What would be your Kingdom Hearts name?


Inspired by the Waypoint crew’s tweets (Natalie, Austin/Xantius and Patrick) what name would you have in Kingdom Hearts?

I think I’d go with Zexrius…


My name is Dennis, so maybe Xedsinn since Xinnsed sounds too much like Yen Sid.


Xamil, which sounds like medication.


Kyrie, just to confuse all the Kairi fans.


Since I have a middle name Dixon I would just go with Xidon.


Gonna have to go with guxans


My name is real light on vowels so the best I can think of is either Kasfrinxaz or Faxszakrin


My name’s Ian, so I’m gonna go with Xina and be both an O13 member and a warrior princess!


Eric here, so I’m Cirex. (Sounds like “SIGH-rex”.)


My real name isn’t Charles, which already has a cool anagram (leshrac but I can’t add an x to that very easily), but I supppose I could go with Selrhaxc


alex is going to end up being too close to axel unless i literally go with exlax so i think i’ll just go with my middle name and be



Hmmm. Tough call.

I think I’d have to go with Donald Duck.


Jack is nearly impossible with the X format, so ima go with my surname and go by:


Okay that’s actually pretty good, BRB changing ym Twitter and Steam handles.



15 characters


The player formerly known as Mothsax.


I think I’m going to go with…Xephojs



French names make some WILD Orgniazation 13 names


I’m Xand, which is extreme sand.



My actual name would probably turn into something like Jexan.

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