What would be your most "Your Shit" game?

I was inspired by the most recent episode of Waypoint Radio, where Austin describes Chaos Galaxy as the most “Austin Walker shit” ever, to ask this question.

You’re given total freedom to make your ultimate fantasy game, one that combines all your specific hangups, interests and influences. What does that game look like?

And, if any of those dream games sound like something you’ve played before, shout it out below


An open world Hitman game maybe? I’ve always thought it would be cool if you had a bunch of targets spread across a large city/area and could tackle them in any order. Maybe along the lines of the deck of 52 from the first Mercenaries game. You had a list of targets that you could either capture or kill that were just on the map from the start.

I am a big fan of open worlds and sniping in open worlds in particular. I also really want an open world game entirely in a city where most if not all of the buildings could be entered and explored.


Austin describing on the latest pod the NBA-Disney bubble as the setup for a new Bioshock would be extremely my shit. Gimme objectivist Adam Silver versus chaos agent Kyrie Irving now!

Tall. Skeletons.


Honestly, I really just want a strategy/tactics game about carving out a society (through violent and non violent means) in a fallen galactic empire, that features complex ai relations, psychics, magic priests, with narrative beats that explores and critiques themes of Feudalism, religion, colonialism and race. No big.

Someday I’ll try to make that game, and it’ll be bad, but it’ll be my shit anyway.


My two all time favorite games are Undertale and Bloodborne, and I’m a sucker for narrative RPGs that let you build relationships with other characters. Combine that all into one game.

I want to be able to fight big monsters but also kiss them.


Battletech but the galaxy map is CK2 style dynastic grand strategy.


I’ll take your idea, but replace Agent 47 with a private eye. You’re in a big city and you pick cases to solve. The disguises and immersive sim systems would be used to get access to crime scenes, hidden evidence, closely guarded witnesses. Then, when you have to interrogate someone, you have a long dialogue tree with plenty of options, you can present evidence, etc. You must be careful about asking the right questions and avoid revealing too much information, or else you would fail the interrogation.
The cases would be written and scripted, not procedurally generated; there would be a lot of different ways to close them, like getting a wrong answer or alerting the culprit before you could confront them. There would be regular contacts you check in with during each case, with some kind of social link system… Basically I want the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective system but in Hitman.


Mine would probably be a narrative heavy rpg, with tons of dialogue branches like Disco Elysium and Alpha Protocol. Except, it’s a psychedelic acid western, with a post-punk inspired soundtrack, about a lone gunslinger taking down an unflinchingly vicious oil baron with the help of radical laborers, but mostly pondering the infinite cosmos


Mine would probably be something like Hover but maybe with more systems/more elaborate combat than bumping into stuff gtaffiting them? I guess sunset overdrive is kind of like that.

A Battle Royale with grinding is what I’m asking for, I think.


Anarchist or communist-themed city builder, with something like Tropico 4’s characters who come to you with what they need or want and a heavier emphasis than most on the environmental aspects.


My ideal game is probably very close to something like Dishonored, but mixed with Morrowind and Deux Ex. I want an immersive sim with a heavy focus on stealth, but also branching, reactive plotlines, and the ability to break the game in dumb yet satisfying ways. Maybe it’s set in a small but highly detailed section of a city, and you play as a queer revolutionary who needs to sneak into every inhabitant’s apartment to read their emails and steal their spoons, which somehow leads to the downfall of capitalism. Also along the way you discover that gender is a construct.


Supergiant making a fft alike where everyone is a fox

I rest my case


A game I’d gotten as far as prototyping (before realising I’d never be able to pull it off alone) was a sort of Mecha Jalopy. A game where you traverse a long road in your gnarly old walking war machine, fixing and replacing parts as they wear out their welcome. Either out on the trail or at camp each night, you’d come across strangers, trading equipment and stories in a light nod to things like Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

Anyway… I got distracted making flight stick controls work, and ended up salvaging a lot of the assets for Can Androids Pray. For it to be my “dream game”, though, it’d also have to have some stellar art direction. Real clunky, Ian McQue vibes


Give me the overall design of Fallout New Vegas but set in a large city, with some dope-ass traversal mechanics ala Mirror’s Edge/Dying Light, and some really satisfying melee combat (maybe like Sleeping Dogs?)

or honestly, just give me DJ Hero 3 I guess :joy:

Start with Skyrim. Take that very streamlined, smooth RPG progression system and that quintessential Bethesda “pick any random place in the world and pick a direction and find an adventure” world design.

Fix the collision in the melee combat.

Add in some of good ol’ fashioned skill checks. If I have a 75 in Destruction, I should be able to skip finding the ingredients for this alchemist to make a battery and just charge it up myself. Let me Speech my way out of trouble. Etc.

Bring back some of the mystery of Oblivion. Instead of being like “Here, we dropped the factions right in your face so you can’t miss them,” let me go find them again. The Thieves Guild in Oblivion said “Okay, if you steal and you go to jail, when you wake up you’ll have a note from the Thieves Guild telling you when and where to meet. Or, if you get a beggar to like you enough (another mechanic I think they should bring back for these sorts of purposes), they’ll tell you about the Thieves Guild meeting. Or, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can just stumble on it yourself.” I don’t mind that the Elder Scrolls games are a bit more amusement park ride than lived-in world (it means that I don’t get locked out of content that way), but it’s more fun to be able to find the ride yourself than get funneled into it.

Romance options! I miss BioWare.

Multiple options for finishing some quests.

I don’t ask for much, I know.


A cyberpunk immersive sim where you aren’t a fucking cop and also the hacking minigame uses the same command line prompts as something like hacknet or quadrilateral cowboy.


Just take the aesthetics of Broken Reality and Hypnospace Outlaw, the thrilling writing of 428 or late-game 999, and cram it into a character action RPG where all of your party members are comedic murderers, emotional disasters, or just clearly a terrible person but they’re here for some reason (ie take notes on party line ups from Shadowrun Hong Kong, Tales of Berseria, ect).

And make everyone a bisexual anime girl or boy this part is extremely important.

A FFT-style game set on island archipelago in the middle of a massive civil war. You led a group of mercenaries getting involved in jobs for one of the factions, or just fighting for yourself. Depending on how well you do, the factions can see you a threat and join up against you.

There’s sunken mechs from antiquity. There’s dating mechanics. There’s perma-death. Units feel bad if their loved ones die and might leave your party. The soundtrack is all jazz.


I forgot: Soundtrack must be a mixture of trap, vaporwave, electronica, butt rock, and whatever Blind Guardian counts as

BTW this Blind Guardian song they made for a game in the Sacred series must be the final boss track

Alternative pick:


My other dream game would be a Dishonored card tactics game (a la Metal Gear Acid) for Switch. (Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Prey, or Invisible Inc. also acceptable.) You play through missions, which give you credits that you can spend to buy packs that give you new cards (or you can spend to buy individual cards, once you collect a certain number of cards). Any extra cards you collect beyond the deck maximum automatically get broken down into more credits. Cards are also available in premium or foil versions that, when played, give you more credits and some kind of bonus effect. There would be a challenge mode that requires you to complete the given challenge with the cards the game provides to you in your opening hand. There would be an asynchronous Contracts-style online mode where you can complete an increasingly difficult series of challenges (e.g. “finish this level with no offensive cards in your deck,” “finish this level with no offensive cards in your deck and without getting detected,” etc.).

If I had an iota of actual talent, I would make this one myself.