What your breakfast like?


now I prefer fruit smoothies on breakfast


Eggs over easy on top of sautéed greens or root vegetables. Usually fruit. Sometimes bacon. Always coffee.


Weekdays are pretty much like clockwork. 80% of the times it’s a bowl of cereal. Sometimes if I have time and it’s an option I’ll have a bagel or breakfast wrap instead.

Weekends I usually will take the time to make something like fried rice or a breakfast sandwich or something a little more substantial depending on what’s around. Last weekend for example we had a bunch of Costco croissants so one day it was a croissant sandwich, the next was croissant french toast.

The one commonality I’m finding though is I can no longer have super heavy breakfasts. They kind of destroy me for the rest of the day. I miss the days where I used to be able to put away a chicken fried steak and eggs.


Breakfast smoothie! It takes about 10 minutes to assemble, but I can drink it on the drive to work and it’s the only thing I’ve found that keeps me going until lunch (I’m a teacher so I’m on a pretty strict schedule).

  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 spoonful peanut butter
  • 1 handful frozen strawberries


Eggs (fried) and avocado. With garlic powder, hot sauce, pepper, salt, whatever. YUM


Like most people here, coffee always.

I had to move to a mostly plant-based diet, so food has evolved into avocado on toast most mornings.

I have also found that having second breakfast actually helps me from gaining weight because I don’t eat as much crap during the day at work. This is usually steel-cut oatmeal with flax seed meal and honey, maybe add almonds or pistachios for texture.


Eggs and bacon.


Big glass of water, black coffee, and a bagel with cream cheese or toast with butter and nutritional yeast on it. I really ought to switch it up and do fruit or something some days.


Usually I don’t have time to cook a breakfast in the morning so I prepare it beforehand. So then I just put my food in one of containers from https://allinpackaging.co.uk/food-packaging/ and eat at the office. Today I have egg breakfast muffins. Tomorrow I am going to make a smoothie.


Soft boiled eggs, peeled and split, with salt, chili, and olive oil and toast. And a cup of tea


I’m all about the smoothies now.

Tropical orange juice, a little bit of greek yoghurt, porridge oats, some vanilla, 1 banana, and a whole bunch of frozen blueberries. Blitz it up. Maybe chuck a little ginger in there to finish it off.


today I have only banana strawberry smoothie 'cause of lack of time


My guy, this is perfect.


If I’m going to my day job: coffee. Around 9AM I’ll start snacking on trail mix until lunch at noon which is normally some form of yogurt, kefir or whatever’s available at the store if I forgot to bring my cup.

If it’s any other day, I’ll eat whatever. Water tends to be the constant.


a single red bull

sometimes i’ll go wild and get the bigger red bull


Coffee, black, prepared with freshly ground coffee and a Chemex. On occasion, I’ll attempt a flat white.

Food depends on context. On my own, I eat either skyr/greek yogurt with toppings (granola or fruit) or sugar cereal. When I am with my partner, I’ll make something more elaborate: French toast, pancakes, or eggs benedict. She claims its not a full breakfast without bacon/sausage so I’ll also make one of those too.


fruit smoothie usually.

or hummus with pita. + persian cucumbers in olive oil and lemon juice.


Don’t always have breakfast but when I do it’s usually a fried egg or two, Turkey sausage and an English muffin. Sometimes I make it into a breakfast sandwich, depends on how I feel. Sometimes I’ll make a little fruit smoothie as well. If I’m feeling lazy or have little to no time its cereal or a clif bar with fruit. Black coffee joins the party when needed.


Regular breakfast: Whatever I can scrounge up after my morning classes on campus (usually a bacon/egg bagel, but sometimes I’ll reward myself for getting up in the morning with a cinnamon roll from 7/11 and a bottle of mango juice)

Weekend breakfast: Bowl of cereal (minimal milk, because I am lactose intolerant now for some reason) and a glass of apple juice, if available

Depression breakfast: Handful of crackers, washed down with whatever’s left in my water bottle from yesterday (insufficient, but the rationale is always “at least I ate something”)


one of the favorite breakfast of mine is masala dosa which is famous south Indian breakfast we can enjoy this food with the coconut chutney and potato curry or aloo curry.

If you want to try have a look at this below link which gives the detal idea of the recipe.
i hope you like this recipes.