What the World of Fighting Games Looks Like the Eve of Its Biggest Event


Each game showcased at Evolution is its own world, reflecting myriad communities. This is what to watch for when they clash in Vegas.

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I love the breakdown of each game’s standout players to watch, esp since I’m human and cannot track every fighting game. Also, who else is hype af for Aris to finally cast some Tekken 7? God I love EVO. The reveals are going to be sick as well. We’ve already seen some new stuff from that Horror fighter.


This is all fine but when’s the Catherine side tourney gonna be on stream?


1pm pacific time, saturday, twitch.tv/ghoul02 :eyes::ok_hand:t3:


Not to rain on the parade, especially for Marvel fans, but maybe don’t root for Chris G.


for the benefit of all the newcomers, here are my highly-developed Strats for Watching Marvel in 2017

  1. root for Stone Cold Kenneth Bradley
  2. when KBrad gets knocked out, root for anyone playing M.O.D.O.K.
  3. whenever Yipes is talking, close your eyes and soak in every word he has to say. it’s better than the match