What your breakfast like?


Two chocolatey chip eggo waffles, protein shake. Coffee when I get to work.

Every work day! I’m a creature of habit.


As for me, I love my sandwiches :grinning: I eat them every morning, and, nevertheless, every morning I’m happy to prepare them. Check my latest beautiful sandwich :wink:


usually it’s eggs with becon or milk with cereals


12 ounces of black coffee. If I have the opportunity I’ll get a protein bar as well, but that’s not very often.


I don’t have a proper breakfast most weekdays. I get up for work shortly after 6am, and don’t have the appetite or time to prepare it properly at that time of day. I’ll usually settle for a coffee and a piece of fruit when I get to the office.

On the weekends, I love a lie-in, and granola or toasted oats with chopped dates and pecans and a large tea or coffee around 9 or 10am.


I generally have some sort of egg dish. I like eggs. Sometimes just eggs and toast.


usually i’ll have a bowl of cereal (i like to add chocolate chips if it’s honey bunches of oats), or toast with tea or coffee. other times i’ll just grab a banana and some water

when i have enough energy, i mix & match toppings on my toast. sometimes i’ll add fruit slices/berries with nutella, peanut butter, or whipped cream. if i want savory toast, i use greens with things like cream cheese and cucumber, avocado and tuna, mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers, or just a fried egg


no breakfast for me this morning. HUGE mistake. and they accidentally put sweetener in my latte. horrifying. i usually gab an everything bagel with cream cheese and a coffee from the deli by my work. gotta love a ny bagel. the coffee isn’t that good there actually but i love the people who work there and the bond between fave deli employees and customer is thicker than blood.


Eggs and bacon on sourdough toast. Sprinkle with tamarind powder.


I eat the same thing every day usually: Coffee and Toast or Granola and yogurt and a piece of fruit. I don’t really get bored of this for some reason! On the weekends I put a bit more effort in but during the week I don’t really care all that much.


4 rice cakes, each with half a boiled egg, sometimes with some goat cheese.


for like a week I got in the right headspace to actually manage to wake up and make soft scrambled eggs on some toast


Much like a boom bap MC, I’m all about the bars. Give me something quick and convenient I can keep in my drawer at work, preferably with some cashews and dates.

On lazy days like weekends I’ll definitely make an egg and cheese sandwich though.


A bowl of Raisin Bran and Almond Milk





A granola bar and an energy drink because I gotta get GOIN’.


Coffee or Tea every morning depending on how tired I am. Occasionally if I can make something healthy for the week on Sunday I’ll go for that or any kind of green juice, but I feel like every time I’d rather get extra sleep then wake up and make eggs.


On Saturday I go down to this butchery and they make good breakfast sandwiches and also bagels. I buy some bagels and a breakfast sandwich.

Then on Wednesday I make another breakfast sandwich with the bagel.


A nice cup of black coffee and when I can, a bowl of greek yogurt with granola.

The combo really works as a good ole pipe cleaner. If you catch my drift


On weekdays: Steel-cut oatmeal w/peanut butter and sometimes fruit.
On weekends: 1-2 egg sandwiches w/american cheese and a slice of tomato.
When I’m feeling too lazy to cook: Coffee.


I have a bagel or toast and a big glass of protein shake.

I realized recently just how little/poorly I’ve been eating (just toast in the morning, frequently skipping lunch) and have been trying to up my caloric intake using healthy foods and supplements. Protein shakes in the morning has been a really easy way to improve my diet without sacrificing nutritional value (I hadn’t been getting nearly enough protein anyways)