What was the worst thing you spent 100 on?


Sometimes I think about the time I accidentally pressed the button to buy $200 worth of in-game currency in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and wonder how my life would be different if I hadn’t been able to cancel out of it.


As of recently, the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Memoirs from Battle Collector’s Edition. Got it on day one but it’s taken a HEAVY price drop since then. I haven’t even opened the damn game lol.


An Apple Watch. It was gen 1 and I had gotten a decent tax return that year. I used it for, I dunno, a couple of months maybe?

Plus now that I don’t use one it makes me feel bad when I’m talking to someone and they keep checking their wrist every 20 seconds.


As a naive teen I tried to book an independent hotel for a weekend. They told me I had to put down a deposit. I didn’t have a credit card so I e-transferred them $100. A week later I had to cancel the trip. They refused to refund me the deposit and said that it would be held as credit if I ever visited that city. Which was never going to happen. Young me was a fool for believing deposit meant always refundable.


With the incredible ways gamers determine historical value, those sealed copies may yet let you grift chuds out of cashmoney when DNF is culturally reevaluated as a politically incorrect owning the libs game, which is what gamers value above all else.

It might take nearly ten years after the purchase, but you will make it back with interest. Maybe.

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Since it’s launch I’ve spent over $1000 on the mobile Kingdom Hearts gatcha game. I’ve picked the $100 option quite a few times. Do I regret it? Quite possibly.


I bought one of those $100 special sleep masks which claim to put you in lucid dreaming state (where you can control your dream state).

What it doesn’t do: that
What it does do: beam a bright red LED in your eyes while you’re ostensibly trying to sleep comfortably


College textbooks for subjects I was required to take but didn’t even like.


I just spent 100 bucks on a Blu-Ray set of the Kimagure Orange Road TV Series

I love that show

That was a lot of money and I cant fully justify my purchase, frankly.


Easily spent over 100 on Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I was a kid. I played the actual game like 5 times.

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I was so close to buying the collector’s edition of the last Aliens Vs Predator game. It came with a facehugger that was supposedly life size. When I saw it in-store it was actually quite small, it couldn’t hug my big ole face. But thinking back, did I really need a full size facehugger in my possessions? I tend to think that about all collector editions now. If it comes with a good artbook or soundtrack may be I’ll purchase it. I splashed out on Demons Souls and Dark Souls collector editions for that very reason.


$400 textbooks I never read and could only sell for $80 because it was the last year they were using that version.

University is a scam.


For three years straight I didn’t get that I was supposed to turn in the voucher when I sold my books back for cold hard cash cause I thought they were going to somehow wire me the money. Then senior year I was taking a lot of classes I enjoyed so I think I actually kept most of my books from that year.

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I bought an El Gato under the assumption I would use it to record games and make game/movie reviews for youtube. It’s still sitting in the unopened box on my entertainment center. I’ll probably use it eventually because I missed the return window, but I wish I had held out for a little bit.

Also I spent $100 on in inzer lever belt for powerlifting… which I grew out of in about 6 months. My partner uses it now and it fits her great, but I had to shell out another hundo for a new belt.


on the plus side, you’ll be able to pass this belt down to your child, were you to have one. or if you just get real skinny again

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