What your breakfast like?


I work in the evenings and usually get up relatively late in the day compared to most people, so eating breakfast at an appropriate time is rare for me. That said, breakfast food is the best. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area with plenty of diners and restaurants serving breakfast 24/7, so my intense cravings for some good french toast covered in fruit, a nice belgian waffle, or an omelette loaded with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and tomato can be fulfilled any time.


Coffee is all I have most days


a single largish glass of orange juice. I’ll grab cereal if I’m going out but most days I just stay home and have an earlyish lunch. it is one of the perks of unemployment and it almost offsets the constant nagging terror and looming catastrophe.


I’m a grease monkey I usually just take a cup of black coffee and a couple of bacon and eggs while I do repairs or install some truck accessories on the same time.


Usually a bowl of cold cereal and a handful of almonds.

This week, it has been an English muffin sandwich with peanut and banana in the middle. Wrap it up and let it set for two minutes after comes out of the toaster and the pb is melted and the bananas get soft and almost baked and. Mwah. It’s perfect and filling.


usually do a breakfast snack. this week i’ve been particularly fond of spreading some bullshit artisinal jelly my roomnate got on english muffin halves. the jelly is good but oh my god the packaging is terrible. anyway, usually my breakfasts tend to be spicy and are accompanied by black coffee, preferably french roast.


I bought a jar of strawberry jam so my breakfasts are off the chaiiiin now, pals.


I just eat warm rice with a raw egg and soy sauce because I have zero energy these days


I make my own bread, so it’s usually a few (too many) slices of bread with either cheese or marmalade (the latter one I also made myself) and a cup of coffee.

If I want to be fancy (usually on the weekends) I make some pancakes, waffles or french toast.


Oatmeal with apple sauce or some jam, and milk. Hardbread (or on rare occasions I have some other bread at home), usually with kaviar on it. A fruit after if I think I need a little more for some reason.

That everyday. Don’t do anything fancy for the weekend or stuff like that. Food is too expensive.


When I remember to eat breakfast it’s usually something like oatmeal or a bowl of cereal. There is always coffee. If I’m feeling up to it I’ll make an omelette or scrambled eggs.


Breakfast food is my favorite kind of food. This doesn’t mean it’s my favorite meal, necessarily, but I can eat eggs, hash browns, or biscuits any time of the day.

This morning I had 2 fried eggs smothered in grits, a glass of cranberry juice, and a cup of coffee with cream and stevia. Yesterday I made a 3-egg omelette. I’ll usually eat a bagel with cream cheese, cereal, or eggs.


During the week it’s usually just coffee. Sometimes I’ll get a breakfast taco if I leave early enough for work and feel like treating myself.

Weekends it’s a couple fried eggs and toast (and coffee).


Banana, coconut rice milk, 60g whey protein.
All separate.


Mostly I just take the extra sleep, to be honest.

Now, my favourite breakfast food is the classic Full English, with everything but black pudding. (I can eat black pudding, but I don’t particularly like it.)


I have an active job and an active personal life so I hit breakfast pretty hard. I usually have a first breakfast that is eggs and some form of carb, rye toast or an english muffin or something. A couple of hours later I have oatmeal with milk and whey protein. A couple hours after that I usually eat a big portion of fruit. I love breakfast.

On the weekends I usually up my game and have some sort of serious brunch, either home made or out.


Coffee and uh…


Maybe a bagel.

But mostly coffee.

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of breakfast.


Normally, coffee with some kind of fruit and some oatmeal with peanut butter and a little brown sugar. Sometimes I will grab a breakfast sandwich, a toasted bagel, or a light-ish pastry somewhere if I am in a rush, but I try to avoid it.

Once a month or so, on a day off, I go full Hunter S. Thompson and make the breakfast to end all breakfasts. A pot of coffee, a half pound of thick-cut bacon, some decent pork sausage, some black pudding, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, homemade hashbrown patties, toasted bagels, and orange juice.


It’s generally just a banana.


Week days it’s just a bowl of cereal because I don’t like to get up too early :slight_smile: Currently going through a Crunchy Nut phase, but do vary it from time to time. I’m hungry again by 1000, but tend to graze my packed lunch through the day anyway.

Weekends it’s either a brunch/big lunch out instead of breakfast or a fry up/bacon and blue cheese toasted sandwich.