What your breakfast like?


Breakfast is a important meal of the day but how important is it to you guys?
What your breakfast like?
I change my breakfast up every week. I go cereal one week and pure fruit juice (blended) the next. Mid week I have some eggs to get the protein for my workouts. Tea is my main drink and I switch between different kinds.


Mug of hot water first thing.
Coffee and banana on the weekdays.
Coffee and pastry/full breakfast/old pizza/no rules on the weekend.


I rarely eat breakfast on weekends, but weekdays it’s pretty vital. Otherwise, my blood sugar crashes and then I kind of feel terrible all day, so I make oatmeal-flax-banana-nut muffins!
Oh and coffee. Probably too much coffee.


I’m usually a cup of tea, cause British isles, or a some orange juice and a pastry with either cheese oe ham.

Which is apparently a fairly usual mainland European breakfast.


During the week, my workplace supplies a pretty decent set of breakfast reagents for people. Scones, croissants, fruit, yogurt, eggs. Most days there’s a pineapple for someone to carve up and share with the floor.

On the weekend, I tend to wander over to a cafe and get some caffeine in me and some kind of carbohydrate bliss. Then around 11:00 I’ll start getting hungry again and probably make pancakes from scratch. I put a lil (read: a lot of) vanilla extract in them this past weekend and it was a Good Call™.


A big gulp of water. It feels productive in a way I can’t articulate


Multigrain cheerios with lowfat milk. Often accompanied by tea.


coffee, water, some sort of delightful bready thing (today is banana bread).


I tend to go through phases, but primarily some mix of cereals. At the moment I’m mostly doing a couple of cereals (something like Shreddies or Bran Flakes with a sprinkling of a sweeter cereal such as Honey Cheerios on top) along with sultanas or raisins (and milk).

Sometimes I’ll have porridge for a while, moreso in the winter. I’ll often have toast on a one-off as well, if I want something a bit quicker or just don’t fancy a full bowl of cereal. I generally put vegemite on my toast, but occasionally I’ll throw some peanut butter & honey on there instead.

I have a coffee every morning, too, but that’s usually mid morning rather than with breakfast.


I tend to go either bagel or granola bar most days but now and then go back with some kind of breakfast sandwich or French toast or other unhealthy but delicious and filling item.


I rarely eat before 3PM. I get about a liter of coffee in me and I’m good to go.


If I don’t want to put in any effort, cereal. When I want something a little better, a fried egg sandwich with pepper jack cheese.


It varies from week to week usually. Sometimes I’ll bake something on the weekends that I can eat each day. Other times I’ll just go buy a pack of English muffins and eat a couple with some peanut butter. I also tend to go through periods where I just make a protein shake instead. I’m about to go back to that, I think. Good way to have something lighter in the morning during the summer. Oh, and there’s always coffee.


Premier Protein Shake. nom nom nom


I pretty much never eat breakfast. I’m up around 05:30 to get ready for work, but generally can’t stomach anything before 12:00. If I do have breakfast, it’s almost always tea and an ‘everything’ bagel.


I’m a zombie in the morning. As such, I defaulted to the simplest option, which is Coffiest for me. Breakfast and coffee in one little bottle for like $3.25 with my subscription.


I’m not usually a breakfast person and can spin up alright without it. I usually go to cereal if I feel like I’m missing something in my diet (very un-systematised of me, I know…).


I love cereal. I eat it for another meal if I can’t eat it for breakfast most days. It’s kind of a problem, not sure when I became obsessed with it, but I always have to have it.

Coffee is a necessity, but I’ve gone pretty deep down that wormhole and am kind of a stickler for nice beans and pourover brews and such at home now, so weekends are when I get to enjoy coffee. Weekdays mean I’m “splurging” on Starbucks once or twice and the rest just drinking instant at work for utilitarian purposes.

My wife is a killer cook, so when she’s not busy she usually makes a breakfast worth looking forward to. Fancy avocado toast has become a weekend favorite.


Coffee and Greek yogurt with grape nuts (or bagel with cream cheese) on work days, cereal on weekends unless I go out and eat a proper breakfast somewhere.


Every weekday morning, I sit down in my office for a cup of hot black coffee and a bagel that’s been warmed in the microwave.