What was your first internet community?


I’m sure most (if not all) of us here aren’t new to Internet BBSes, so I was wondering: which forum or online community first drew you in? My very first BBS experience was on this Tamagotchi fan forum towards the beginning of middle school, but the first community that I was consistently active in was The Behemoth (the devs behind Castle Crashers/Alien Hominid) forums. I joined the TIGSource forums shortly after, and I’ve been (relatively) active on those since 2009.

What’s your internet story?

Where do you hail from, in terms of elsewhere on the internet?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Realms. I played the TCG for years, placing in regionals and stuff, so I would go to those forums to trade cards through mail, get the latest news on the metagame, etc. I really, REALLY miss playing TCGs.


the neopets forums…

oh shit no wait i change my answer because i just remembered that my brain tried to block out the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer forum I was apart of


The ol classic, GAIA ONLINE


Yikes, my first community was on Whyville. You play educational games, make cute avatars and talk to people in hand-drawn chat rooms. I managed to wiggle my way into a melodramatic clique. When that fell apart, I hung out on Gaia Online. I haven’t had a stable Internet hangout since I fell off of that.


I was part of a uhhhhh…Dragon Ball Z message board RPG. So yeah.

I eventually made my own…and then made a Legend of Dragoon one after that.



When I was like 9 years old, AOL had really bare bones video game message boards and I would desperately search for and post about Final Fantasy 7.

The next one I was attached to after that was for this shitty SNES Zelda online clone called Graal Online.


Also, does Club Penguin count as an internet community


Yo, no shame. RPG forums were my bread and butter back in the day.


Nintendo Power forums. come to think of it I was probably BananaSam there too. I’m not sure if I was spelling it correctly by then though.


Roblox. I was obsessed with that game from 5th grade through most of middle school. It took me a while to come out of my shell but once I did, I had a blast. I really only talked with others about cool DS games and whatever new episode of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak had recently come on, but they were nice conversations nonetheless


Probably the RuneScape forums. When I was a member, I was part of (then created my own) a super lame Naruto-themed clan. We had ranks and everything. And a cool logo that looked like a rasengan.

After that, I had a pretty good time on Turtle Rock Studios’s forums for Evolve, which used the same program Waypoint is using, which is awesome.

I always want to be more active in internet communities (here’s hoping this one may be different), but I always fall off. Never feel like I have enough interesting things to say, I suppose.


Aside from some MMOs and things that don’t really count, the first online community I was part of (and still am, to some extent) was that around a programming/games blog run by one Shamus Young and the group Let’s Play show he started, Spoiler Warning, back in… 2010? Jeeze.

Unfortunately it deteriorated in my estimation a few years back and there’s been some recent drama. Not the place it once was, I’m afraid.

I was also way into the Extra Credits fan forums for a few months, before they got too big for me to keep track. Not sure how those are going nowadays.


tbh I still think most forums would be improved with a little avatar to play dress up with.


The first forum I got really into posting in was the old Gamespot forums back in probably 2003-4. They were pretty amazingly terrible, that they had a whole sub-forum that was literally called Console Wars where users could scream about graphics at each other was a baffling decision.

I do miss the totally ludicrous signatures that people used in those days. I was very proud of my goofy ass one that I made in GIMP.


I was on the forums of a… German trip-hop site (tripnotic.de) in middle and high school, and found the weirdo music subforum of SA just out of college when the rest of the forums were grossing me out and everyone in there was kind and funny and bizarre and I’m pals with a lot of em to this day~


Game rankings.com forums back in 2004. Lied about my age when I was 12 and tried to act 16. It was special. Went by HOMSAR and regularly changed my username based on dumb inside jokes and trends.


I think I played a few different MUDs that had linking communities originally.
My first forum was probably a local gaming one, then I moved onto the old Weebls Stuff and VG Cats forums back in early 2000s. Finally made my way into the Penny Arcade forums around 2003-4 and have been there ever since.


A Yahoo! Group for Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi and yuri ships (to use the nomenclature of the era). I think it was called ‘Love Knows No Gender’, which was a bit overblown for a site where preteens tried to navigate Japanese-language sites in a pre-Google translate world looking for cute art of two boys smooching.


Probably GameFAQs boards. I mostly lurked. Briefly played FFXI, got more involved in Maple Story in middle school. Luckily never really delved into 4chan and the like.