What would Custom Games in Overwatch need to make a MOBA?


What would Custom Games in Overwatch need to make a MOBA?
Talk about Super Monday Night Combat in another thread has reminded me of how much I miss the mechanic of taking out creeps competively in an FPS and Overwatch seems ripe for it. I haven’t played with Custom Games much, is there an ability to put in creeps and strange win-states like the creeps reaching a team’s flag? The only reason I would think there might be the capability is the Halloween and Anniversary modes that had them.


No clue, but I doubt it, seeing how Heroes of the Storm exists and Blizz would much rather you playing BOTH of those games instead of just one.


I don’t believe there’s anything like that in the custom modes now, along with no ability to go back and play the Halloween and Uprising events (I wonder if the data for them is even still in the game?), but neither of those are very moba-like in their structures and they probably wouldn’t work on the regular maps.


I don’t know exactly how they put it together, but I would think the creeps from those special events are given waypoints to walk towards. Hypothetically someone making a custom game could just put down waypoints for the creeps.
I’ve never seen creeps fight each other though. But I have seen AI fight each other. If it was possible to simplify the paths of AI in a bot match it might work. Maybe if we could reverse the flags at the beginning of the match and prioritize bot behavior to pick up a flag and take it to the enemy base. I haven’t seen any bot behaviours beyond difficulty-settings though. Maybe some of the bot AI characters have particular types of behavior on Easy that are particularly good for this. For instance, if Roadhogs on Easy just bee-line to enemy bases we might could have 2v2 MOBA using roadhogs as creeps.