What was the worst thing you spent 100 on?


Spent 100 on microtransactions on a WoW private server some years ago. Not even the real game but a bootleg version with less then 2k players. All so I could have my sweet sweet Shadowmourne and stomp on people that didn’t have access to it. Was fun for a week and I’m still mad at teenage me for wasting that money.


I was trying to think of a more interesting answer, but mtx’s. I have bought and been disappointed by so many Overwatch crates that it’s maybe a little concerning.


i have probably spent a total of more than $200 on WOW all told, over the years. i would like that time and that money back.


Really makes you wonder why, in all the hooplah over in-game purchases, Blizzard aren’t the ones being most raked over the coals. Especially considering they’re the undeniable kings of making this stuff addicting.

They haven’t got off totally scot-free, yes, but I don’t think they’ve ever been in the eye of the hurricane the way EA and WB have.


I bought a hoodie (sports-team-related hence the cost) for 100 last week and that wasn’t great, but it looks nice and feels great (I am wearing it right now tbh) and they have kind of become the thing I collect and enjoy having a lot of so I don’t feel super terrible about it.

My other answer is that I don’t want to know what the cost of all the unplayed Steam games I bought in high school and early in college add up to. That might actually make me sad.


I bought a hundred dollar bottle of wine once and it was not ten to twenty times better than the wine I usually buy


I once bought health insurance while having another health insurance policy I didn’t realize I was covered by.

Turns out, double the insurance doesn’t mean double the coverage.


Speeding tickets, easily.


Do misguided childhood/teenage purchases count? Because I’ve got a lot of those.

  • Final Fantasy XI. No, I’m not ragging on the game itself. I bought a release bundle that included the game and a hard drive for the PS2, despite not having an internet connection at the time. I never played it.
  • In 2000 or 2001 I convinced my dad to buy me a wireless (?) peripheral that let you set up consoles on one side of the room and run the signal from them to a TV on the other side of the room. I wish I remembered this better so I could describe it in more detail. All I know is I never got it to work.
  • I had a family friend that worked at an Ames and sold me a Game Gear at a sharply reduced price, years after it had been discontinued. It still wasn’t worth it. The only game I ever had for it was the original Sonic and the battery was half-dead out of the box.

If we’re talking about the best $100 I ever spent, that Dreamcast I bought right after it was discontinued is definitely in contention. And even though my parents never got me that $200 Lego set with a helicopter and skyscrapers, I know it would have been worth it.


So many lego sets…

So many…

(some of which I haven’t actually opened and are now worth quite a bit).


Anime figures at conventions. I bought an fancy Black Rock Shooter figure once. As soon as I got it home and put it on my shelf I felt really bad about it.


A bicycle that I fell off the day after I bought it then never used for a year.

Other than that I’ve tended to spend small amounts of money on silly things, or just about manage to justify larger expenditures in the long run.


I don’t think it’s the worst thing I’ve spent 100 <currency of choice> on but it’s what came to mind first, so: Shure headphone cables. They are basically super slim 10$ cables, except sold for 30$ (nowadays, they were quite a bit pricier at first), with a connector that depends on the exact alignment of a small needle and its counterpart and deformable temple thingys that can easily break and damage the plastic mantle and/or audio wire. There are models with bluetooth for 100-150$…

Pretty good in-ear headphones, though.


books. I read pretty often, like not a ton but definitely more than the average American, and years ago I found this website, goHastings, that would have like 75% off used book sales. I bought so many books, and was so excited to read all of them. I legitimately got great deals on many books. I also liked the way they looked, and wanted them to last, so of course I got hardcover wherever possible (if the price was good!) I mean I easily spent more than $100 on books but this works just as well with regards to $100 worth of those books as it does to my entire purchase history.

That was, let’s say, seven years ago. I’ve read 15% of those books. I have moved at least five times since then. I basically paid more than $100 to add 200 pounds to my fucking moving loads

Moral of the story: get a library card


Basically same for me on books but instead of like wordy books its comic books.

I fucking love comics and looking at the ones I have on my self and picking them out is fun but I should probably start taking advantage of the library and the massive collection they have because I… spend too much on comics, we’ll leave it at that.


hahahhaha full disclosure i managed to buy every DC event book from Crisis on Infinite Earths through New 52 during this period. I have been stuck on Seven Soldiers of Victory for three years


I spent probably between 1 and 2 thousand dollars on MTG in high school, and i also spent probably 250 dollars on Hearthstone in College. Honestly despite spending 4-5 times more on MTG, i regret the hearthstone spending more haha.

I mean i do regret the MTG spending a bit, i mean, in high school i would literally spend half to 75% of my paychecks on cards, which looking back on it, yikes! But at least i made several good friends, and had a lot of good memories playing and going to events, and hanging out at people’s houses. It was fun.

But when i think about the couple hundred of hours and dollars i played of hearthstone over the few years I played its just a fucking void. I have fond memories of the first time i got legend and the first gold legendary i pulled, but beyond that, not much. And on top of all that unlike mtg i don’t even think Hearthstone is a very good game anymore, so thats extra dumb.

(Not that a void is honestly the worst thing in entertainment, honestly most media tends to fade into the background eventually. That being said most media you don’t pay 250$ for haha)


In high school I had a teacher who had this wall full of books in his office and when I asked if he’d read them all he said “no, not even close. I don’t buy books anymore. When we buy books, we feel like we’re buying the time to read them, but we’re not.” By which seventeen year-old me was immediately floored.


Somebody charged me $100 to join this forum, and then I find out it should’ve only cost me $50! Boy do I feel like a fool!

But seriously, I bought way too many mediocre N64 fighters for about $100 CAD a pop back in the day. Aside from recognizing games on Ranking of Fighters, they have provided no benefit to me at all.


Parked my car outside my newly rented house and didn’t need to drive it for a week, so it accumulated $180 in parking tickets by the time I noticed it was illegally parked.