What Winning Means for an Esports Team Whose Identity Was Losing

Last weekend the Shanghai Dragons broke one of the longest running losing streaks ever, their 407 days without a win being almost unprecedented in either esports or traditional sports of any kind. Shanghai’s 0-42 slump finally ended with their first win of the Overwatch League, Blizzard’s franchised competitive gaming league that’s now two weeks into its second season.

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I am a fairly active/regular Overwatch League viewer due to my membership in an Overwatch Discord & this was so hype to see as it was happening. I’ve been a Shanghai Dragons fan since I started watching (I am all about that underdog story), so super excited that this is getting some discussion outside of the OWL adherent hobbyist sphere.

The Ship of Theseus pull is 100% my feeling about both the Shanghai Dragons and many other Overwatch League teams – teams I really enjoyed watching last year now have, often, wholly different rosters or rearranged focuses as a consequence of meta changes. I was pulled into watching the Philadelphia Fusion because of their main tank, Fragi, who has been benched in all five of their games so far this season.

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