What would be your most "Your Shit" game?

An open world dinosaur game with an emphasis on photography, stealth and traversal.

Essentially a cross of Breath of the Wild, old school calculated platforming of old school Tomb Raider, with a fully fleshed out prehistoric ecosystem. Like a more thoughtful farcry but with creature encounters like in Alien Isolation.

You play as a human scientist. Either it is set on a mysterious island OR it is set on another planet in which the mission is to judge how close space dinosaurs are to earth dinos. There isn’t much in the way of combat, you just have to avoid getting eaten or plummeting from a very high height. Their may only be combat if it’s non lethal.


dota because people say “your shit” to me all the time


I figured it was MGS2

Human Head’s Prey 2 looked like my dream game to me. An immersive sim bounty hunting game. I still don’t get why someone hasn’t made a good bounty hunting game yet.

From the ashes of Prey 2 we did get Prey (2017) which is a sci-fi/horror immersive sim that is one of my favorites so I guess there’s a silver lining.

The deduction mechanics from Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes games, but applied to investigating space opera scale calamities. I’m talking cracked planets, derelict worldships and dyson spheres with nothing inside them. You go (or float or fly) around, pick up clues, maybe solve some light environment puzzles. No combat, or even any real danger to speak of. And the real important part is that finding every clue will not simply tell you what really happened; as in Frogware’s games (at least the one I played, which is Crimes & Punishments) you’ll need to decide how to interpret certain clues, which can lead to wildly different end results.