What your breakfast like?


Breakfast is always a challenge for me, because I have no appetite until at least 9 or 10. I usually cycle between cereal, a bagel and cream cheese or an english muffin with peanut butter. Most weekdays breakfast is just something I can tolerate so I’m not starving by midday.

If I can actually wait until later in the morning, though, breakfast is easily my favorite meal. Fried eggs, bacon, french toast, home fries, sausage, orange juice or hot chocolate if it’s cold outside - it’s all so delicious! There’s a breakfast/brunch spot down the street from my apartment that serves the most amazing breakfast plates, with pancakes bigger than your head and this absurdly good homemade apple butter. I don’t make it there often because they close early and there are only about five tables in the whole place, but when I do it keeps me satisfied for most of the day.


Lately it’s been channa masala - there are a lot of good recipes, but this one is the one I’ve had the best results with so far.

When I’m feeling like sweets instead, I’ll go for diced apples coated in cinnamon/nutmeg/allspice, tossed in peanut butter (the 100% peanut stuff, no sugar added), and baked for about 20 minutes. Delicious.


Some kind of cereal (weetbix, quick oats, or nutri-grain usually) and a piece of fruit. I don’t remember the last time I went without breakfast. It’s strange to me that some people do without breakfast. Don’t you feel hungry after not eating for so long since the previous night?


I’ve been doing a toasted bagel with peanut butter and a little nutella for awhile - I need something on the more substantial side to keep me going through the morning til around 1’oclock, and this does the trick pretty well. I’ll also get a glass of water or something like a lemon soda; much less often a little coffee.


Weekdays, I usually do something light and easy like a bowl of cereal/yogurt and a banana or mandarin orange on the side because I’m up at 5 a.m. On Saturdays, I’ll make pancakes for me and my wife. Sundays, I either heat up leftovers from dinner or skip the meal entirely.


I vary it alot and have been trying to add more non-carb breakfasts to the rotation. This week I had carrots, hummus, olive oil and zaatar. Next week I will do miso soup.


I start my day with hot coffee and I take breakfast