What would you like to see in the next Diablo game?

Diablo was one of the earliest games I remember playing. I wasn’t able to get that far into it because I was seven or eight when Diablo came out. But I helped my father beat Diablo by using health potions when he needed them. Since then I have been into Diablo as a series and action role playing games in general. Now that so many games have loot in them, I was wondering what would make you really interested in a new Diablo game. I am honestly not sure what it would take for me personally. I am more excited about the potential for a high definition version of Diablo 2 then anything else in the genre at this moment.

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A plot that isn’t utterly predictable rehashing of things Blizzard has done with all of their franchises in a cycle since Starcraft and Brood War.


As a person who has gone way deep into multiple classes in D3, I’d like the end game stuff to be a little less on-rails. I think in an ideal Diablo game, building your end game character is like building a deck in a TCG. Meaning there’s top of the line, hyper-tuned characters that are “competitive”, but also a wide range of middle of the pack builds that aren’t competitive but still fun, because it allows creativity.

D3’s sets make it almost impossible to be creative in the end game. Really the only way to do so is luck out on Ancient items which is so incredibly time consuming.


I would settle for it not being super racist


I wasn’t particularly enamored with most of the classes of D3. I loved the paladin class from D2. The first Diablo was probably the least racist. But I haven’t played it in like 13 years, so I don’t have a perfect memory. But I would probably go for something much closer to feel and atmosphere to D1. Also no racist classes. Sometimes less is more.

Bring back some simple character classes and give them elaborate skill trees that allow for diverse character builds. For example, bring back the wizard primary class. But then after a little bit of straight forward class progression, the skill tree separates into prestige classes. You want elemental magic? Cool. Or maybe you want to dabble in undead/weird/dark magic? Then you could go down a path very similar to the necromancer from Diablo 2. Or maybe something new. Like a combination of magic infused melee.

Next, the story and lore have always been a little thin to me. What made Diablo one of my all time favorites was the combination of lore and environment. The scenery, tone, and music of the earlier games made me want to play those games over and over. I can hear the spooky flute and sad guitar strums of the Tristram theme playing in my head as I write this. They should bring back something new but with a similar feel. Though I loved some of the environments of D3, the feel wasn’t quite what I would expect comparing it with the other two games. So less D3. More Diablo and D2.

One more thing. The loot drop sound must be retained from the previous games. But seriously, everything else can change. Here’s hoping that whatever they do next will be well thought out function-wise and very spooky feel-wise.


Maybe tone down some of that classic blizzard misogyny too and I’m in.


Console version day one and I’m in. After playing D3 on PS4 I will never go back to a mouse and keyboard for that series.


I agree with hoping that the next Diablo will not be super racist. I was surprised at how poorly the Witch Doctor class was depicted in Diablo 3. I would also really love to see a more interesting story told in a Diablo game with the tone and atmosphere of Diablo 1.