What video game has the most adorable mascot


and why is it the League of Legends Poro


Excuse me, it seems you’ve misspelled rappy from Phantasy Star.


If you think any of your mascots are hot shit, I wanna see them crush a rock with their bare hand


Excuse me but


I kill those for their precious healing items and occasional rare drop


These guys are pretty cute.


A little off topic but
Are Rabbids the gaming equivalent of Minions


No. Minions are the Dreamworks equivalent of the Rabbids.

They basically just said “hey, what if we made these rabbits just yellow aliens that fucked fire hydrants”.

Anyway, I am a really big fan of the Pachimari.


https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/persona4/images/1/10/Jack_Frost.png/revision/latest?cb=20090710083518 Does Jack Frost count


Rabbids are endearing, Minions are…awful.


fuck yeah Jack Frost counts.


I’ve been in kind of a Klonoa mood lately.


Jack Frost best most popular mascot of all time


Mieu, from Tales of the Abyss:

He’s a young cheagle (race of cute animals that breathe fire) that was unusually powerful for someone in his age, but because he couldn’t control his powers he accidentally burned a forest where big, bad animals lived.
Those, in turn, moved to his people’s forest and were destroying everything until the protagonist came and solved their problems.

After all that, the cheagles’ leader ordered Mieu to spend a full cycle of seasons serving under the protagonist as an assistant, and he spends the entire game being kind to you and calling you “Master” :3

More proof:


Does Kirby count as a “mascot” if he’s the main character?


My poogie sense is tingling.


Are those poogie figures?!


Poooogies! I love them so!


I was able to identify only 2 of these mascots…does that make me a bad gamer? Also why no moogles?


By all means, feel free to post moogles!