What your breakfast like?


Breakfast as we know it conflicts with how our bodies work in relation to the fake schedules we run on due to jobs. A good breakfast time for me is 9 . I wake up at 5 am and start work at 7. It means I will always eat at my desk bc my stomach doesn’t wake up until then.


I’m the same. I can make myself eat when I get up after a shower, etc. (It was what I did all through school.) but it feels early, and I’m eating for the sake of planning on not eating most of the day. until afternoon/evening.

Always strikes me as odd when lab technicians respond to me saying “nope” with “you must be really hungry then!” after they ask if I’ve been fasting.

(Edit: Well, I say I’m the same, I guess I don’t know many of the specifics of which you may be speaking to, but on a basic level, my experience is similar.)


Cup of coffee and lots of water before my run. 1 egg, 2 egg whites, and whole wheat toast post run. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed all day!


Shout out to Grape Nuts, which is a rare cereal that doesn’t have a ton of sugar in it. Heck yeah.

I tend to be super methodical about my breakfast – always a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee. Been trying to regulate my coffee intake more these days, so I try and time it so the second cup is 2 hours after the first.


what is breakfast when you work nights?


I eat nothing or drink a teensy bit of meal replacement. Breakfast is not particularly necessary and I don’t feel hungry anymore as I haven’t eaten breakfast in a couple years.


I work nights and have breakfast-y type stuff as my first meal even though I usually get up at around 1pm on a workday: coffee, granola bar, plain greek yogurt with honey (if I have any, I’ll toss some almonds or cashews in the yogurt too)


A glass of milk and a bowl of cereal, usually honey nut cheerios but lately just the cheapest stuff I can buy.

Maybe two bowls of cereal if I’m hungry enough.


Usually wheat toast and coffee. Occasionally i’ll do biscuits and bacon. Possibly scramble some eggs if i have hot sauce lying around.

I was never big on cereal outside of Crispix and the occasional Cheerios. But it’s enjoyable now and again.


I’m trying to diet at the moment and cut out all processed sugar.

So I’m on porridge from now on. Put some blueberries and strawberries in there, a dab of honey. I usually skipped on breakfast on the way to work, but already noticing a positive difference to my energy levels and general productivity.

Maybe at weekends, I might get up early and amble on down to the local bakery and pick up some freshly made croissants. Gently toast them, serve with marmalade and a mug of earl grey. Oh yes.


As someone who is so bored with my current setup of cheese-ham-tomato-chicken-cheese toasted sandwich and who doesn’t like milk, y’all are giving me some damn good ideas, so just wanna say a very big thank you from my future morning stomach :yum:


Bumping topic rather than making a duplicate.

I’m usually at the point where I’m just having a yogurt in the morning and then having a fairly substantial second and third meals. I should probably escalate that into a proper breakfast beforemy work starts :thinking:


if I think about it I have A Single Piece Of Toast with a cup of tea. If I don’t I eat nothing and then wonder why I’m so grumpy by lunchtime.
Or I get up around lunchtime and just have lunch.
I used to eat cereal every morning but at some point I got really Weird about milk and so I haven’t eaten cereal in literal years. (Trying soy milk or whatever has been suggested, and I should, but I’m lazy.)


Just a glass of juice. Maybe a toast if i’m free.


I don’t really do hot breakfast or anything fancy. I used to eat basically shreddies (with banana) in summer and weatabix in winter, and these days I mostly keep up that kind of seasonal dichotomy.

I’ve switched, though, to granola and yoghurt in the summer months; sainsbury’s sell a nice, low sugar granola with dried strawberries and cherries that is perfect with a bit of yoghurt and banana. And in winter, it’s got to be porridge, with a bit of honey or jam. Occasionally, I’ll grab a croissant from down the road on a sunday.

Also coffee, it goes without saying. I have it pretty much first thing, alongside a big glass of water. I don’t want anything else first thing other than my lovely cup of stovetop espresso.

I’ll also confess to have tried Huel a few times; it actually makes for a pretty great breakfast? Rich, oaty, slight vanilla taste and very energising.


I’ve never been a big breakfast guy. I heard the whole “it’s the most important meal of the day” thing when I was younger and for a while, I tried to eat a proper meal in the morning, and it would just make me sick. I would feel nauseous consistently around ~10-11am, to the point where I couldn’t focus at school or leave the house on weekends. It might have to do with my night owl sleep schedule, I dunno.

I’m still extremely cautious about eating Actual Breakfast, but I’ve really come to like something small late in the morning. This year I’ve gotten into having some cold brew and a granola or fruit bar most weekdays and that’s been nice.


Today, I had a bowl of Pumpkin Spice flavored special K and it was great, you should all try it!


When my schedule is normal and I’m able to get up on time I’ve found there is not much better than two scrambled eggs with a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese and two slices of homemade toast with a little peanut butter. That’s the perfect way to wake up.


Wow. I feel like the complete opposite from everyone here. If I don’t eat a huge breakfast (say, a scramble of 1.5 potatoes, 3-5 eggs, spinach, and sausage, I’ll be starving the entire day, no matter how much I eat later in the day, and completely unable to focus.

Human bodies, man, they’re all different.


Been waking up at 2 PM the past week and eating a whole pasta dinner, so, uh… That.