What texture should a cookie be?

A cookie should be…

  • Chewy
  • Gooey
  • Crispy
  • Soft
  • Crunchy
  • Crumbly

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A nice crispy, lacy edge giving way to chewy, gooey innards (preferably with warm chocolate pools)

and now I want a cookie


Ah, Crumbly, mon amour

Pretty much all traditional cookies where I come from fall apart as you bite into them. Like biting into desert sand (as one type is literally known by).

I can jam with a good Linzer for sure (no pun intended); the word “cookie” just conjures a very particular image in my head. Maybe just American acculturation.

I contend that this debate is not served well by a single selection poll. A truly perfect cookie has a texture that leverages all of these characteristics to create a symphony in your mouth. No, to truly capture the best cookie, we must use the most cookie-like of data visualizations, the radar chart:



Not to be that guy, but it really depends on the cookies.

Chocolate chip should be equally chewy and gooey, never crispy or crunchy. Peanut butter cookies should be soft and chewy but not gooey and maybe the tiniest bit of crunch. Sugar cookies should be crispy and crumbly. Biscotti should be crunchy and crumbly. I’m sure my memory is failing me but the only cookie I can think of that I reliably want soft is a black and white cookie.


Honestly (and this is heretical as an Ashkenazi Jew) but black and white cookies are barely even cookies. They’re more like flat cake disks. I love them but I calls em like I sees em.

(I know the word cookie originates from the same word as cake but you get what I mean, I can’t shoot off that essay here)


Yeah, I see this in one of my favorite desserts: whoopie pies. A cookie sandwich in physical presentation, perhaps, but they use a bunch of cake flour in composition to get that soft texture. It’s essentially a cake sandwich.

Oh no. I think I’m a cookie centrist. The sheer number of things we call a cookie in Canada means that every one of these answers is sometimes correct.


Crispy edges with a gooey center is how I like it

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Y’all I don’t know how they do it but Pillsbury for me are the gold standard for sugar cookies. Fresh out the oven they’re a nice soft texture but by the next day they got that good crunch with a little bit of chew that I like. Also the flavor is good in a way I havent found a recipe that replicates.

Soft cookie heathen here. Lol

I will accept anything except crumbly or gooey. I want to be able to each a cookie with my fingers without it falling on the floor or leaving my face and hands a mess.