'What the Golf' Is WarioWare With Frickin' Golf Clubs

Apple Arcade launched last week with a huge lineup. This week, I’m trying to unpack the service as I spend time with it, and I’m going to highlight several games, as I work through questions about the service and consider its promise: paying $5 per month for a bunch of games that’ll never ask for another dollar. I took a close look at the delightful puzzler Grindstone , a game easy to imagine filled with microtransactions, expressed guilt while playing and discarding games without knowing how developers will ultimately get paid , and examined what it’s like to jump between the various devices Apple Arcade games run on.

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I just finished this game. I really really liked it. It’s also just feels so natural on a touch screen that I couldn’t see playing it on anything else. Funny, charming, almost certainly going on my end of the year list.