What Would You Stream?

I imagine most of us had a ball with the Save Point streams over a week ago now. I’ve been slowly catching up on a lot of the stuff that I missed during the night (I’m a filthy Brit) and it got me to thinking: what would I stream if I was on something like this?

What would Waypointers stream if they had a chance to do something like this? Interested to know what people think whether they’re like me and don’t stream or if they’re hardened streamers being asked to condense the typically long runtimes down to a tighter schedule.

What would take precedence: showing off something niche that you love or playing something well known but you especially vibe with?

Would you use your chance to just play some games or combine the chaos of a Dynasty Warriors with discourse on a serious topic such as the carceral system in the United States?

If you’re playing single-player would you start a new game and set the scene or would you dive right in and give the viewers a taste of what to expect?

Let everyone know! How would you use an opportunity to showcase your playing?

I think I’d either play a Paradox title like CK2, Europa or a mod like Kaiserreich and The New Order and use that as a jumping off point to shoot the shit about history. The mods would be especially cool for this what with being a leftist and as someone who’s studied the First World War and the Russian Revolution in depth.

Or I’d stream some Death Stranding and play some cool tunes while I ran around rebuilding the UCA.


Jacob Gellar did a charity stream last weekend, and he kicked it off with a full playthrough of Sekiro, which was thrilling! So, along those lines, I would stream a linear action game that it’s possible to complete in one (looong) sitting. The Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes seem like good choices!

Anything with a lot of systems interaction would be good too. Hitman 2 is a great stream game!


Probably a casual Ratchet and Clank run because 1. not a lot of room for backseat gaming 2. I am a proficient Ratchet and Clank pilot 3. I can interact with chat and still play the game at least reasonably well


I’m not a huge fan of just watching someone play a game, but I do enjoy Gary Whitta’s Animal Crossing and Fall Guys talk shows. I’d like to do something like that, maybe stream MLB The Show with someone who is into baseball and we shoot the shit about the playoffs, or play Cities Skylines with an urban planner and learn something new about the design of a city.


In a perfect world where I actually have a stream-capable internet connection and I can get a PS5 on launch day, I think it would be rad to stream the Demon’s Souls remake on launch day. I played a ton of the original so I’d be familiar with a vast majority of the game and not completely embarrass myself or waste precious time dying over and over, but it’d also be somewhat of a fresh experience since it is a remake after all. I’d like to think I’d be able to provide some heartfelt nostalgia and insight into the original design and have interesting thoughts on the changes.

And if Bluepoint does put in big surprises for people who played the OG version, it would be fun to have equally big reactions to share with viewers!

Another game that would be in the same vein as a streaming experience is Hitman 3. Mastered all the levels from the previous two games, so I have some competency in the series that would make for a not-so painful viewing experience, but it would also be a brand new game to explore and discover along with the viewers. And from the Hitman streams I’ve watched, it’s almost always a good time whether the player is doing well or stumbling through the emergent systems.

As for games I’ve already played, I’d also like to do a Jacob Geller and play through all of Furi. I beat it multiple times and on the hardest difficulty so I think I’d be able to pull it off in one sitting. That game is cool as hell just on an aesthetic standpoint, and it deserves more attention!

Another game that I think streaming at least some parts would bring more love to it is Child of Light. It’s a personal fave, it’s got a beautiful art style and soundtrack, and a surprisingly dynamic battle system that shines on the difficulty level that isn’t the default setting from when it first came out lol.

Lastly, I would very much love to revisit Killer7 after more than a decade since I last played it and blew my fragile teenage mind. Having an audience to share that with, especially with people who have never touched it, sounds like a trip worth taking.


So, I did stream for Savepoint, so maybe I don’t need to answer. But this is a really good question so I figured I could use this opportunity to provide reasoning for my segments and hopefully don’t suck the air out of the room.

I am not a streamer, and it’s not really something that I am all that interested in doing most of the time for a variety of reasons but mostly anxiety and just a general feeling that I don’t have the most engaging live presence. I do like streaming on discord with close friends and siblings, but that’s a very different environment more akin to watching my siblings play LEGO Racers while I’m waiting for my turn with the family computer.

For Save Point I picked Hades because, well, it might be the only game I’m good at, and I figured if I am worried about being an engaging live presence, I can at the very least provide some insight into how to play a game and teach some of the things I’ve learned. I did have a problem though with 1.0 coming out the day before my segment (and anyone who watched saw this problem manifest when I had to cut so I didn’t spoil the final scenes and credits :no_mouth:), but overall I’m still happy with that choice.

If I were to do public streaming on my own time - which I have been thinking about more and more because I want to create more opportunities to raise money for charities and mutual aid - I’d likely do variety streaming of various strategy games and rogue-likes. That is what I do when I stream games over discord. The problem there is I worry about backseat gaming as people search for the specific game I’m streaming and come into chat with very little interest other than demonstrating how much more they know about a game. Save Point offers a very different environment where that isn’t an issue (namely cause y’all are great), but it’s something I worry about if I were to stream in my own time.


Probably re-beating all the Data Org XIII bosses in KH3. That would take quite a number of hours and it would be largely epic.

Either that or a hilariously bad game like Sonic 2006 to wake everybody up. That thing is truly the Plan 9 from Outer Space of video games.


I think I’d focus on space sims (the kind with direct spaceship flight controls), both classic and modern. The various Star Wars games, the later Wing Commanders, the X series and Everspace are just some examples.

I’ve been meaning to to dig into the several dozen games that I already own for professional reasons (I’m doing the flight controls in one of those) and maybe talking out loud about the game controls could be interesting to others as well?


This is the thing I like the most about these kinds of marathon streams, getting a chance to watch people play games that they know well, but I probably wouldn’t play or watch on my own. If the tables were turned and I was the one hosting, there’s not an obvious choice, because there’s not really a game that I’m anything approaching an expert at or confident enough to be a good guide.

So instead I might take an approach like Rob’s handful of strategy game streams from the Tactical Tuesdays era. I’m thinking of the couple of Total Warhammer Skaven streams, which had a kind of casual, just messing about vibe.

Some of the games that would fit this bill are AI War 2 (I sunk a lot of time into the first one but only slowly getting into the sequel) or Dominions 5 (a wild looking game I have only dipped my toes into)

I think it would also be fun to play one of the run based turn-based tactical games like Into the Breach or Invisible inc but I feel like those are more obvious choices…

I’ve actually been thinking about trying streaming, even before Save Point, but not video games, instead streaming go/weiqi/baduk, which I’ve been getting into over the past couple of months. I wasn’t going to mention it because it’s not a video game, except that when I was clicking around that Warhammer VOD to see if it was the stream I remembered I landed at 14:30 where Rob responds to chat actually mentioning go for some reason. Streaming go at a beginner level seems like something that would have lots of good “I’m a genius/oh no!” energy to it…


A lot of y’all are pretty good at video games. Damn. Furi broke me, I can’t imagine beating it on one sitting.

The very idea of being in a stream makes me want to curl up in a ball, but if I could manage that side of me, I’d want to play something with space for the chat to participate. A strategy game or a builder, or maybe a Zach-like (like Opus Magnum). Messing around in something relatively open ended with audience help/trolling could be a good time.

As other have said, a game that touches on things I know IRL would be good too, so, weirdly, the Long Dark could be a good one since I grew up in northern Canada, or Eliza since I have some background to talk about ethics in computing.


So I do not watch streams nor am I well versed in the medium but I have been very passively curious about how the general conceit of it can be subverted or disrupted. I am thinking sort of the surrealist or anti-comedy of the early aughts; Tim Heidecker doing stand-up as the hacky and bad “Tim Heidecker” who constantly flubs his punchlines, can’t get the tempo right, and generally tells bad jokes and refuses to read the room, Neil Hamburger, the sort of hostile or questioning/challenging the medium that Kate Berlant did in her stand-up sets. I have always had a fantasy to go to a karaoke bar and use my time to sing a song to either do a really bad stand-up set or just kind of talk about whatever is on my mind.

With regards to streaming, I would want to do something similar. I would want to kind of lay bare the performative aspect of it or really highlight how critical it is. I have thought it would be fascinating or funny if someone just streamed their job and provided little to no commentary. A stream of me sitting essentially dead-eyed for 10-12 hours and periodically muttering “you idiot” and it is unclear if I am saying that about myself or my client. If I were to stream something more traditional, I would want to stream myself browsing the eShop, trying to make purchases but failing because I cannot remember my password, and ultimately giving up. Alternatively, I would stream the first hour of a game and then drop it or try and stream something I had put down for a while and try and refamiliarize myself with. What exactly was a I doing in Divinity Original Sin 2 three months ago? Do I remember how the combat works? Do I remember the controls? Will I make any effort to look anything up before stumbling back in? No, no, no, and no.


i’d play chrono trigger in complete silence.


the dangan ronpa trilogy in silence. fire pro with some pals talking domestic and or international wrestling and if i could ensure a supportive audience maybe control as i switch assist on and off due to my dystonic cerebral palsy


I was actually thinking about this last night as and I’d probably play whatever as an excuse to stream and chat about music I’m really into. Like, I’ll be playing Crusader Kings III, trying to conquer the HRE, but the actual focus of discussion would be Iggy Pop’s Mass Production


Obscure handheld titles, like forgotten licensed games on the Gameboy Color or Game Gear. Basically the stuff I’m playing now, but for an audience, and with a commentary that’s appreciative of what’s there to be discovered.


I have no idea what I’d stream. I watch a bunch of streamers, but most of them are at fairly high skill levels with their favoured genres, or have a “shtick” that they work with. I’m not good enough at any particular genre to carry a “pro” stream on anything, and I don’t think I’d be good at running a “personality led” stream. I guess, like @Hache I would probably make use of the power to expose people to older stuff - maybe an Amiga emulation extravaganza, or something with old obscure IF stuff like Andrew Plotkin’s stuff [but that’s horrible for streams… all text?]


I stream occasionally and I’ve found I like to stream games I’m proficient in and like to watch myself. Monster Hunter World being a real fun one because I find it engaging to watch being played, lots of highs and lows, and one can involve the community by opening it up for online.
A co-op game is also generally a good choice for streaming since you’re able to bounce off each other and get into scrapes together.

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Perhaps I should clarify: Ratchet and Clank is the one video game I am good at.


Yea I’ve saw this happen a few times in streams and it’s pretty annoying as it’s awkward a lot of the time for hosts to call it out particularly when the host has a small number of viewers and maybe doesn’t want to alienate people. It’s very cathartic when someone does call this sort of behaviour out with Scottish comedian Limmy being very comfortable with shouting at his chat on occasion albeit he’s obviously able to given his big following and offline success. I still have a fond laugh at one of the Chapo FYM people calling out a cheater on his chill morning Geoguesser stream as well.

Lol this has so much potential to it. Even treating the viewers as a boss. “Hey thanks for the 100 bits! (asshole)”

Yeah I’ve got a list of a few things I’d never have heard of thanks to Save Point. I’ve spent today selling my Warzone buddies on Hunt: Showdown. Even if it’s not a game, something like the Umurangi Generation soundtrack which I’d never have come across otherwise has been a great discovery.

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I’d either do Shadow the Hedgehog by comittee, choosing the path via the chat, or I’d play some old Bionicle game while explaining as much of the Bionicle timeline as possible before my allocated time ran out.