What was your first console and your oldest console?


What console did you first own? (Not play at someone’s house, not borrow–own.)

Did you ever venture back to consoles before your first?

I got a SNES pretty late in its life cycle; I think most people my age probably got started with the Nintendo 64 or Playstation, but I was an odd one out. Was playing Final Fantasy VI when everyone else was on VII, Link to the Past when most were enjoying Ocarina of Time, etc.

I still have not played very many NES games to this day. Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, a few Mega Mans, Super Mario Bros, Metroid. That’s basically it. And stuff earlier than that–I’ve had no interest.

EDIT: Wait, no–I have interest in very old games from an academic standpoint, but just not in playing them. That sounds better.


In terms of family owned it was the SNES with me and my brother playing game super mario and metroid. I do watch play games with the super scope.
The console I owned myself was the PS2 from GTA, to Crash and Spyro.


@Metalsnakezero @2Mello I have a similar experience to Y’all, I had a NES when I was very young but then my mom sold it at a yard sale :expressionless: but then we got a SNES not much later, which I still have! I was playing it regularly up until I got a PS2 midway through its life cycle.


NES. I remember playing Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Dr Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, Kirby’s Adventure, StarTropics, and Adventures of Lolo. My real nostalgia remains the SNES though. I still play Earthbound and Super Mario RPG every once in a while and I’ve actually replayed Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore within the last 3-4 years.


The first I remember being in my family’s house was a Genesis. The oldest I’ve ever owned, though, is an NES I got from a friend, which I still have along with a few games for it.


My dad bought a NES when he was unable to work for months due to a back injury so, that’s my first console, and also my oldest.
Both my parents used to play videogames a fair bit? They worked out through trial and error that the spade matching-card game in Super Mario Bros 3 only had eight different layouts, and they drew them all out, and laminated the card.
I’ve ‘inherited’ the NES now, it sits under the TV in my bedroom, and I still play Boulder Dash sometimes (I’m still not as good at it as my dad was, though).


My family got an NES when it first came out and it was a Family console. Everyone played, Tetris and Dr. Mario in particular, but we’d all take turns playing Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 2, Mickey Mousecapade and others. By Mario 3 it had someone fallen out of interest with everybody but me. That was fine by me!
The first console I purchased myself was the Dreamcast. I picked up Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue and Space Channel 5 all at once after saving up for a car but not ending up needing one. It was a glorious time.
I still have both, though they generally just gather dust.


I know the topic says stuff you actually, literally owned, but I feel like I have to give a shoutout to my cousin’s GameCube, which is where I was first introduced to… most games really.

I guess I’m a bit younger than everyone else in this thread, because my first console was the Wii, which my family got right when it was the New Hot Thing. We’ve since then purchased a Switch, so I’ve kinda become sole owner of the Wii by virtue of being the one tasked with getting it out of the way (it’s found a good home in my apartment)

If we count handhelds, though, my first console was a hand-me-down gameboy color. We had five games for it; Pokemon Blue, Hello Kitty Tetris, and liscenced games for Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King, and Winnie the Pooh.


Despite almost being 30 my first console was a PS2, which I bought with my own money in grade 9. I saved up for 10 months to get enough. Didn’t even get a game till about a month later, and a memory card a few weeks after that.


First one must’ve been Master System. I barely remember anything about it except Alex Kidd, which was built in, and some other game with one of those ugly ass covers. No idea what happened to it. Not long after that we had a NES with several great games, which we foolishly sold way too cheap later on.

Overall I have very little interest in playing games from that generation today, but wouldn’t mind firing up some classics like Ninja Gaiden, Power Blade, or Rush’n Attack.


Sega Master System here, too! I wanted one of those so bad, even though my friends has NES, because (to my careful study) the Sega was technically superior. Then it was – finally – a Christmas present, bundled with Hang On and Safari Hunt! It was so awesome. Phantasy Star is a lifelong favorite game for me.


My mom was really skeptical of video games as my siblings and I we’re growing up, so we didn’t get a console until late PS2, despite my brother, sister and I being around through the PS1/late 16-bit era. We had a PC though, so I played a lot of RTS games, FPS’, and CRPGs when I was younger.

I venture back to consoles before the PS2 all the time, usually through emulation, sometimes through buying and collecting a catalogue of games ( did this with the N64 and the Atari, for a while). Right now I’m getting into some PS1/Saturn stuff through Mednafen, because I consider that a pretty big blindspot in my understanding of games history.


Yeah, I have barely seen any Saturn games, it’s a huge blindspot for me and probably many others. When I saw Knuckles: Chaotix for the first time just last year, I thought it was a romhack for sure. Saturn was just one more console I couldn’t afford to have, along with the PS1 and N64 at the time.

Oh wait, I just realized Knuckles: Chaotix was a 32X game. Yeah, of COURSE I didn’t know about it.


I mostly relied on going over to my cousins’ to play on their SNES up until my dad got me a PS1.


My dad has always been into video games, probably out of curiosity, so we actually had an NES, even though the SNES was out by the time I was born. Played a bunch of the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt dual-cartridge. And some Star Trek game that I never knew how to actually play. And then eventually the NES got donated to my daycare because I was able to buy myself a GameBoy Color after saving up my allowance for almost a year, and my dad was more into computer games by then.

So family owned an NES, first console I personally owned was a GBC.


My brother and I spent months saving up to afford a second hand Master System so we could play games at home like our cool friends and when we finally got it we discovered our treacherous so called friends had all already moved on to either the Mega Drive or the SNES. Bastards.


The first console I’ve ever played is probably my Sega Genesis with my cousin. Admittedly, that was done via playing as Tails in Sonic 2 or hating the first three levels of Mickey Mania, so the term “played” is used pretty loose there. That’s also my oldest console too, sides my NES that I am pretty sure is not working but can’t say I’m up for testing any time soon.

Way more up there in importance to me is the first console I ever bought with my own money - a used Sega Dreamcast with copies of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle and Power Stone. I basically saved up my money for a good month, bought it right before a huge school vacation and just played it for hours. Save for Shuffle - that one I learned the lesson pretty damn fast.


The PS1 was the first console I ever played on, but the first console I owned was a GBA SP. I remember being the selfish older brother hogging the PS1 all day, and I was justified in my head because my parents would only ever let us play in the summer or Christmas break.


i extremely feel you as the younger sibling where the megadrive was the first console we had, the steamboat willie level of mickey mania and playing as tails in sonic 2 were my first console experiences too!


I had a ZX Spectrum from like 1984 but that’s not technicallly a console. That would be a weird Commodore cartridge console I had in the early 90’s that no one else I knew had at the time, or since. It came with Flimbo’s Quest and Freddy’s Big Top o’ Fun and the only place I ever saw games for it was in Harrod’s in London of all places.

Pretty sure it is still at my parent’s place.