What to Make of Microsoft and Sony's Surprising New Partnership

Austin returns from the world of “Los Angeles” to... not talk about any of the video games he played—well, except one! He’s joined by Rob, Cado, and Patrick to wonder why more people aren’t playing the new and excellent season of Life Is Strange, what to make of Microsoft and Sony partnering on cloud gaming, an update on Rob’s conquests in Total War: Three Kingdoms, and Patrick with some first impressions of the latest game from the developers of Stories Untold, a game where players, more or less, become the HAL 9000.

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If Waypoint can’t be Waypoint then IMO the least Vice could do is buy Austin Dragon Ball.

Do it you cowards!


Just want to say that I’m really glad that you made me aware of the Friends of Ringo Ishikawa. I mean I just played it for 30 minutes so far, but there’s so much detail and atmosphere in this game and I’m generally a big fan of games that let you do things just for the sake of expressing yourself in them.

(also the game is currently 30% off on Steam, in case anyone else wants to check it out)


This is the perfect intersection of my love for KR0 and waypoint buffoonery.


I just removed the dust and crust from my Switch to buy this. The description totally caught me.

Also playing Ringo Ishikawa. I like it a lot, although I wish it did a better job of explaining its systems to you. For instance, I would never have known that I needed to take notes in class if they hadn’t mentioned on the podcast. Also, I never realized how important it was to include the speaker’s name in the dialogue box as I do now that it’s missing from this game.