What the Hell(boy)?


If you didnt know, it was announced that we are getting a new Hellboy! Cool right? Except Ron Perlman and Del Toro won’t be attached. If you are like me, you have seen the two previous films and loved them. I, like many others, have been waiting patiently for years, hoping that GDT would be able to secure funding for a third movie. I, again like others, was also crushed when earlier this year he publicly announced it is never coming.

Now we’re getting a reboot. New cast and crew. And I can’t say that I am pleased. It would be immature of me to rag on a movie that does not even exist in any form yet, but this whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I understand that the first two werent exactly box office success stories, but why reboot it? Why do Del Toro and Ron Perlman dirty like that? I don’t know. I’ll reserve judgement. I do like David Harbour a lot, and the director did some solid episodes of GoT.

Just hope im not alone in feeling this way.


Doing GoT doesn’t exactly endear me to a dude tbh. I loved the live action Hellboy movies, but I’ll admit that they had a few missteps. One in pairing up Liz and Hellboy, a pairing which is unsettling when one takes into account that he knew her when she was like, eight. Another in the whole pregnancy subplot and the whole Abraham Sapien in love thing. Movie two did give us that amazing Barry Manilow duet though. You win some, you lose some.

The films were pretty solid, even with those little things I disliked. Having del Toro on them was a big plus, because his aesthetic falls firmly in line with the Hellboy series. Losing him is going to be a pretty big blow, and I don’t know enough about the new creative direction to figure out whether or not it’ll work with this franchise. I’m also pretty worried because, speaking from experience, Hollywood is pretty bad at doing reboots. Have you seen the trailer for the new Mummy movie? Does not look good. :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


Okay so my knee-jerk reaction to this was basically

But this could pretty cool? I enjoyed the original Hellboy movies a lot, Ron Perlman is great, but it made some weird choices in terms of adapting the comics. I would love to have a live action movie with Roger and Kate Corrigan, the two best characters in Hellboy.

Also, I feel like this the world apologizing to me personally for not casting David Harbour as Cable.


To be fair I don’t think Mission Impossible: Mummy Protocol is a fair representation of reboots as a whole. It at least looks like a competent action movie, despite the fact it should really be a horror movie but hey, who knows, we only have trailers to go off of.

As far as wholly unnecessary reboots go though, I think this takes the cake. They already had an established world, an established story and characters (even if they both admittedly could have been better ) and most importantly Guillermo Del Toro’s inimitable style. Also public opinion of comic book movies has changed drastically since early summer of 2008, and I genuinely feel that if they were to have taken a chance on Hellboy 3, it would have paid off. But hey Im no studio exec though, just a mildly disgruntled fan.


At very least this is a second chance to have the correct, Nick Cave version of Red Right Hand.


Neil Marshall, the director that has been named, also directed the really good horror films Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Didn’t want to let him only be named as the director of a few GoT eps and go without getting his due, that said…

It’s hard to take this news as the positive news that it basically is–Hellboy will be continued in film form–with the extremely negative news that Perlman and del Toro, as well as the rest of the cast presumably, will not be involved. They were what drew me to watch and love the two Hellboy films, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing before I jump on board with this. I don’t know what caused this to happen but I guess it was probably del Toro having too much on his plate, perpetually, it seems.


I am holding out hope that this somehow is at least on par with the first movie.


Oh man I totally didn’t mean to undersell him lol. I have heard fantastic things about The Descent, and am unfamiliar with Dog Soldiers but I’ll check both out. Doing Game of Thrones is no small deal though, and both of his episodes are honestly fantastic.

My silver lining is that I just hope since Del Toro’s slate has been (somewhat) cleaned up we get a neat new project like maybe that Haunted Mansion movie he was in talks to do, or maybe he can devote more time to finding people to fund his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness?


It probably isn’t. I bring it up only because The Mummy + The Mummy Returns are probably the best action-adventure films of all time. Y’know, to put it lightly. I was skeptical when they rebooted it and I’ve felt right to be since apparently the main plot point, according to the trailer, is that the new Lady Mummy is really horny for Tom Cruise.

But I digress.

One of the reasons they’ve given for the reboot is that they can’t really afford del Toro anymore, because he wanted a “bigger canvas for his vision” and they decided that a reboot was “more feasible” (read: cheaper). It also makes sense financially for them to reboot the franchise because it’s been quite a few years since the past movies and they’re more likely to rake in cash with a newer version that doesn’t require people to have seen the previous two. My new concern, now that I’ve read up on who Neil Marshall–The Descent was alright but horror isn’t my bag–is that now a couple of news sources are under the impression that it’s going to be an R-rated film, which will restrict the audience and probably hurt more than it helps. I also don’t see the point of an R-rating with a franchise like Hellboy, which doesn’t really get explicit unless you’re counting the occasional bared breast.


The thing that I’m not super pleased to hear specifically is the term “reboot” attached to this. I’m fine with them recasting characters and such, as much as the old cast will be missed, but the thing I always really liked about Hellboy, at least as far as the comics go, was that it wasn’t afraid to step forward or backwards in time to tell a good story without worrying too much about “established canon.” Here is an arc where Hellboy fights a resurrected Rasputin in the 90s, this is a one shot about Hellboy meeting an avatar of Hercules and helping him battle the Nemean Lion, this is when Hellboy was travelling Japan and had to outwit some nukekubi, and who even knows what time period those last two happened in relation to the Rasputin arc. Hellboy is a demon summoned by Nazis who works for the government (for the most part) to protect the world against paranormal activity. That’s the important part. They don’t need to make a Hellboy reboot. They just need to make a Hellboy movie.

I hope that this new movie decides to try and do it’s own thing rather than tread too much of the ground covered by del Toro’s first entry.


I do think an R rating can serve Hellboy well though. Logan made a great case for good, mature superhero movies. R doesn’t necessarily mean more nudity or blood. It would allow them to get way heavier with the story and themes, which I feel would suit such a tragic character like Hellboy really well. This is the only department in which I at least somewhat believe they can outdo the originals.


Never saw Logan, so I can’t speak for how watching it felt, but I can’t say it was the sort of thing that really interested me. Maybe that’s just because I can’t bring myself to care about the X-Men movies anymore, or Marvel as a company in general. Maybe you’re right though. It is apparently being toted as Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, so it’s more likely than not going to pull a lot of elements from The Storm and The Fury arcs, which dealt pretty heavy in who Hellboy was and the deals he had to make to do what he needed to do. In this, I think Harbour makes a good addition, if his performance as Jim Hopper is anything to go by. That dude’s life was a fucking mess, but he seemed to take it in well enough stride, which is a very Hellboy thing to do.

The thing is, I’m not necessarily sure that having heavy themes really needs an R-rating, and I think setting a precedent that movies that have stronger emotional and ethical themes need one is probably bad idea. I’m standing by my idea that it restricts an audience that could benefit from heavier stories, namely teenagers. It’s true that they can just get their parents to take them, but the subject matter of Hellboy might make some parents balk, seeing as he is a huge red demon and people can get the wrong impression from that (which is pretty meta, if you think about it). So it’s better not to rely on that kind of tactic and just make it accessible to a younger audience that can choose for themselves to see it or not. R-ratings do legitimately keep an entire demographic out of movies, regardless of the blood and nudity contained.

A solid comic book movie can also serve the dual purpose of introducing would-be readers to the original material. Hellboy is incredibly easy to pick up, since it’s a lot more cohesive and coherent than mainstream comics. The more people who are able to watch it, the more potential new blood reading the series. I don’t think anything should be done to possibly limit that.


You aren’t wrong. R ratings do exclude some of the younger audience, and there is financial benefit to making it, say, PG-13. I love it when things I love get exposed to more people. I also love when directors can execute their vision, with no interference. But we dont know what their vision is. It could be a hard R, ripe with blood and nudity, the whole kit and caboodle. Or that R rating could be in service to the story. It could even be a marketing gimmick. I’m not saying every movie thats R rated is mature thematically, or vice versa, and an argument can be made that PG-13 can be better. None of this is meant to sound salty btw, sometimes ya cant really detect tone through text lol.


Nah nah I def know you’re not fulla the salt. I’m not either, I just love a good talkabout and like… I fuckin love Hellboy. The idea that this reboot might be bad is worrying, but I’m also excited at the prospect of more fans and more people to talk about my fave comic with. This a good topic and I’m glad i posted in it. :slight_smile:


I’m kinda bummed they GDT-Perlman never got to make another one. I definitely wouldn’t mind this as much if the stars aligned and they made Hellboy 3 three or four years ago. Oh well. David Harbour seems like a good choice, but I’m not familiar with the director or any of his work. Interested in what other casting choices they make and what direction they go with the aesthetics.


Yeah, this is one of those times where I have to remind myself that it’s alright to have a couple feelings on this all at once.

For one, sad that GdT and Perlman won’t come back, especially since I know they both had it in them to do another.

But also, I think Hellboy could do a lot worse than Marshall and Harbour. The latter especially is some inspired casting, and I think he’ll be great. I do worry because I’ve read some about the conflicts between Mignola and GdT in how del Toro really made the characters his own thing. So I expect this to be more of a Mignola-run project.

Oh, and the R rating feels superfluous. Hellboy has always been dark, but rarely explicit. It’s a fine line to walk, and I hope Marshall understands that.


Hellboy was one of the first films that got me INTO film. Guillermo Del Toro is such a creator, such an artist, he didn’t HAVE to put himself in a film based on a comic he had nothing to do with, but he did and it shows and it makes the films something all on their own that the original comics very much are not.

And realizing that, after my knee-jerk “Oh no I don’t want it” kinda made me more okay with the idea. Because it shows that Hellboy CAN be more than one thing. So I’m cautiously optimistic. I want to see production photos. I want to hear interviews. And obviously I want a trailer. I want to see a new cast & crew putting a new spin on Hellboy. And I want them to love making it and I want to love how much they loved making it.

Might be bad tho! Hahahaha…hoo.


I love that first Hellboy movie (the 2nd did not survive my deep-seated hate of elves and Danny Elfman), but I think this gives us a chance at a Hellboy that hews closer to the comics - one with super stylized lighting and a Hellboy that talks a little less.

Really though, I just want them to adapt every Lobster Johnson story shot-for-shot into an extremely successful film series.


I loved the first Hellboy movie but didn’t enjoy the second.
I’m usually hesitant about reboots/remakes but the only thing that matters is the final product I guess.


Am I bummed? Absolutely. Will I still see this for David Harbour? Absolutely.