What will _you_ do with 140 new characters from Twitter.Com?


Waypoint crew, what will you be doing with the auxiliary 140 characters Jack Twitterboss will personally ship to you every pay period? For my part, I’m going to start every tweet with “(•̀o•́)ง” so that people know my tweets are meant to be yelled, but in a cute way.


Yell at all the long tweets to get off my ̶l̶a̶w̶n̶ timeline.


I can still only post four pictures of Dynasty Warriors 9 characters so I guess I’ll spend more time discussing their tabards and footwear.


Post everything twice so I have a backup.


Post little strategy guides with the titles of the games done up in ASCII art.



probably post more of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme before it cuts me off


spend more time talking about how much I love my friends


To be honest, Austin’s already got it covered. But honestly, my short hand writing is going to suffer from this lessened restriction. So I’ll tweet more of the same, but it won’t flow as well :confused:


Ending my sentences with 100 characters left to spare instead of clipping out 20 characters.


I feel this–Twitter has honestly taught me a lot when it comes to being a more efficient writer! It’s maybe weird that a major social network spent a decade as a writing exercise, but I’ll miss it.


Gonny reserve the remaining 140 characters for a fully functioning twitter bot of some description, that produces an autogenerated tweet to fill in the space whenever I compose a tweet of any time. Thus I shall become two accounts at once, two minds as one within the drift.


Listen, you old-timers, forum signatures weren’t that long ago >_>


More elaborate ASCII art bot


I’ll just type in every swear I can think of.


I could preface every tweet with Elcor tone disclaimers:

With Biting Sarcasm: Great job, you really told us liberals.

Relived Enthusiasm: I really enjoyed that show!


More efficient callout posts


overshare. …moreso.


Explain an esoteric fact about food history in half as many posts.

Ooh, or I could cite my sources! Wait, shit, could I actually fit a full citation in 280 characters?


Ask Twitter to properly handle harassment and nazis…

…but in 280 characters now.


I’m going to start tweeting everywhere else I think.

All messages, 140 characters on the nose, all the time. Because I won’t do that there.