What threads did you "read" during "read-only" lockdown?

Joking but not really as I actually got caught up on the “what game are you playing” and “Games the ‘don’t exist’”


I keep misreading the second threads name as “Games Don’t Exist” and y’know? Sure.

(Also welcome back folks)


I had a reply to the “What game are you playing?” thread get eaten by the lockdown lol but I caught up on that and Games That Don’t Exist

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Unfortunately, for the last 2 days a web hosting company owed me money, forcing my computer to go into write-only mode, so I was unable to read anything.


“Games The Don’t Exist” for me

(I also used some of this time to finally read a few articles I had opened in tabs for far too long lol)

articles for me more so than threads

I shoveled a lot of snow, watched a lot of Twin Peaks, missed you. :sob:


I too shoveled a lot of snow and also missed the forum and was surprised by how panicked I found myself at the thought of losing discourse.zone.


I was genuinely distressed by the possibility of not being able to hang out with y’all anymore. The Discord is nice and all, but it’s just not the same.


I cleared my cookies for something I didn’t even need to clear them for and couldn’t log in. This wouldn’t have stopped me from reading, but instead I played with tamagotchis and thought about getting into miniatures.

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i thought it was just me experiencing the issue. it was a lonely time

I used the time to catch up on the last three months of posts I missed. I did a dive in topics with 4 posts from like 2018 that the forum really thought I needed to read.

I spent the past few days checking out the same new post in Games That Don’t Exist without realizing I was even doing it


A true testament to how thoroughly those games don’t exist.


To be honest I got really stressed during read only realizing I keep most of my game thoughts over on my thread: Browsing the Backlog

I know everything is kind of temporary on the internet but that really made me go “oh no”. In general I love this place and it is always great to read and hop in to discussions. Waypoint Weeklys just started!


I recently watched HBO’s Watchmen so I was reading that thread a lot. Lowkey considering reviving it but it petered out over a year ago.

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I don’t read threads when I can post so I’m definitely not reading threads when I can’t.


I powered through it again this year after getting to the finale and it disappeared off of Sky. That thread was great, maybe one of my favourite places to read the #takes

Is it. Is it time to resurrect the thread? I never got to do takes on it.

I would like to read them.