What TCGs/CCGs are you playing?


I think that’s a fair criticism of Eternal. I like the art and the VO has helped a lot, but the flavor really isn’t there yet. It’s admittedly less of a concern for myself, but it’s a super important thing for them to have if they want long term appeal. Hopefully future sets will help with this.

I miss Magic a lot, I hope I can make my way back to it someday.


I’d hope that expansions hold some flavor for Eternal. I tend to be forgiving with Guns + Magic settings because they’re trying something weird, and it feels very early days atm. Definitely wish that keywords had more flavor (like, Warcry? what determines if you can do that other than card text)


Yeah, I don’t see art for a Warcry card and think “that card looks like it should have Warcry,” where something like flying is a much more evocative mechanic. I think some of their other mechanics do a bit better with this; don’t quote me, but I believe most of the Quickdraw cards have characters with guns in them, for example.

But definitely agree that this feels very much like the early days of the game. Time is running short on that, however; with the launch out of beta coming soon, I hope they have robust plans for fleshing out the lore of the game.


I found a new TCG called Astro Boy: Edge of Time on Steam:

Unfortunately, it won’t run for me, giving me a message saying “Error, cannot find current platorm information.”

Does it work for anybody else?


Haven’t played Netrunner, but I have picked up the AGoT LCG (2e) and, as a former MTG player, not having to sink hundreds into viable decks is a godsend. Just some good deck fun with your friends.


I’m really liking Hex right now, and there’s a new expansion for it coming out! I will say that Hex is pretty much M:TG, but it takes the fact that it’s a digital game and goes with it in really cool ways. Hex also has a fairly robust PvE mode in two parts: one fairly cool MMORPG-style romp through the world, and an arena (which is going to be updated with the new expansion). Those modes are great for someone like me who hates waiting for people to take their turn, and gives a sense of progression, something that I don’t think other digital CCGs do as well.

One thing that is not very good with Hex is that the economy of the game isn’t very well explained. One of the advatages of this game is that you can trade gold (the FTP currency) for Platinum (the paid currency) by trading it with other players, but the game doesn’t really tell you. Also, if you play a lot of limited and are good at the game, you can feasibly keep playing indefinitely, by selling your really good rares for platinum (which you can do, although the auction house is a bit of a mess right now), so that’s cool

Any other Hex players here? If so, what is your experience of it?


Hey! I’m finding that The Elder Scrolls Legends is quite refreshing. Seems balanced enough, more fun than hearthstone but still in the same vein.
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I play Netrunner. And by play I mean look at the cards sometimes because I don’t have anyone to play with.

I’d love for there to be an official online PC release of what is my favorite card game.