What your breakfast like?


Glass of orange juice, bowl of high fibre cereal and a big cuppa tea does the business.


I’m pretty bad at actually eating before noon, so I just get a cup of black coffee in my belly and I’m set. I’m still a huge fan of breakfast food despite my unwillingness to eat early


I am bad so often my breakfast is just chugging some cold water to wake up before I shower, then going into the office and grabbing some coffee and maybe a piece of fruit during the week. On the weekend I like to make a nice omelette, french style with a LOT of black pepper and sometimes chili flakes if I’m feelin’ spicy.


Usually a couple of pieces of wholewheat toast, 2 boiled eggs and a few turkey bacon slices. Then greek yoghurt, honey and a chopped banana a couple of hours later. I sometimes struggle to keep to healthy eating but I love the breakfast so always stick to it.


Usually just a bowl of cereal, but I have breakfast every single day, no exceptions. I have no clue how people can go without it though, I actually start to die if I fail to eat breakfast. It just feels so immeasurably wrong.


Just a glass of water if that. I’m so bad at waking up early enough to do anything but shower before work that I have literally no time for breakfast in the morning.

On weekends I may have a sandwich or cereal but that is rare since on weekends I usually wake up in time for lunch.


It’s usually just a glass of water and an apple Should really try and expand my breakfast but just don’t have the time in the morning to eat anything else.


Always have a cup of coffee with milk no sugar. Then for actual food I’ll have either a bagel with cream cheese or a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.


I buy fllaxseed and grind it into a powder at home. I wake up a 8:30am, put the kettle on, pour oatmeal into a bowl and mix in flaxseed powder. When the water is ready I pour it into the bowl of oatmeal and then pour some into a cup with a teabag. Easy and nutritious. Sometimes if I have any on hand I’ll have an orange or a banana too.


Cheerios/Oatmeal, a banana, and cup of coffee is always my go-to.


Either bread + cheese/butter & jam or Special K with berries and a cut-up banana, plus LOTS of coffee ^^

When I used to smoke I’d usually have a Parisian breakfast - coffee and cigarettes.


Usually just cereal, if I eat it. Two or three bowls sometimes. But I’m not always all that hungry when I wake up, so I sometimes skip it and lunch.


I’m a big fan of French Toast whenever I can muster up the courage to make it. Otherwise a few Waffles or one of my Steam Meals. Like today it’s unwrapped burrito bowl.


Two eggs fried, over hard, with a dash of salt and pepper. A hot cup of coffee with light cream and sweetener.

I eat it all year long, but on an icy cold morning that breakfast makes me feel truly alive, like a little private pool of light and warmth to start the day.


Depends on where I am.
While traveling for a few months I lived on multigrain toasts, fried eggs (sometimes onion&mushroom omelettes) and fresh avocados. Damn good every time.
Now I’m back home again so I just go with cereals or just a plain yogurt & granola.

Coffee is a must every time though!


Coffee with cream, no sugar. Every morning. Food wise, it depends on where I am.


Today? A bowl of doughnut holes and black coffee.


Coffee and a protein bar.


Whatever toothpaste I accidentally swallow.


A cup of coffee and a simple bread with some butter. And I try to eat it very fast.

Honestly, I don’t know how some people have time to cook and eat all that stuff.
Scrambled eggs and freshly squeezed juice? I wish I got time for that. Every morning I have to eat in a rush because I’m late for work.

Gotta please those capitalist overlords, I guess! sigh :sweat: