What Waypoint #content would you recommend to newcomers?


Hi, newcomers!

I assume that you were aware of Waypoint before, following it as a website, reading and watching stuff. But if you didn’t, or not that thoroughly, maybe we can help.

I would start light with videos edited by @D_Man_Taylor. It’s not what Waypoint is about, but just pure fun we can have here too.

(When @danielle explains “monogamous” in a first episode, it kills me every time.)


Great idea! Especially because of the recent influx of newcomers (like myself).

As much as I would like to read all the articles available, are there any “must-reads”?


Must-read is hard. But I can recommendThe Pitfalls of Trying to Tell Stories Outside Your Own Experience”, for this specific thing:

…these conversations are also examples of how sometimes despite the best of intentions, this industry can invite marginalized people to share their insight, their stories, their criticism, their resourceswithout being invited into the creative process itself.

(Emphasis mine.)

It’s a great argument that we need diverse developers.


This piece made me very proud of the site. https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/yvwnpx/dragons-in-the-department-of-corrections


The whole “At Play In The Carceral State” is great!


Last Friday’s episode of Waypoint Radio with Manveer Heir is pretty much essential listening

But on a lighter note, I’m fond of the Breath of the Wild Permadeath series where Austin tries to beat BotW with 3 lives. Unfortunately only the first 6 streams were uploaded to youtube, so I have no idea what happens after that point.


Well, he is still alive. They are actually waiting for uploads, so they can continue.

As a rule, any video where Austin gets heckled by Danika or Danielle is a great one. And this whole series is like that!


Agreed. Singling out “Inside the Gaming Library at Gitmo, America’s Controversial Military Prison” as an especially excellent piece.

Waypoint’s best video content for me has always been Breakfast and Battlegrounds.

Lastly, special shout out to Austin for doing a Guide to Games on Flower, Sun, and Rain.


Ooh, thanks for linking this, gonna have to watch it later.


Sure, but there are 67 episodes, so 100 hours of #content or so. Kinda hard to recommend, you know :­)

Go watch if you like, of course, just be prepared.


All anyone needs to know is that it’s videogames. thanks.


Austin has an epic playthrough of the the rogue-like Unexplored.