What your breakfast like?


Coffe and a glass of juice with a smaller serving of yogurt and müesli along with two swedish crisp bread sandwhiches, one with peanutbutter (and this is the just peanuts and salt kind, don’t really like sweetend peanutbutter that much) and jam and the other butter and cheese (if I have it).

@AppleCider That sounds nice! I kinda want to move towards unsweetend yogurt (some fruit yogurths are so goddarn sweet) but I have a sweet tooth during breakfast, though I guess I’d just have to get accustomed to the acididty of greek yogurt (which is great but I like for more savory stuff). Also had to google grape nuts since I assumed you didn’t acutally eat the seeds/nuts from grapes lol.


booberry pooptarts


Made a ton of chile verde this weekend so it’s chile verde and eggs all week.


When I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll scramble some eggs with some appropriate veggies(mushrooms, onions, peppers) if I have them. Otherwise, it’s cereal or toast.

And a cup of tea in any case.


Usually water, some leafy green veg, a protein shake and either eggs or some kind of meat. I’ve sworn off caffeine and breakfast carbs mostly, but every few months or so I’ll go on “carbcation” and eat a pie for breakfast.


I usually fry up som vegetables and chicken (or rice, if I have some ready). It only takes about 20 minutes and it’s not that much work. And water. Never cared for coffee.


My IDEAL breakfast is either some pancakes or waffles or French toast, home made of course, with some fruit and syrup and BACON that I dip in the syrup too, and if I’m a REALY hungee-boy I’ll throw in a cheese omelet and/or bagel with cream cheese and red pepper flakes on it. Just fuck me UP I love breakfast.

My USUAL breakfast is a couple frozen pancakes waffles or French toasts, or the aforementioned hot bagel, and a banana. I ain’t got time in the morning to do it big for breakfast, sadly…

Oh and a big mug of tea either way.


For a long time I have subscribed to the following breakfast:

  • Wake up, put on shoes
  • Go to Starbucks across the street, buy a medium drip.
  • Stand outside of apartment and smoke cigarette while nursing coffee.

Then eat food at noon. Great for weight loss. Bad for, well, everything else.


Four fried eggs, a glass of OJ and two cups of coffee. Sometimes there’s some sort of carb.


Oh yeah, Grape Nuts are just a brand name of a barley/wheat grain cereal here in the US. I am possibly one of the few people under the age of 60 who love eating it. It makes a great texture addition to greek yogurt - I do eat lowfat flavored store brand Greek yogurt, unflavored is a little too hardcore for me. But sometimes I make my own compote to put into plain/vanilla at times. Raspberries and strawberries work well, if you sweeten with a touch of honey. I need protein and fat with breakfast and yogurt is a great way to get that.


Recently it’s been these two items:

  • Multigrain toast peanut butter jelly sandwich
  • Chocolate pea-protein shake

at around 6:30am, and it carries me pretty well to about 11:30am.

Just got a waffle-maker, so I make a big mixture on Friday night and have waffles on both Sat and Sun (with a protein shake, to forestall the crash from the carbs and sugar).


I really don’t have much of an appetite in the mornings, so I eat some toast so I can have something in my stomach for my medications.


I have a real problem eating when I wake up, so I’m sad to say that I don’t really have breakfasts. The first and only thing I want is a cold beverage and hot coffee. That’s right, two beverages of different temperatures.

Maybe I could try making shakes.


When I open at work, I like to do a low/no caffeine tea with some kind of fruit. I’ll throw in Greek yogurt every now and then. If I close, I’ll do a full eggs, bacon/sausage, and toast in the morning.


Coffee and a bagel. If no bagel, then coffee and a granola bar and yogurt. If no bar or yogurt, just coffee. If no coffee…

I used to get up an hour early for work every morning and cook two eggs, three sausages and a slice of toast, but then I just got tired. At one point in my life, I started eating oatmeal for breakfast for 2 months straight whenever I woke up early enough to, until I threw up because the consistency wigged me out when I thought too much about it, and now I can’t eat that anymore.

If I wake up around 12 then fuck it, I don’t eat 'til lunch. Not hungry anyway.


Hold on…



Breakfast on a weekday is something I rarely partake in. On weekends though I have a breakfast tradition with my dad. Greasy dinner food breakfast is something I really appreciate for that tradition we share together. My current breakfast favorites are Huevos Rancheros, or Corned Beef and Hash, with black coffee.


Today I had a mandarin orange and a double-shot latte. The rest of this week I’ve skipped the orange.

I’ve always disliked breakfast. I wake up feeling queasy basically every morning and I don’t really have time to make anything that I’d want to eat so I skip it frequently and have a bit of fruit or something around 10ish if I’m feeling hungry then.

I guess my body will settle down in a few years or so, but for now, I don’t break my fast until lunch.


currently it is ‘overnight oats’ - frozen raspberry’s mixed with rolled oats, fat-free vanilla yogurt, honey and semi skimmed milk, stash in the fridge overnight and a tasty breakfast awaits! great thing about this is you can change the ingredients everyday if you want, had banana and peanut butter ones before, apple and cinnamon, all sorts!


I struggle so much with breakfast. I know it’s bad because you need to fuel yourself until lunch but I struggle with more than a small snack and a tea. The snack usually is either a bunch of biscuits/cookies or toast.