What was the worst thing you spent 100 on?


Ghost Recon Wildlands With Season Pass. The purchase that FINALLY taught me not to pre-order.


The fee to put my game on Steam Greenlight.


Not me personally, but my family has purchased EV: Nova four times. Somehow the email that had the key or whatever was always lost and either I or my younger brother cared enough to ask for it for Christmas, again. It seems like Ambrosia Software may have finally folded though, so we were spared this time. I can’t get very mad at Steam when every pre-Steam game my family owned is now lost or inaccessible in some way.


A leather jacket. Don’t know what gave me the idea but I only wore it once and quickly realized I can’t pull off the look.


Took me now wife out to dinner and she got food poisoning, so that sure sucked. I doubt it cracked $100 though.


Christmas gifts for a girlfriend…who then proceeded to cheat on me before Christmas day…while I was in chemo…

Worst of all, the gifts were non-returnable and themed around the New England Patriots (her team - should have been the first red flag). At least they made for good kindling in the fireplace.


I bought a flash for a digital camera because I was totally going to bring my camera with me more often and take more photographs and all that stuff. That flash and camera basically live in a drawer at this point and every time I open the drawer for anything else I look at it and think “ahh money well spent.”


A couple of months ago I decided to try out an app that had a monthly price of 15$. I cancelled my subscription after week two, but it turns out that you are signed up for a year no matter what. So now every month I get to watch 15$ leave my account for something I don’t want to use.


Not to sound too dramatic but that sounds questionably legal at best. When you signed up were you signing up for a year’s use at $15 a month or were you signing up with the understanding that you would be charged $15 per month? Was it made clear to you that you would have no way of canceling your subscription? If you have the time, and you are in the US, I would consider filing a consumer complaint with the FCC.


They offered a trial period, and if you didn’t cancel before the end you were automatically signed up for a year at 15$ per month. I missed the window by a few days and am stuck with it for a year. It seems to be a common situation judging by a google search and the company doesn’t offer refunds since this condition was outlined during registration.

I really don’t like that this is a common tactic for many companies. I remember being signed up for a year of amazon prime for a similar reason. Thankfully Amazon customer service allows for refunds even though they aren’t required to.


These little facts still strike me as pretty suspect. That and $180 over the course of a year is a bit of money! I would think there is someway to get this payment killed at this point (I suppose you could always go “nuclear” and issue a stop payment through your bank or credit card). I am just a guy on the Internet making assessments without understanding the full situation though so what do I know!

If it’s not too much would you mind DMing me the app name? I am now very curious about this business practice.


I bought Final Fantasy XII on launch day. In New Zealand, new games cost $120. I was in High School and didn’t have a lot of money, so that would have been my savings for a while there. I played the first two hours, decided I didn’t like it, and then never gave it another chance. I keep meaning to pick up the HD version to give it a fair shake, I think I’ll end up loving it someday.


I preordered two copies of duke nukem forever.

I’d never played Duke Nukem nor did I have any attachment to the series (I was a baby when the games came out originally) but I was incredibly impressionable and apparently people saying that Duke Nukem Forever might be good was enough to encourage me to preorder it not once but twice.

I have not opened either copy.

This isn’t to mention the literal hundreds (possibly £250-£300) I spent on keys in TF2. Absolutely ridiculous.



Good rule of thumb I wish I learned earlier is, only buy a book if you’ve read it once and it’s so good you keep wanting to reread it later.

For example: I have 17 trade paperbacks of The Walking Dead which I spent an average of $10 each, and reading them over I realize that I don’t really like the series anymore. $170, and trades might seem light, but as they accumulate the weight skyrockets.


Lol same here. Another stupid me buying a chinese knock off led light bar. I spent most on new set of MT tires, fuel offroad wheels and sliders for a week-long trail riding. Looked for a good set of light bars and end up with this cheapo. Worked good on first two days even on a couple of hours heavy rain but got busted on the third day. Glad I carried the old fog lights.


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Loot crate, I think I got about 5 things out of all of them that I liked.


Why did you get two copies?


For the resale value, of course. This was going to be the best game in history and copies would run out in shops, after all. I was and am not very bright.


You didnt happen to bulk buy a bunch of the PlayStation classics? They held their value as well as DNF :smile: