’t enough to hold my attention for too long (didn’t help that they seem to be struggling to hold a player base).


Netrunner is, as the kids put it, The Shit. In fact, FFG’s Living Card Game model is a joy from both a gameplay and budgetary sense. No longer am I spending 90+ every three months just to not get the cards I want! Now I spend ~15/mo to get a full play set of everything I need and a whole BUNCH of box fillers… while arguing online about errata because of FFG’s somewhat dismal templating quality.

But that aside, Netrunner’s GREAT, the asymmetrical gameplay is intensely rewarding to wrap your head around, and I can’t wait for Regionals and their new Cache Refresh format this year. There was this really bad slump in the game until this month, thanks to some really questionable design decisions, but their new lead designer seems to have a strong grasp on things.


I was actually looking at getting a booster box of one of the newer sets when they announced it wasn’t going to be produced anymore. I figured I would wait to see how it shakes out, that kind of thing is always a bummer but depending on the sets it can make it a lot easier to get your hands on cards. Like, a lot of the booster boxes for dead games that I’ve bought have generally been around 20-40 dollars. It is another game on my list that I’m not too familiar with and I’m excited to learn, though.


Man, I didn’t even know this existed. I’m looking through the cards right now and it’s wild to see how the 90s thought the future was going to pan out.


I love TCGs - I’ve been playing Magic semi-competitively (on a local scale, but my community around here is pretty “spiky” so most FNMs and such are all tier decks) for the past few years. I sincerely feel it is one of the best made games of all time - so many mechanics and despite the mistakes WotC may make overall, the game itself just has so many fun interactions.

Past that, I’ve dabbled in Hearthstone, recently started Shadowverse, and Hex has been a good time, but I don’t like that it’s a PC-only client (would love access on my phone/tablet, but I guess I understand why they’ve confined it to PC). I’ve been meaning to check out Eternal and the positive words here (plus knowing it’s got a team of MtG pros designing it) makes me wonder why I haven’t grabbed it sooner.

As far as paper TCGs go, I tried my hand at Force of Will, but there’s no scene around here and sets released too quickly for me to feel inclined to keep up . Weiss Schwarz has been fun (albeit it kinda cheesy) to play at the table with friends. I’ve tried to teach myself Netrunner on numerous occasions, but damn does it confuse me. I really want to play the FFTCG, but something with so many supply issues seems suspect for competitive purposes, so if anything I’d like to get my hands on some for collectability. I know a few folks into Pokémon and I’ve bought some here and there, but not actually sat down to play.

I miss all the weird old off-shoot TCGs like someone mentioned - I remember having a ton of fun with Gundam MS War and .hack//TCG. I was a Yu-Gi-Oh kid growing up, but don’t think I could see myself picking it up again.


I’m really looking forward to Set 2 dropping (hopefully) mid-June like they’ve teased. Once they leave Beta towards the end of this month/beginning of next month I think things won’t be so slow content wise going forward, at least.


It sounds like you would really like Eternal, you should really check it out. If you know MTG pros, LSV and Patrick Chapin and designers (I believe Chapin is lead designer). The reward system is super generous, you typically get a tier 1 deck in 1-2 weeks and drafting is both lots of fun and the best return on your currency.


eternal fans: tell me about draft, specifically where i can learn card evaluation and strategy (streams being ideal)


Sir Rhino is one of the best draft streamers. He generally streams every weekday 1pm-7pm EDT.

LocoPojo is more of a crazy brewer that also regularly drafts. He streams every weekday except Wednesday at 7pm PST.

Those two are my go-to streamers and have very friendly chats that quickly answer questions. For more in-depth draft help, there is a draft room on the Eternal discord.


I had played PTCGO a whole lot for a while and while it wasn’t the greatest client it was still relatively new, but then a couple years ago now (I think??), they made a bunch of changes that I absolutely hated and tanked my enjoyment of playing. The things that really bothered me are that they:

  • Removed the ability to undo certain actions that had very little impact like placing energies. I think people were using this to extend the time but rather than fix it in a way that made it not-abusable they just axed a really cool good feature.
  • Made a bunch of animations that take a long time and also made them all mandatory at the same time. They later added the option for “simple anomations” but even after checking that games still end up taking twice as long even if both players don’t spend time thinking.
  • Changed the angle of the playing field which was nice for some things but also meant it’s way harder to parse the opponent’s bench at a glance.
  • Changed the VS ladder requirement for the FA card that month from 720 to 2000, Which already made it a much bigger commitment to get but combined with the added game time of the animation shit just made it even more of a giant pain in the ass to grind to the point that after that change I noticed a sharp increase in people conceding matches (which also make it take longer to do the daily missions as a bonus)

tl;dr: They Changed It Now It Sucks, also I’m an impatient baby who wants the games to be faster and dislikes the huge time investments now required


Just started Eternal last night, actually! I really like the inclusion of a resource system and instants/“fast spells;” definitely fills the strategic void I was kind of missing in Hearthstone. Really the perfect balance between Hex and Hearthstone when it comes to the digital TCGs.

And I remember LSV talking about Eternal which is how I found out about it in the first place, but knowing Chapin is involved is really cool - he’s a great player and a really interesting dude.


I did the same and also did some digging into getting started in the game. Beat the campaign, beat the gauntlet twice, and got my theme deck for the week.

First impressions have it feeling very slick and the changes they’ve added have been smart. My only irritations thus far are I think the windup to hit with larger mobs is annoying compared to the satisfying, bassy thump you get with Hearthstone, and it’s kind of hard to tell what kind of card something is at a glance. I’ve mixed up creatures/weapons and spells/fast spells more than once, but I think this will be a non-issue in a week or two. Without any metagame insight, I think Eternal sits in a just-right position between Hearthstone and Magic in terms of complexity, and if the f2p model is generous enough I see myself sinking serious time into it.

I didn’t know you kept the cards you drafted Magic-style - this is really cool, but I’m also slightly concerned about what I should raredraft. I did some digging into the metagame and have some insight from skimming through that, but it would be nice if there was a “raredraft these they are important” list for newbies.


My general recommendation is to raredraft any Legendaries you open, but don’t feel obligated to raredraft anything else. The game is very good about feeding you cards constantly, so you shouldn’t have much problem crafting constructed playable rares. The one that jumps to mind immediately, however, is Xenan Obelisk; that card is a house in both limited and constructed.


Also, this is a pretty good guide for which Legendaries to dust/recycle/whatever you want to call it. It’s slightly outdated, but I skimmed it and all of the Cs/Ds/Fs seem accurate so it’s a good starting point.


Ah, I came into into the game in August last year, so I missed out on early versions of the client. Everything you’ve said though, is exactly the same issues I have with it.


If anyone was waiting to enjoy some Gwent then it’s now in open beta so you can have a look at it.


I may be a bit of a fan of the genre.

Out of these, I think SolForge may be one of the more interesting takes on the genre. That said, I only just now downloaded Fable Fortune and haven’t tried it out yet.

A lot of these games can be rather samey, and I’m not too fond of the lack of singleplayer for most of them. Still, learning about all of the mechanics and ideas put into them is fun, I think.


Back in the day I used to be really into MtG and the pokemon tcg, kinda fell off the wagon with magic after Ice Age, then picked it up again in Mirrodin, then stopped because buying new cards got expensive and I had other interests… Pokemon I just enjoyed the videogames more and only really played/collected the first two expansions.

In later life I got into hearthstone briefly and didn’t feel like shelling out money for virtual cards that don’t have value outside the game, same with the mtg games…

I really enjoy Duelyst though, something about the art style and the game itself are really appealing to me (it scratched that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance itch that I hadn’t been able to hit since that game came out…)

Have been meaning to check out Gwent since it’s in open beta, and I’ve heard good things about Elder Scrolls Legends as well.

I also have the netrunner starter set that I haven’t even tried playing with anyone yet, so I’ll probably give that a shot at sometime in the near future.

There’s just something mildly annoying to me about the deck management aspect of card games that I haven’t been able to enjoy since I stopped playing magic. Other than cookie-cutter deck builds for the most part it just wasn’t really fun for me to build decks and try new strategies, because I didn’t really have a lot of people to play against. Hearthstone/mtg online kinda helped with that, but I guess I just lost interest because of other games making it simpler to just pick up and play.


I’ve been playing Shadowverse for a bit once I learned that you can just swap in the Japanese VO and art. PSA: They’re having a pretty generous anniversary celebration right now with free login bonuses and doubled quest rewards.

It’s refreshing being able to get away with a more control oriented play-style after playing the zergfest that is Hearthstone for so long. And since it’s still relatively new it hasn’t been murdered by power creep yet.


I really tried to like Eternal, but the flavor of the game just doesn’t hold a candle to Magic for me. It’s a shame cuz I wanna be open to other games, especially less expensive ones, but it’s often the case that the art and themeing are just horribly bland in comparison. Add to that that Modern is in the best place it’s ever been right now and it’s hard to not just proxy up a deck and slowly, slowly, so so slowly purchase the actual cards for it.